hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm

so excited to be doing another one of

these videos today we're going to be

discussing how I am preparing my body

for pregnancy or baby number two I made

these videos before I had my first baby

my son Hugo who is now 18 months old

he's a toddler I made these I think it

was six to nine months out and three

months out I will link both of those

down below I think I think we're really

informative they were really I don't

know I opening for me especially as a

brand new mom completely new to

pregnancy however now going into

thinking about baby number two preparing

my body for baby number two and my

second pregnancy my mindset is

completely different I am a completely

different mindset I kind of know what to

expect of myself and what I can loosely

expect for pregnancy I'm totally aware

that every pregnancy is different but

there are definitely some foundational

things that I can't put into place in

now as I start looking ahead and that's

another thing friends and family who are

watching this know I am not pregnant no

I will not be pregnant next month I mean

who's to say but we are planning to

start trying for another baby early next

year that's sort of the game plan right

now and I'm a planner I love planning

things out I love thinking ahead and

especially when it's such a life

changing thing like a baby I think that

it's responsible to do and so in looking

ahead in gearing up for my second

pregnancy I thought I would share with

you how I am preparing my body for it so

let's jump in the first way that I'm

preparing my body for pregnancy is to

start thinking about pre needles I'm not

going to start taking them right now but

I will start taking them in like early

November or December I have some

prenatal vitamins left over from when I

was taking them sort of toward the tail

end of breastfeeding my first baby and

they don't expire until I think it was

20 li 2020 or even early 2021 so they're

still completely good OB who I saw about

a month ago recommended

about two to three months before we want

to start trying to introduce those pre

needles back into my daily routine and

to be honest I'm excited I missed them I

really enjoy taking them I will link the

prenatal vitamins that I took throughout

my entire I pre pre getting pregnant

with my first baby and then throughout

the entire pregnancy and then even after

I just took the same ones you were so

great the Garden of Life ones and I plan

on taking the exact same ones for

pregnancy number two probably happen

toward the end of this year I'm pinging

at November December okay mamas I need

to find a workout plan I really do

I need to find it sooner rather than

later I have I have no idea and it's so

funny because I am a dance teacher and I

was a Pilates instructor I did Pilates

throughout my entire first pregnancy

taught dance that my entire first

pregnancy like being active is part or

was part of my identity and being a mom

has been so all-consuming this past year

and a half that I haven't found the time

nor the energy to reintroduce it back

into my daily routine and I really

really need to especially feeling how I

feel in my body just on a daily basis

taking care of a toddler I can't imagine

than adding on top of that a pregnancy

so if you guys put in the call out there

if you guys have any great like in home

workout videos my big thing is like I

love group classes and the energy of a

group class so it's a little tricky I

find working out on my own

at home like not very motivating so

either I need to find like a group class

that's close by that I can partake in or

if you guys have like an online or

YouTube video that you absolutely love a

creator definitely leave that time in

the comments below because that is going

to be such a huge part I have to have to

have to start doing that and like the

sooner I start doing that the absolute

better okay it's something that I've

already started doing very naturally but

that I will continue doing knowing that


my body her pregnancy is lowering my

alcohol intake I am not gonna lie I love

wine I love a good drink I am an adult

and it's just always been something that

I've really enjoyed so I think quite

naturally these past few months my body

has just not been loving alcohol and its

system I don't know I just like all of a

sudden I don't know if it's age or I

don't know what but all most of my body

just like it doesn't agree with me


I feel really bloated after I drink so I

haven't completely cut it out I'll have

like a glass of wine maybe once a week

but I never feel good after just I would

mention that because I know there are a

lot of women out there who love wine I

don't believe you I think it's so

delicious and that's just something that

I definitely watch like and keep keep

quite low when I am approaching that

time we're gonna start trying okay so I

am trying to be a more aware of my

eating habits I am trying to get more

greens into my diet if you're new to my

channel I am plant-based so really this

shouldn't be as much of an issue as it

is but just because someone is big in it

doesn't necessarily mean that they are

healthy vegans can eat a lot of

processed foods and so it's really

important for me to be aware of what I'm

eating and so in preparation for

pregnancy I'm trying really hard to eat

more of a variety of foods and not get

so quite stuck in the same food routine

I remember with my son preparing a

trying to eat really healthy before I

got pregnant I think I was doing a

really good job look I was really really

healthy and really fit before my first

pregnancy which kind of petrifies me now

because I'm like so on the opposite side

of the spectrum that like oh goodness

but anyway I was eating really healthy

and then my whole first trimester I

couldn't like I couldn't stomach any

greens didn't want to do have anything

to do with salads like all I wanted were

carbs I know I ate a lot of

potato chips french fries like all

really really bad food so remember

thinking to myself like all I wish I

would have worked out more before my

pregnancy I wish I would have ate

healthier before my pregnancy when all

that stuff wasn't such an aversion so

that's what I'm trying to do now I'm

trying to get myself into the habit of

eating healthier now that way if my

first trimester is similar to my first

pregnancy and I don't want anything

healthy then at least I've I don't know

I have mean more of a habit of it so

hopefully it'll be harder to break I

don't know that's just like wishful

thinking okay this last one deserves a

big high roll and I'm rolling my own

eyes at myself it's sleep / rest I am

trying my hardest to in those moments

when my son is napping like kids right

now and when I'm not filming and doing

YouTube stuff to rest because I've had

so many women tell me that going from

one maybe to two babies is like you

thought your world was turned upside

down last time like this now is like

we've turned your world upside down and

we're shaking it who is shaking it all

the time everything is a mess any free

time that you once had you know one baby

was sleeping or napping is now now you

have another baby to take care of I mean

so I'm just trying to really appreciate

any alone time I get or any down time I

get during the day when I'm alone with

my son so that's a big one in preparing

my body because I think it's really

important the stress of pregnancy and

then afterward like de-stress of

recovery and the stress of having a

newborn and a newborn in a toddler and

that huge transition period like I don't

I think if I try my best now to rest my

body and to meditate which I try a try I

try I think that'll only do good for me

and it'll keep honest little keep like

my book blood pressure down hopefully

and just keep me in a calmer mindset I

would really love to download the app

call I have to remind myself to do that

but I'm going to prepare something I can

meditate by just sitting and trying my

hardest to dress like b-but I know that

a lot of people enjoy or prefer a good

guided meditation so I think that that's

definitely something I should try right

guys that's how I am prepared my body

for baby number two if you think of or

know of any other ways that I should be

preparing myself especially a bee bee

number two man I think that that's like

it's just such a different ballgame so

if you have any advice for me please

leave it down in the comments below

don't forget to subscribe give this

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the next one bye guys