DIY HERB GARDEN | How To Plant an Herb Garden - Great for Apartments!! Easy Beginner Gardening!!

hey you guys the south welcome back to

my channel today's video I'll be showing

you how to create a super cute little

DIY herb garden that hangs on your rail

this is a perfect DIY if you're someone

like me who lives in an apartment or has

limited or no your own space to work


sorry if it was a bunch of road noise

there's really busy road right next to

me but I wanted to come outside and film

this intro because that's what we're

doing this video it's a really fun way

to make your outdoor living space more

cozy and inviting and just feel a little

bit more homey plus it's a really

beautiful decorative piece to add

outside and it doesn't take up any floor

space which in an apartment or a balcony

or any like tight outdoor living space

is key if this is the first time around

my channel what's up and welcome my name

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have a lot of fun here we do DIYs makeup

lifestyle all kinds of stuff so yeah you

guys want to see how I created this cute

little herb garden and then just keep

watching my goal is a complete patio

video so I'm showing you before I'll

show and after in a different video

where I kind of take you through

everything I've done to the patio but we

are focusing on the herb garden today so

the first thing you're going to want to

do is decide on what you want planted in

I decided to use these two little boxes

I didn't love the original color you can

see the before there I found these at

Home Depot and I like the style of the

box but I just wanted them a clean white

so I picked up some white spray paint at

Target and went to town so here we are

this is the soil I decided on I got this

at Walmart I'm pretty sure you can get

this many different places but you just

want to make sure you're getting a soil

that is suited for what you're planting

so this is like an all-purpose garden

soil it's got a little bit of fertilizer

in it it feeds up to three months so

you're gonna have some really healthy

plants right off the bat daisies making

her little cameo she always has to be

like right up in my business so you're

gonna see here a little bit throughout

this video something I forgot to mention

is drainage you want to make sure that

your container has holes in the bottom

so that the water can flow through so

you don't get root rot and all that kind

of bad

stuff and ruin your plants also if you

do have holes just put a little bit of

rock over them so that your soil doesn't

go through the holes so anyway just

filling both of these up I'm going

through my little herbs now I have some

rosemary I have some mint julep I also

got some cilantro I know that's a hate

it or the love it kind of thing I

personally love cilantro got some chives

and I also got some dill so I've got a

pretty good lineup here I got an odd

number of herbs I don't know why I did

that but I got a couple lavender plants

I wish I had picked up some oregano but

right now what I'm doing I am just

placing these out how I'm gonna want

them in the planter I figured I could

fit about 4 plants in this size planter

so that's what I did I also picked up a

little bit of fertilizer because I had

on the great interweb that we're on

right now that it's good to put a little

fertilizer in your soil when you are

transplanting so that's what I did I

sprinkled about a tablespoon on top and

then just kind of mixed it in with my

hands next you can start to dig out your

little holes I'm starting on either end

that way the middle too I can space them

all out evenly I don't know if that

makes sense but it worked for me so I'm

just kind of squeezing the sides of this

container to break it up and make it

easier to come out you don't want to

pull too hard you also don't want to

break off any of the roots it's really

really important to keep those as intact

as possible so your plant stays healthy

so I just planted these about container

deep maybe a little lower when you might

already establish plants it tells you

how deep you should be planting your

plant and how far apart everything like

that I am like very much a newbie but I

am having great success with this

already so I don't know much about seeds

don't ask me about starting things from

seeds because I literally have never

done that before

I am only good at transplanting so

that's where I'm at my gardening journey

so I'm just repeating this process for

all of my herbs I don't have any fancy

gardening tools I'm just getting my

hands dirty and doing this so you really

don't have to have fancy equipment or

anything you can be a total newbie like

me and still have a really fun and

beautiful herb garden on your path

so I'm just going back through now that

all of these are in and filling them up

with soil I'm taking that almost to the

top of the container but not quite and

here's what we have for our first box up

next are the rail brackets I found this

little set up at Home Depot for nine ten

bucks I bought two packets because I

have two boxes now I am a very very

handy person actually and I had a hard

time putting this together so it's

really important that you read what

configuration is right for your rail you

don't want your boxes to slide off and

break and all this hard work to make it

for nothing so this was the first time I

got it up and it was not right it didn't

feel stable so I actually had to pull

this entire thing down here I was

thinking I was done showing you guys a

little bracket everything no I had to

take this down and see the gap right

there it just wasn't right so make sure

you read what configuration is right for

your rail there are many ways to put

this together and it works for just

about any rail but it's important that

you do the right one

so this part right here was the most

important this was this little metal

bracket that flipped over the edge to

secure your planter to the bracket so

that was very easy to install pretty

straightforward but actually getting the

brackets together

what's the tricky part for me so here

I'm showing you it properly configurated

I needed this little support right here

next to the rail I didn't have that

before it is super sturdy now and

definitely it will not be falling

now that the hard part is done you can

enjoy your cute little herb garden I did

end up throwing a little thing of

lettuce in one of the boxes because I

could not handle the number of plants in

each box being uneven so again I wished

I would have have gotten you know a

different herb or whatever but I just

thought it looked so cute it's so cozy

looking when you're outside it's just I

don't know there's something about

having plants on your patio that I just

love it makes it feel super inviting and

homey plus you get to enjoy having fresh

herbs to cook with so it's a win-win

last thing you want to do is give them a

big drink of water how cute is this

watering can you guys all link it down


I couldn't resist such a cute little

elephant but anyway I'm just watering my

little herbs and now you can enjoy your

nice patio herb garden it's perfect for

apartments or small living spaces where

you don't want to take up a bunch of

floor space or like me if you want to

have some other plants down there it's a

perfect way to kind of elevate it and

split them up so yeah why don't you guys

check out another video while you're

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freely thanks for watching bye