What to plant in your Garden in April [Zones 5 and 6]

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a new video alright so we are continuing

our planting guide videos as I promised

we're gonna do one for every month of

the year and this particular video is

for those of you that live in zones five

and six okay so we're gonna talk about

what we can plant in April in zones five

and six and this is the fun month for me

I think we live in zone 6b and there's a

lot of stuff that can be happening in

your garden this month not time really

for warm season crops yet but it's

really time for us to start thinking

about our cool season crops so if you

live in the zone six you're gonna be

planting what we're mentioning here

today you'll be planting those early in

the month if you live in zone five we're

looking at a little bit later in the

month for you guys but remember frost

state is your important date and we

ought to be you know somewhere between

three to six weeks away from your last

frost date in zones five and six right

now and so a lot of stuff that can be

going in all of the cool season crops

can be planted now in in this zone okay

so before we start with some of the

stuff that we can plant outdoors let's

talk about a few things that you can be

planting indoors so these would be

starts that you could be getting in

indoors and you're kind of we're getting

a little late for indoor starting with

some of the the longer growing ones so

like tomatoes and peppers if you're

still six weeks away from your last

frost date then you're probably okay to

still plant tomatoes and peppers indoors

any closer than that you might want to

actually buy some from a nursery because

they're probably not gonna be ready to

go out in time but again peppers and

tomatoes are definitely on the list you

can be starting lettuce indoors any of

your Asian greens Swiss chard celery

anything like that you can be starting

indoors it's probably a little bit too

soon to think about warm season crops

other than tomatoes and peppers so

things like squashes melons you really

only want to have those indoors for

about three weeks and so really you're

gonna base that

when your last frost date is so if

you're a last frost date it happens to

be the 1st of March are of May then you

might be able to get some of those

started indoors but if it's later into

may like ours ours is until May 15th

it's April's a little bit too early to

think about those warm season you know

squash family crops so that's some of

the things she could be planting indoors

now let's talk about outdoors there are

a lot of things that we can be planting

outdoors by seed Inns both zones five

and six right now and so just a ton of

stuff lettuce arugula beets radishes

carrots turnips parsnips spinach peas

Swiss chard Asian greens kale and even

potatoes now I will warn you on potatoes

if you're gonna plant some potatoes in

April I would say it would be a good

idea if you planned on having something

to protect them with potatoes are frost

sensitive they're they're not completely

destroyed by frost but they're fairly

frost sensitive so if you're gonna plant

them this early then I would recommend

that maybe you cover them up if you've

got a night where it's gonna be frosty

so either with a cold frame hoop house

fabric grow cover or even a sheet

something like that would be a good idea

to help keep that frost off on potatoes

okay also if you know if if we're

getting pretty close to that last frost

date you might even be able to sneak

some sweet potatoes in but again those

are very frost sensitive so you need to

make sure that you cover and plan on

protecting those okay and then outdoors

by transplant we have even more so these

would be planting fully grown

transplants out into the garden so

things like onions definitely get those

in early especially in zone 6 it's on

five people you may have a little bit

more time to get your onions in zone 6

get them in right away

lettuce spinach Swiss chard Asian greens

broccoli cabbage cauliflower Brussels

sprouts kale all of your berry plants so

if you're planning on putting

strawberries in or raspberries

blackberries blueberries all of those


are hearty enough that they'll be able

to handle some Frost and so now would be

the time to get those in as well and

then if you're planning on using some

type of protection like with a wall of

water then you could be planting things

like peppers and tomatoes as well during

the month of April and I like to put

those in about four weeks before my last

frost date in a wall of water and that

will keep them protected and gives them

about a four week head starts so you can

get some tomatoes a little bit earlier

than you might be expecting so that's

kind of all the list a lot of things a

lot of stuff going on and next month as

we move into May then we'll really move

into those warm season crops where we'll

be able to be planting our cucumbers and

our melons and all that kind of stuff so

lots of fun stuff I love April great

month lots of things happening in the

garden so get out there and get going

because it's a lot of fun okay all right

hopefully this video helped you guys out

and this again this is in the next in a

series of videos we'll do a May video

coming up as well so make sure you watch

out for that and if you do happen to not

live in zones five and six look down

below I've got videos linked out to all

of the different zones from three all

the way up until ten so those are down

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