21 Seeds you can still plant in June - [Zones 5 and 6]

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help you out okay so this is the next

video in our monthly planting guide

series for those of you that live in

zones five and six okay so this is my

home zone we live in zone 6

and you can see weather's nice it's

sunny today had to move under the trees

because it was so bright and sunny we're

in the 80s actually moving into the 90s

here pretty quick I'm filming this video

right at the very end last week of May

and and so our weather is already

warming up and doing really nice for

Zone six and the the thing that I want

you guys to gain the most from this

video today is there still hope okay for

those of you that live in zones five and

six there's still plenty of stuff that

you can be planting in June so some of

you especially in zone 5 may just be

getting started on your warm season

crops and so there's plenty still to do

in zones five and six and a lot of stuff

that you can be planting that you can

still bring to full maturity and I know

this by experience because here about

eight years ago we moved right in the

middle of April and May and so we

actually didn't get our garden planted

until like the 10th of June and we still

had a very successful very productive

garden in a zone six so plenty of hope

for you guys so let's go through the

list there's quite a few things warm

everything that you're gonna be planning

out in your garden right now is pretty

much warm season crops there will be

some cool season crops that we're gonna

talk about that you're gonna need to

plant indoors for fall we'll talk about

that as well so let's start out with

what you can plant outdoors in your

garden and the first thing would be

tomatoes so you can definitely plant

tomatoes still I would maybe start

thinking about some of the shorter

maturing varieties so you know maybe

some determinate tomatoes Roma's and

like that but don't take quite as long

and don't spend as much time growing

vines and instead just grow plants but

definitely plenty of time to get some

tomatoes in you won't get as big of a

harvest as as you would have if you

planted him a month ago but you're still

gonna get plenty of harvest out of those

tomatoes so get some tomatoes in you can

even do some peppers as well in your

garden all of the summer squashes make

sure you don't miss those because

zucchini yellow crookneck and patty-pan

squash is can all be planted in zones 5

& 6 this month and you still got at

least three months before your first

frost maybe a little bit more and so

plenty of time to bring those to

maturity and get a nice sized harvest so

get all of those in green beans

especially the bush beans you've got

plenty of time for those even pole beans

you've probably still got plenty of time

to plant those melons it is getting a

little bit on the late side for melons

and so if you want to plant melons

you're gonna be looking for the smaller

variety so the icebox varieties that

don't take as long to grow also you

could be still growing cantaloupe

honeydew any of the smaller melons that

have maturity dates that are more around

60 to 100 days you still got time for

those potatoes you could definitely

plant some potatoes if they're still

seed potatoes available in your area you

can be planting potatoes at this time

cucumbers for sure all of your herbs so

things like basil parsley dill oregano

sage thyme all of those can still be

planted during the month of June plenty

of time for that onions if you have

onions as sets so you might be able to

find some onion sets starting to run out

of time to really get full-grown bulbs

but you can definitely plant onions and

expect to get green onions but no seeds

you're not planning by seed you're going

to be planting by set or starts if you

happen to have some available but starts

this time of year hard to come by but

you should be able to still find the

sets which are the little kind of

miniature onions you can still plant

those you may not get a lot of really

big bulbs but you'll still get plenty of

green onions and some smaller bulbs as

well let's see

summer crisp lettuces so

a lot of people don't know about some

summer crisp lettuces there's several

different varieties one is called Nevada

that do really well in the summertime

and they hold up against the heat even

as high as like in the 90s if you live

somewhere that gets consistently over a

hundred degrees for you know several

weeks in a row maybe some are crisp

lettuces aren't for you but if you know

if for the most part you're just landing

in the 90s most of the time then summer

crisp lettuces are an awesome option and

you can look those up online one variety

that I really love is called Nevada you

could also probably do some root crops

so things like carrots parsnips turnips

beets all of those are technically cool

season crops but they do okay in the

summertime and so you could still get

those planted you're gonna have to baby

him especially until they germinate

you're gonna have to give them plenty of

water and plenty of extra attention so

that they get germinated but all of

those root crops you can probably grow

as well you could also think about a few

greens you could grow like New Zealand

spinach Malabar spinach kale or Swiss

chard all of those could still be

planted this time of year they won't be

quite as tasty but still a great way to

have some greens and maybe even some

collards would go in as well now let's

talk about indoors June actually and I

know this sounds weird because we're

still in the spring and just starting

into the summer but June is the time

that you need to start thinking about

your fall crops so things like broccoli

cabbage cauliflower Brussels sprouts

kale kohlrabi all of those do really

really well when they're planted by

transplant in the fall and though they

have great harvest for you in October

and early November but in order to get

those planted you've got to get the

starts going now and by now I mean mid

June for those of you in five and six so

you want to endorse you want to start

broccoli cabbage cauliflower kale

kohlrabi Brussels sprouts all of that

family of plants start them in

about mid-june so that they're ready to

go outside hopefully somewhere around

the middle to the end of August that's

kind of the timeframe that we want to

have those ready and and I know that

sounds like a pretty harsh time of year

to be planting transplants and it is and

so you're you're gonna have to be

careful and we'll talk when we when we

do the the planting guide for August and

the September we'll talk more about how

to care for those but if you want those

and you want them to be your own

transplants you've got to get them

started in June somewhere between the

15th and the 30th of June is when you're

gonna start those so that they have that

six to really eight weeks to get mature

and good strong healthy plants that can

then be hardened off and transplanted

out in the garden in mid to late August

so that you get a nice harvest so that's

one more thing that you got to get on

your list it's time to get your seed

starter cranked back up and start some

of those seeds indoors as well so okay

that is our list for this month and

hopefully that helps you out again this

is zones five and six for June and what

you can still be planting in June and

we'll continue this series every month

for the entire year of 2020 we'll have

something that you can be planting in

zones five and six so come back and look

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remember it's not too late you can still

get your garden going in zones five and

six so get out there and get it planted

okay that's all I have for you for this

week everybody have a great week happy


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