Post Cycle Therapy For Dummies ( HCG, Nolvadex and Clomid Explained)

pct is more important than steroids

pct is more important than your training

pct is more important than your [ __ ]

life guys

like this is this is where people go



ayo what is going on everyone so i want

to kick off this video and i just know


some of my coveted stuff has been

offending you guys so i honestly just

wanted to say this one thing

about me heart i'd like to take this

chance to apologize

to absolutely nobody because in life

there are winners

and there are [ __ ] losers and we are


[ __ ] losers i mean i wake up in the

morning i kiss excellent

now this video is post

cycle therapy for dummies

i do have a post cycle therapy video

already up on youtube

i'll put like the link in the

description if you want to check that


but this one i feel that we need to

break it down for

the people that just aren't as smart um

as the rest of us because the amount of

times i get a dm

saying um mark i'm gonna clomid for my


mark what can i use for pct

guys pct

is a post cycle therapy it's a

conjunction of

several different things you can't just

use one

thing for a pct does that make sense

so i'm gonna break down this as stupid

as i possibly

can so that you guys can understand but

first we squatted heavy or at least we

tried to we had probably the first squat

fail that i've ever

had in my entire life

it was at this moment that he knew he

[ __ ] up

so we're gonna go to the gym we're gonna

give a full breakdown of my leg day

so i mean let's wrap this up and


hey go what's cracking everyone today we

are going to be breaking down my

goddamn leg day and we

tried to squat heavy ass

book today uh but it didn't really work


that well and you're gonna see why so

the way that i like to start my squats

is i like to work up like one plate two

plate three plate four plate

five plates and then do whatever working


needs to be done i usually either squat

in sleeves or in wraps in this case i

did not have my sleeves

so i kept my knees oh not corral the


natural thing about me um

until i think i got to five plates i

threw on some wraps so

that's any indication to [ __ ] somebody

raw tonight

that's the sign uh we did basically 10

reps 10

reps 10 reps went up to four plates i

think we only did about four or five

reps here

at this point i'm just trying to get

used to the heavier weights it's been a

long time since i squatted heavy as

book um so i really wanted to get up

there you can see that we went up to 500

pounds here

i believe i only did like three or four

reps i'm again just getting the feel


biggest tip i have for squatting is is

really take a big breath

and then set and then go down when you

take your big breath at the way down

it [ __ ] everything up so i went to 6 35

here but the only issue was

there is not enough space on the bar so

as you can see here

the clip fell off and then the weight

fell off and then a 45 pound fell off

i was literally lucky enough to rack


right before this bar flipped to the guy

beside me

he was like [ __ ] stunned that that

bar did not flip so

the goal was to get like 6 to 10 reps

with 6 35

but because of the plate mishap i just

worked back down to

3 15 and i just did a ton of [ __ ]

drop sets until literally i could not

move these freaking legs i literally was

shaking my central nervous system was


i'm legally [ __ ] blind i can't see

and that's where you're gonna grow the

most amount of muscle

is when you can really push it i did

some of these like pulses at the bottom

again i like to start off every workout

heavy as

buck and then i want to pump as much

blood into the body after

so you can see my tiny ass legs there

we're still 10 weeks out so don't worry

they will get leaner on leg extensions i

like to use

kind of mediocre weight really lean back

in the seat and get a full stretch and a


contraction usually i don't lift

that fast watching the video back i'm

like okay

i am doing these slightly too fast but

on the last set

i do a 30 second hold or a hold as long

as i

physically can hold it at the top you

can see my legs [ __ ]

shake in there um but yeah really

again you want to kill it we went right

into hamstring curls just one

leg biggest tip for these bad boys is

you want to flex your glutes like you're

literally about to get raped in prison

you want those glutes flexed

so hard that you're only using your

hamstring to contract the weight

because your glutes are already

contracted if you're using a little bit

of your glutes and a little bit of your

hamstrings it'll be a lot harder to get


tension just on the hamstring yeah so

really flex those glutes

and i did about four sets of each of

those accessories

in about 10 to 15 reps just to pump the

blood in as much as possible like i

previously said

we went right into these walking lunges

but we did them super close

step this will just put more emphasis on

the quads

today like my hamstrings just weren't

feeling amazing

because of some deadlifts that i did two

days prior

so i wanted to get a lot of focus on the

quads so on these ones

just make sure that you go down as well

as you go

up so you just don't want gravity to

pull you down you actually want to lower

yourself down

because that will really put the

emphasis on the quads then i superseted

this with

[ __ ] squats and i literally think that

i did 200

freaking reps here because i literally

just did as

many as humanly possible finished it off


10 sets of 10. yes you are hearing that


10 sets of 10 with calves

calves is something you really need to

push to grow because you walk on them

all day finished it off with 30 minutes

of cardio listening to bradley martin

and back to

the [ __ ] video alright guys so

for peace i'm gonna keep this short and

simple so i

don't confuse anybody this is going to


the least scientific video on this


and if you and your grandma and your mom

and your younger sister and your pet


cannot understand this you should be not

taking steroids you shouldn't

just don't do it please don't do it okay

so a pct we're not even gonna get into


you have three major components to a pct

what are they you have number one which


hcg hcg

is used for for simpler terms

stimulating your testosterone to get it

back to

a normal level hchcg

does like suppress testosterone in order

to bring your test levels back up but it

is the

main thing to stimulate your


into getting it back into a natural

level after you come off drugs

after you take steroids or take


that is going to be taking place of the

production of testosterone

this is going to teach your body to


that testosterone again and your body

may be able to do it without taking it

but it is still a good idea to take hcg

to get your test levels back into a

natural limit

as fast as possible that is number one

super simple right if you are going to


exogenous testosterone and tell your

body not to produce it you need


to say okay i'm done taking this

let's produce it again that is hcg

and number two and three now

these two things guys do almost the


same thing a lot of you guys like keep

saying like

this whole i'm gonna clone it for pct

or i'm gonna novadex for pct and

they do the same thing so to put this

like super simple

novodex and clomid they both

stop the bad estrogen from more or less


produced and when you stop the bad

estrogen from being produced

you have these two heart like you're

these two things it's called your like

lh and your fhs i believe

um and those things are the things that

will help

stimulate your testosterone and get it

back to

a normal level in essence taking these

two things

increases your testosterone and tries to

get it back

to a normal limit so when you guys are


sarms and i love using sarms as an

example because

sarms now depends on how much you're

taking and what dosages but sarms don't


completely shut down your production

so a lot of the times like a pct you do

not need one

or if you did need one it can be bare


minimum like clomid is

very very intense guys

clomid [ __ ] with your mood when i take

clomid i cry like a little

[ __ ] guys what the heck are you wearing

what are you wearing you go from being

on test being this like alpha male

on clomid i want to grab i literally

want to grab this blanket and

cry every single day

second clomid you need astronomical


to be effective i said i wasn't getting

into dosages but just to put this into


novodex to be like effective would be

20 maybe 30 milligrams clomid or

to be very effective on a same

cycle you'd need upwards like 50 70 some

people have even done

a hundred milligrams a day so

like when you guys are talking about

sarm pct's

take clomid and and [ __ ]

throw it out the window because you

don't even need to talk about it

clomid is for someone that is blasting

like myself

test trend my [ __ ] production is done

that's who needs khloman you guys are

more than good with novadex

to recap pct is something that you are


to bring your body back to a normal

level so

you can't just ask me like what's oh

it's a good

pct because it's going to be different

or can i clone it for pc tier

or can i novadex for pct it just doesn't

make sense like the last time i came off

everything which would have been

after kearns last year i was doing like


000 ius of hcg 20 milligrams of novadex

i think i started at 40 and then worked

down to 20

and started at 75 milligrams of clomid

for the first like two weeks

and then you work down i mean a pct

has to be in perspective to what you ran

so stop saying like i'm gonna clone it

for pct because that doesn't make any

sense and especially

when you're 17 years old you you

probably have no clue

you guys really need to take the time to

learn like what each of these things do

and how

powerful each of them is

so honestly like i really hope that this

like super

simple video can put into perspective

like how

important each thing is and now that

you're like listening to all of it

you're like wow like mark that

more or less does the same thing right

absolutely when you suppress your

testosterone or shut off your


and [ __ ] up your hormones you need to

take something that will bring your


back into that place can you use

all three absolutely can you use just


absolutely but it has to be dependent on


aggressiveness of your cycle

because doing too much could be just as


as not doing enough and that's basically

like the main

purpose the main message i want to get

out to you guys today

so i'm actually going to make one more

post cycle therapy video i'm going to do

a sarm stack a 10 week sarmstack

and i'm gonna do a 10 week bodybuilding


and i'm going to break down the exact

pct that i think both of those things

should have and we're going to make it

super simple we're going to pick like

we're going to pick joe and we're gonna

say joe

this is his first time ever doing


he's gonna do this and he's gonna do


what should his pct be after because

i pct is more important than steroids

pct is more important than your training


is more important than your [ __ ] life

guys like this is

this is where people go downhill

unfortunately like i

i was there 100 i was there i didn't

have the knowledge

that i have now i didn't have the

mentality that i have now

and i don't want to see anybody getting

hurt or or

their mental health suffering because

there's not enough

knowledge out there about this so i

honestly hope that this video helps just

a little bit um

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