Why Fall Is The BEST Time to Plant Perennials



what is going on Fran welcomes to

another very exciting episode right here

on me on my gardener channel I am so

excited about today's episode because

I'm gonna sharing with you all my

favorite season to transplant perennials

that is right fall is my favorite season

to transplant perennials I am so excited

about when fall comes because I've

always got stuff I'm putting in the

ground and it I always wait until fall

if I can because fall is so much

superior to spring and so I don't think

I want to explain why and I do want to

get to planting as well so we're gonna

plan up some currants and gooseberries

that I've had in containers for two

years really to get them in the ground

but I wanted to first talk about why

fall is my favorite season because I

really think that I might change a lot

of your minds so one of the downsides to

planting in the spring is if you're

planting obviously if you're planting

bare root or from a container you're

planting you're planting the plant in

the spring so often we plant our plants

bare root or container doesn't matter in

the spring early spring when you're

encouraged to do so and then what

happens is it comes out of dormancy and

then a frost and early frost or I guess

a late frost comes and knocks it all out

so then what happens is the plant is

either set back a very long time or it

dies completely because all of that

energy that just went into growing just

got knocked out and so that really

discourages a lot of gardeners because

you know because you've killed a plant

and before you could even get a chance

to grow it you know that's the most

frustrating thing whereas in the fall

the plant is already kind of preparing

your dormant the weather has gotten

colder the Sun is lower in the sky it

naturally is preparing to go into

dormancy even though it's again in a

container so then once you plant it it

has all winter all remaining fall plus

winter plus early spring to get

established and that means a far better

plant that's going to come out of

dormancy a lot easier and a lot more

naturally once the plant has enough you

know warm days to come out of dormancy

so you have a better chance of that plus

you have a lot less chance of losing the

plant if it heats up really quickly at

the spring so many times I see this

happen where someone plants a plant and

then the spring just turns right in the

summer here in Michigan

happens all the time and what happens is

it gets so hot that then a plant dies of

heat stress in the fall obviously that's

not a problem because it's much cooler

so the plant can be acclimated a little

more gradually to those growing

conditions another thing is obviously

watering people forget to water well one

of the downsides to forgetting to water

is that usually the plant will die

because the root fibers dry out once the

root fibers dry out the plant is dead

there's no bringing it back once the

root fibers dry out especially bare root

you have a little bit of forgiveness

with a container-bound plant but in a

bare root it's gone so in this in the

fall what happens is you get a lot more

rain it's pretty much equal if not more

to springtime weather when it comes to

rain because we just get so much we get

so much more rain in the fall then we do

in your late spring when you be planting

so it's just something to consider that

when you plant it in the fall if you do

forget to water it's got it it's got

plenty of water the ground right now is

saturated we've had like a whole week of

rain which is why it's been hard to get

out and do videos so those are reasons

why I really love to plant in the fall

if I can and the final reason why fall

is just so superior to planting in the

spring is because the deals are usually

better on perennials if you're someone

who wants to save money plant in the

fall I can't tell you how many times

I've gone to my nursery and seen apple

trees and peach trees and pear trees

they're still alive they might be a

little stressed but they're still alive

and they're like 50 to 75 percent off

because they're like look we do not want

these anymore get get them gone like

who's gonna be planting these I'm

thinking myself I'm planting these like

this is a great deal this is a good time

to get plants so you can save a ton of

money because there's these people are

not wanting to carry these through

another year so you can get a mega deal

on a lot of your plants this doesn't

even mean just edibles I've seen things

like Arbor vitaes be like 50 to 75

percent off at our local nurseries

because they're just clearing them out

so you can save a ton of money and plant

them now I think there's a really common

misconception that spring is the only

time to play

and I think the thing doing the biggest

disservice to that is all these


no there's nothing against them I think

they're you know they're fun just to

look through the problem is they

advertise them a lot of times with like

seeds and you know new plants and

nurseries often will will send out

catalogs and things like that and they

make it seem like spring is the only

time to plan because they're really

advertising that you know that spring

fever mentality spring is arriving I

want to get outside I want to get my

garden started I want to plant and it's

not that you're going to have you know

it's not that you're not going to have

success planting in the spring

it's just that fall offers so much

better chances for success but they're

just not marketing I mean how often if

you had a catalog saying make sure to

buy your apple trees for fall planting

never seen it now you do see things like

tulips and other other bulbs and stuff

those are typically advertised for fall

planting but so are things like garlic

so it doesn't really count I'm talking

about fruit trees fruit bushes things

like that get them in the ground now

now is the best time to plant so with

that out of the way I hope I changed

your mind let me know the comments box

below if I did change your mind and and

and maybe you know maybe chime in too if

you've been planting in the fall and the

results that you've had doing it we've

had nothing but success in fact out of

10 plants we've planted in the fall ten

of them had survived that are still

growing now in fact I drove by our our

old house where we had our our little

mini orchard planted and they're still

surviving we planted those in the fall

so I'm just you and know that was eight

years ago so those are still growing in

fact there are a whole lot taller now

they're actually about they had to been

about three to five feet taller than me

so it was really cool to see them still

live I'm glad the homeowner didn't cut

them down so a little sidetrack

let's get planting I am really excited

about this so let's go so I had these

currents and gooseberries in these pots

because I was I was kind of nurturing

them back to to life they were really

stressed and I didn't want to plant them

in the spring so I was worried I'd lose

them if they got any more stressed so I

kept them in their pots and that's often

a tactic that I've I've implemented with

a with really good successes

if you nurture our plants in a pot it

has a better chance of surviving if you

keep it in the pot then sometimes moving

it so quickly sometimes there is a

reason to move it you know if it's

really really stressed and you know

you're going to lose if it stays in the

pot but if it's showing signs of just

moderate stress sometimes it's better

just to leave it because that additional

move sometimes is just enough stress to

kill it and you can see just how

beautiful this soil is I mean in the

springtime not only are we talking about

just standing water in and mud because

it's all thawing and it's hard to dig a

hole too and that's another thing is

that often you know when it's the best

time to plant in the spring you still

can't plant because there's there's

frost that frost layer still is is down

in even five or six inches deep in the

soil and you've got to get down say a

foot or so down in the soil to get the

root ball down there you're just not

gonna you're not going to unless you

have a jackhammer so just you know other

things to consider

alright there's about perfect

this is a a row vada redcurrant so

really excited about getting these

currents and gooseberries in our garden

there's just not enough not enough of

them around I don't see a lot of people

growing currants and gooseberries in

there one of my favorite fruits honestly

I really love them and one of the last

things I'm going to do after I'm done

backfilling is I'm actually going to

water this in it might seem crazy after

I just said how much rain we're getting

but it's really important because you

have to remember all of this soil we

just dug up it's all been displaced it's

all in clumps as you can see all those

clumps there they hold a lot of oxygen

and a lot of oxygen is not good for root

development it really actually is

counterproductive to root development

having good oxygenation is important in

the soil but that's once the soil has

already kind of compressed and reduced

those larger air pockets which can

actually inhibit root growth so it's

there's a fine line between too much and

too little

and when you disturb your soil it gets

all these these big clumps in here and

that causes a lot of air pockets and

watering will help to read you know

it'll help to reduce those air pockets

it'll help to increase the settling and

just to make things go back to normal

again a lot quicker and it'll also help

to just kind of fill in every every

little looking cranny around the roots

that I might have missed when I was

backfilling so that there's a lot more

contact with the native soil so that

this plant cannot can get accustomed to

its growing conditions a lot quicker so

just something you always have to do

whether it's fall or spring it's

important to give these a good watering

in so that is why fall is my favorite

time to plant perennials I really hope

you enjoyed I hope you learned something

new I've got to get one more planted up

so I got a run but I hope you all enjoy

hope you learned somebody new and as

always this is luke from the my gardener

channel reminding you to grow big or go


catch y'all later see ya bye