Brushing Your Baby's Teeth: Baby Oral Care

Hey everybody welcome back to Tooth Savvy. I'm Dr. Brian Yim from York & Bay Dental Office in Hamilton. So, today

we're gonna be talking about baby oral health and the first tooth comes in and you're wondering

what do I do? So you go to the drugstore to the oral care section and

You see all these products and it's kind of overwhelming

So sometimes you'll find these little silicon finger brushes, or you'll find a longer brush with a little head on it

But for me being a father of two,

Simple is better, right?! So with every feed there's gonna be face cloths all around because these little guys are

Drool monsters right?! So what you're gonna do is dampen your face cloth and wrap it around your finger and in a seated position

You're both gonna be facing forward

So that way when baby's head wiggles away from you the baby's head is going to

rest against your shoulder or your chest and

Then that way you have more of a stable head position to be able to find the tooth and rub the tooth

So I use my free hand to pull the lip down out of the way

And I'll use my wrapped finger with the face cloth

and I'll use that to kind of work it in between the lips and then I'll rub rub rub that lower front tooth and

Then I'll turn my finger around

I'll rub rub rub the other side of the same tooth

and then by doing so I can rub off any of the milk residue or even the food residue from their feeding and

the important thing to do there is to when you remove the debris and the residue you can reduce their risk of decay and let's

Be honest their breath can get a little funky too so by doing so they're gonna have a fresher breath

but also they're going to have a lower risk for cavities and

Their visits going to the dentist's are going to be a lot simpler too, so

You can do this technique up until you have about until you can count about 6 teeth across the front

Either top or bottom and then when they start getting their molars, then you can probably start switching to a brush

But I think as long as they have their front up until their front six teeth on the top front six teeth on the bottom

This finger wrapping technique and rubbing technique actually works really well

So I have a link so click

The link down there if you want to follow along to see which tooth comes in first and which tooth comes in next it's kind

Of fun as a parent to just follow along with their development

So if you have any questions send me a note and check it out