How To Start Or Get Into Playing Ice Hockey As An Adult

hey guys Chris will market tutorial here

so what we're going to be taking a look

at in this video is how to get you as an

adult into playing hockey so if you've

been spectating the sport for some time

we're gonna be showing you how to go

from watching to learning and playing

the number one question that I get asked

all the time is am I too old to play

hockey if you still have that burning

desire to learn the sport and get on the

ice and play you're never too old to

learn so let's take you through how to

do that

so this video is going to be split into

five steps giving you all the

information you need to play the first

step and most obvious is going to be

finding your ice rink so depending on

where you live in the country depending

on what country you live in and what

town and city it's a good idea to find

out if you have a local ice rink that's

not too far for you to be able to commit

to playing hockey it's also important to

mention that you need to make sure the

ice rink actually has hockey as an

option for you to learn there because

there is one or two ice rinks that I've

come by in the UK that don't actually

offer ice hockey is a sport on the ice

so it's definitely worth double-checking

that step two is going to be quite an

important one and it's going to be being

able to pick out the right team for you

to join now this is going to be able to

be split into about three or four

different sections and the first one is

going to be space and hockey in the UK

it can be quite hard to come by which

means that if you are able to find a

team to join a lot of the times they can

be full so a good idea is just to make

sure that the teams that you're looking

at joining have space for you to be able

to do that the next thing is going to be

taking a look at what skill level they

play although this video is going to be

directed towards recreational hockey

it's important to mention that there's a

lot of rec teams out there and

especially the Archon Kai trainer that

have more than enough skill to be able

to play league hockey the reason that

they don't can be down to a number of

different things for example like the

players residential statuses so

definitely check out the level that

you're going to be playing at to make

sure it's going to be suitable for you

as a beginner to be able to get into the

sport another point you need to check on

is if the teams that you're looking at

joining are going to be playing contact

hockey or non-contact hockey it want to

be worth you checking because as a

beginner you might want to be able to

get your feet get used to the sport

before you start learning how to give

and take hits on the ice another very

crucial point is going to be the times

now any recreational players going to be

able to relate to this regardless of

what country they're in some ice rinks

train at very very unsociable hours so

for example if you start work at five

six o'clock in the morning and your team

trains that their training begins at

11:00 p.m. at night make sure that you

sort of consider that because depending

on how long it takes you to get to and

from the ice

you could be getting home at 3 4 o'clock

in the morning leaving not very much

time for you to get any sleep so make

sure the times correspond with your

personal and also your professional life

the great thing about the day and age

that we're in right now is that a lot of

recreational teams have Facebook pages

Twitter pages so make sure that you get

in contact with the teams and ask any of

these questions just to make sure that

the team's gonna be right for you this

brings us to step 3 which is going to be

registration in the UK we're quite big

on health and safety and insurance over

here which means that there is a bit of

paperwork that you'll need to do to be

able to get registered what you'll need

to do is identify who manages the

recreational team that you're interested

in joining and you'll have to ask them

for a registration form what you'll need

to do to be able to complete that is

simply fill in the details on the form

which will include submitting a photo ID

or photocopy of a photo ID like a

driving license or a passport and two

small passport size photos this also

consists of a registration fee which

will be a payment to the eih a which is

the English Ice Hockey Association and

that's 50 pounds if you're going to be

joining a second recreational team at

some stage in the future that will be 35

pounds and same if you're joining the

third team these forms will then be

returned once they've been filled into

the manager of the recreational team and

you also have if it's your first time on

the ice a two-week cooling-off period to

be able to try the sport out and see if

it's for you if the sports for you then

your registration details will be filed

if it's not your photo ID will be

returned back to you and the

registration fee that you've paid will

be reimbursed in the US and Canada the

rules a little bit more relaxed what you

need to do over there is simply turn up

to the ice cream coffee you found the

team that you want to join and just sign

in with your name all this does is just

acknowledge the fact that you're over

the age of 18 and you're also wavering

any liability in case you're hurt on the

ice while you're playing this brings us

to step four which is going to be the

equipment now I've left this to one of

the last steps because it's going to be

the biggest investment that you're

making one here for the sport of hockey

some ice rinks offer something called

learn to play which is where you're able

to turn up to the ice rink at a lot of

time that provides you with equipment

for you to just borrow and have a quick

knock about with a stick and a puck on

the ice to see if the sports for you

another tip is also find out if any of

your friends that play hockey or anybody

at the ice rink has any old equipment

that they might be selling don't shy

away from secondhand equipment because

it means that you can make a huge

savings and you'll still be able to get

on the ice and play if you feel funny

about wearing something that somebody

else has you can simply wash the

equipment before you

use it if you're looking to invest in

your own equipment what we've done is

create a full step-by-step tutorial to

take you through buying all of the

equipment that you need to play ice

hockey and that will be in a video that

will pop up to the side just over there

this brings us to the fifth and final

step make sure you enjoy all the time

that you can get on the ice because

you're never too old to learn how to

play the fastest team sport in the world