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this phonics activity we have some

phonics cards I'm only using four in

this example once your child gets a bit

more confident with blending and phonics

in general then you can start adding

more but for now we're just going to use

these four so we've got some pictures

here we've got the words that go with

them as well and we also have these

letters so each word cut up so that we

have all the letters that we need so

that's everything kind of in our pack

now first of all I think it's very

important for adults to be modeling to

children so one mean by that is if your

child is really struggling with blending

or they're very anxious about it then

it's important for them to see you doing

it lots of this is about modeling it's

so important to be modeling how to sound

out words how to blend sounds together

and you can be doing this in your

everyday environment so not just with a

game like this but also if you are

saying let's go and sit down on the

carpet you might say let's go and sit on

the carpet and just by putting things

like that into your everyday speech it

allows children to be completely

surrounded by this idea of blending

sounds together to understand what they

mean when they're together to make a

word and the more that you can immerse a

child in that kind of

vironment the more they are going to be

able to understand it the quicker

they're going to be able to learn it

it's just really really important for

children to see you doing phonics for

example you might get these cards out

and say this word says cat can you find

me the cat picture and they find the cat

picture you can also turn this into more

of a kind of fun silly game by saying

okay I know that this word says at cat

that's the cat isn't it and now say no

no this is a cat and that's just kind of

getting them to engage with it also it's

allowing children to look at the pattern

of the letters together look at the

shape of each letter which of course is

very important in phonics and with

segmenting which I can cover in another

video if you like now let's take the

word pick so there's lots of things that

you can do with these cards and one of

the things you can do is have the kind

of letters surrounding one of the words

and if you think that this many is going

to be a bit overwhelming for your child

then you can take some away and what

you'll do then is say this word says pig

e go let's find pup and get the child to

find path and put that on top next we're

going to find so we are finding each

sound and we are engaging with the

sounds just in this word so I think

that's quite important we're just

focusing on one word and finding each

sound which if your child is struggling

with blending but is finding recognizing

sounds easier then this can give them a

bit of confidence if you start off with

an activity like this because this is

something that they can do now another

thing you can do with these cards is to

put out the pictures and like I said if

you feel like your child is you know a

little bit more advanced than just full

pads then you can obviously add more

pictures but

put out the pictures and we ask the

child to choose one so for example they

choose cat remove the others away they

choose cat so we get our words our fully

formed words and put them at the top now

one thing that children can find very

overwhelming is when you give them a

picture for example and then say ok now

spell the word and that means that they

have 26 letters to think about and way

more phonemes you know you've got

digraphs and trigraphs in there as well

to kind of go through and that can be

very overwhelming so the idea of having

a picture and then having options to

choose from makes it a lot less

overwhelming so we have a cat let's just

choose one of these words and see if it

says cat so although here what does this

word start with just cat start with and

you'll talk about the initial sound when

the child realizes that cat does not

start with then we'll move this one out

of the way next let's look at something

else now at this point your child may

think aah cat starts with and I know

what looks like so it's probably going

to be this word now if that happens you

move the other two away and you sound

out the word together now the great

thing about this is that the child

already knows what the finished word

needs to sound like usually when

children are reading they are looking at

a word and they don't know what it says

so sounding it out and trying to blend

all those letters together is quite

tricky so knowing that the finished word

needs to say cat means that they have a

little bit more to go on

so we sound it out ah does that sound

like cat and we can really start to hear

the sounds and how they go together

and if they match the finished word so

we talked a lot about matching the


and the shapes of the word but now we're

matching what the sounds actually sound

like next we move on again so we've got

our pig and we bring out our words now

you may want to do this in a way that

you only have the words that are left

you may want to bring in the last word

depending on your child it really does

depend on the child and how confident

they feel so next we're going to look at

this we're going to look at pig now as

you go through the activity or as you do

this activity more often you can give

your child less and less kind of

mentoring through this and give them a

little bit more freedom to do this

themselves so at first when you will be

modeling and then we want children to

really feel that they can be a bit more

independent with this so if they choose

the wrong word because they're just

trying to choose any word sound does

help with them what but what web does

that say Pig no it says web so we'll go

to the other two and just carry on like

that then what you want to do is start

using the pictures but instead of using

the full words you're going to start

using some of the letters that we have

you might want to put them around the

pictures you might want to put them all

in a row just depends how you kind of

want to do this so if we put some in a

row again you don't have to use all of

the letters just make sure the ones that

you actually need are there okay so

we've got our letters here and we're

going to choose a picture now for this

activity if you're not using all of the

letters you as the adult need to pick

the picture so we're going to go for son

now instead of a child trying to find

the entire word this time they are going

to use segmenting and blending so son

starts with a next we need to think of

the next sound son son it may be that

your child can't

of the middle sound but can hear em so

they choose mmm to go next and that's

another teaching moment something that

you can explain to them this just says

soon but we need Sun and don't worry if

your child chooses the wrong sound to go

in the middle so for example if they

choose and if sound it out mmm

CIN does that sound like Sun Sun mmm CIN

no that doesn't work and just carry on

don't worry if they get it wrong at

first it's not a problem and learning is

all about making mistakes and realizing

those mistakes it's really important to

make mistakes when you're learning so I

hope this activity has been helpful I

hope it's given you maybe some ideas of

what you can be doing at home like I

said at the beginning of this video

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