Planting an Herb Garden for Beginners

thank you for joining me on Nicole's

Heart YouTube channel I'm Nicole and

today I'm starting an herb garden I'm

going to start by planting these

delicious herbs and a huge planter come

closer I'm gonna give you a better look

I'm going to start by planting rosemary

I'm going to plant it in the center it's

important that I plant it deep enough so

that the roots can get to where they

need to start for proper growing I'm

using a biodegradable cardboard

container so I don't have to take the

plant out I can actually go ahead and

bury it in the dirt it's important as

we're covering this up to make sure that

we don't cover up the rosemary leaves we

only want to have our dirt quibbling

with this dirt surface around it just

sprinkling a little dirt on top and

that's it now I'm going to plant some

delicious Italian oregano oregano smells

so wonderful and as you see it's going

to grow tall but it's also going to vine

out so I'm going to plant it along the

edge so that it can grow downward it

fits places

now you're probably noticing that I'm

getting dirt on top of the rosemary

petals I'm going to brush that off


just like with our rosemary it's

important to make sure that we get it

down deep enough and we wanted to have

dirt around the entire container

and there we are just topping it off

with a little dirt on top just a little

soil on top not too much same concept

you don't want to cover the leaves

now I'm going to add in some sweet

marigold mmm you can see it's already

binding out and some of its growing tall

and as it gets tall enough it'll

eventually drop down to the side

so to give it room I'm going to plant it

on the opposite end of our oregano

it's important to make sure when you eat

um enough room so they can grow out as

much as it would like it needs to have

enough space to comfortably grow

it's so easy to have fresh herbs just

takes a little bit of time to plant them

each plant cost me about three dollars

however if I was to buy this fresh in

the grocery store it will cost me

probably about three dollars three or

four dollars I will only get a few

pieces but now I'll be able to harvest

it all spring and summer long

and now I'm going to add common sage

look at its fur and leaves common sage

and as you probably already guessed

we're going to add it to the opposite in

giving it enough room to grow as well

actually maybe a board on this side

because I also have peppermint and

peppermint will take over the entire

container this is fresh peppermint it's

wonderful for tea but one thing about

fresh peppermint is it needs a lot of

room and it will take over wherever your

planet it will take over so I'm not so

sure that I want to plant the peppermint

in here with my other herbs it's really

best to give the peppermint of container

of its own so since we've decided upon

that I'll plant the sage what do you

think which side think the out planted

over here gives us room to add something

else later perhaps basil so for now

we'll plan our common sage on the other


as the planting season continues I will

add in other herbs see

pretty low

again it's important to not cover up the

leaves and to plant the plant deep


campaña deeper make sure you add enough


do your toenails look like this

do you have fungus under your toenails

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my multi balance it's sold with our 100%

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and contains no harmful chemicals and

now because I know the peppermint will

take over again I'm not going to plant

it at my planter with my rosemary

oregano marigold and sage I'm going to

plant my peppermint in a separate


I've planted Pikmin in the past it's

just amazing how well it grows so if you

like peppermint tea or adding fresh

peppermint to one of your recipes you

definitely want to grow it it's so easy

to grow

we even let our peppermint drown we

never added holes underneath the bottom

and we just left it and it filled up

with water drop a winner and the

peppermint still grew that's how easy

the peppermint is to grow so if you

don't have a green thumb don't worry

about it

you'll be fine it's like nothing feels


thanks Jess I need some more dirt please

oh it smells so wonderful I can smell it

while I'm planting it

okay now I'm just going to add a little

mortar because as I shared with you

before I really want our plan to be

higher up so that it can kind of hang

over the edge and get as much Sun as

necessary if you have it too low it's

going to get more shade and you really

want the sunrays to cover your plant so

that I can grow very well so my sister's

getting me some more dirt Jessica all I

need about a half bucket well I'm sure

where you have is plenty bring it

bring up this on

so here you have it this is my herb


it's small but it'll work I said bring

it on this side yes I don't want you

walking in front of the camera I want

everyone to be able to see thank you

I'm so excited I wanted this for such a

long time now I have fresh herbs oh I'm

so excited about this I can't wait to

start sniffing snart I can't wait to

start clipping and snipping so now what

we're going to do is lure it when

watering try not to wet the leaves from

just to get the soil if you can

if you don't know already it's always

best to water when the Sun Goes Down

thanks for watching