POST CYCLE THERAPY Steroids Explained

what is up everybody welcome back to

another video and today we're talking

about post cycle therapy it just hold on

one second so is it just me


are you guys missing the gym to this

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my me got canceled two weeks ago the car

newest open has been postponed until

November see really what does happening

for you mark thank you for being so

concerning that means I came off

everything two weeks ago and I've never

felt better

okay that's a lie I actually have felt

better but I'm gonna tell you guys

exactly what I'm doing for my PCT what

I've done in the past what has worked

for me what has not worked for me and

kind of just the importance of PCT

because I feel there's not a ton of good

information out there and if there is

information out there it's like so

biased towards like certain people or

like their opinion that's impossible

just to like use it for yourself so I'm

just gonna talk from personal experience

and if you can get anything out of it

just thumbs up the video or something or

don't even thumbs up just like use it

and I'm happy that you used it so this

time was the first time ever that I

completely came off everything cold


Point Blank normally guys I'm just gonna

be very honest I've never ran more than

five hundred milligrams of tests


things exactly I'm not like smiling or

putting a meme because this is the truth

it's really not that hard you can get so

much out of so little that I don't

understand the point of running like a

gram of test or a gram and a half of

tests when you're at 22 years old I mean

you need to really get the most out of

the lease and who knows what I'm 40 if

I'm even alive by then whatever doesn't

kill you simply makes you a stranger who

knows what I'll be doing but for now

this is what we're doing and on 500

milligrams of test I would normally

taper off that because I'm so scared of

the influx of hormones so if I was on

500 tests and 500 EQ which I've done

before when I came off everything I

would do two or three weeks at like 350

I would do two weeks at 250 oh do two

weeks at 150 in hopes even if it wasn't

necessarily scientifically correct

functional quantum chromodynamics the

Stynes been changed

mentally my hormones are going like this

versus like that and just it helped me a

lot mentally and a lot of PCT is mental

I don't care what anybody says you need

to have a positive mindset going into a


or you're gonna think that you're gonna

lose everything that you just worked for

constantly soar you're constantly tired

you're depressed you want to kill

yourself first tip is just stay positive

because it's really not as bad as you

think your mind will always play tricks

on you so now that we got that out of

the way let's go into what I'm doing for

this PCT my guy now is almost 100% gone

and it's only been two weeks now I was

taking anything and I think a lot of the

first basis of PCT is learning about

what you're taking and how long it stays

in your system because that will

completely depend on when you start your

PCT everybody knows our hope so and

they stays in your system for about

seven to ten days I would rather start

too soon

so I started at the seven day mark

exactly and I'm taking a high quality

pharmaceutical grade HCG I have three

bottles of it a fifteen thousand I use

total with that said guys why am i

taking HCG so when you take testosterone

your body stops producing it you may say

why on earth would it do that

so let's put this into perspective you

work a job at footlocker you're making

$2,000 a month I come in and I say I'm

gonna give you $10,000 a month and I'm

not talking about this I'm talking about

this for no reason

99.9% of you will quit your job at

footlocker and just take the $10,000 a

month and it's good to go but when I

stop giving you that $10,000 what are

you gonna do you're gonna go back and

look for another job so you continue to

make the $2,000 exact same thing happens

in your body you're gonna take ten times

four times whatever the amount of

natural testosterone so your body's like

I don't need to produce testosterone I'm

getting so much of it so it stops but

eventually you can't stay on steroids

forever as much as your jimbros want to

tell you you have to come off you have

to take your health first so when you

come off you have to reteach your body

to produce that testosterone again HCG

is what helps you produce the

testosterone with that also said if

you're a 19 year old kid and you've only

done one cycle there's a good chance

that you could not take a PCT and your

body would still just produce

testosterone again on its own might take

a little bit longer than if you did take

HCG but just because you've only

one cycle maybe of 500 tests 500 EQ your

body will still produce testosterone so

this comes into play with so many

different things and this is why I said

you can't break this down to a science

because we all have different genetics

and we all have we all run different

compounds for different lengths for

different times and unless you were to

get blood work done like every two to

three weeks and I don't know about you

but I live in Canada and that's next to

impossible to get done you're just gonna

have to go off a field guys and you just

gotta feel good so yeah so this last

cycle was probably one of my more

aggressive cycles so I'm doing a full

15,000 I use which is three bottles of

HCG and I think no matter what you

should be doing anywhere from 10,000

IU's to 15,000 I think that's just a

good ballpark range again it now is not

the time to sniff out on money for your

PCT and if you just have too much you

have too much I would rather have too

much than not enough so always think

more is better in the terms of your PCT

for HCG rind yeah for dosage infer HCG

i've been coached by three different

IFBB pros i've done

toronto pro show CBF nationals Kearns

and after every single one of them with

each different coach the HCG protocol

was completely different every single

one of them was still in a two-week span

getting 10,000 IU's of HCG but every

single one of them had different dosages

one was take a thousand I use every

single day in the morning fasted the

fasted thing does stay pretty common so

if you're gonna take HCG PO cycle which

I do suggest you do it fast it and then

try not to eat for 30 minutes studies

have proven that that is going to be the

most effective

to take HCG but one coach had me doing

2,000 every other day one coach had me

doing Monday Wednesday Friday and I've

got the same results every single time

and I've got blood work done exactly

four months after each cycle and my test

levels have been perfectly in that

natural range every single time so for

the dosage Jing I don't think it's that

important as long as you do get that

10,000 IU's now obviously your standards

is no venex chops regulate estrogen we

don't really have to go into that too

much I take one no but X every morning

and clomid so clomid is a fertility drug

and hey I'm gonna be cold is it a

necessity absolutely not if you want to

have kids and you want to stay healthy

would I take it abso-fucking-lutely like

I said guys during this time off you

want to get your body back to as close

to natural as you came when you came out

of your mother right when you were born

your body was lean building machine it

was building muscles and bones and

fusing things together and you want to

get as close to your natural self when

your natural as possible because that's

gonna just help create a healthy

environment the environment I personally

take right now I only do one cycle for

four months out of the year that means

for eight months

I'm fully natural I don't take anything

I don't blast and crews will do a video

on that one day because it was actually

a really popular topic but I don't blast

I don't cruise and that eight months I

do two blood works during that eight

months because I'm allowed to get it

done every four months and my levels

after eight months are perfect to a not

human walking outside like you could not

tell a difference and you guys can tell

from my pictures that I don't completely

lose all my gains I do this very smart

and I keep a very good mental state and

it helps a lot the only thing that I'm

doing different for this PCT and this is

actually a recommendation from an IFBB

Pro is we all know that when a guy knows

solidifies it's there forever the only

way you can get rid of it is to

surgically remove it there has been a

study out there that probe Eyring mixed

with Nova decks mixed with caber can

help drastically reduce the guy now I'm

also lucky that I only had guy I know

for two weeks before they postponed the

meet and I was able to come off

everything and that's also why I didn't

taper off anything because I wanted to

make sure that I took care of this guy

now before it became a bigger issue so

this prep I've been doing this post

psychotherapy I've been doing caper

every three days at night I've been

doing one Nova Dex in the morning to

help regulate estrogen I've been doing

one pro violin every morning with the

Nova Dex and I've been doing 1,000 I use

of HCG every morning fasted so we've

been about just over 10 days now I'm

feeling really good I know I'm just

about to start to hit that peak from

everything that I was taking but again

keep a good mental state I've eased back

completely on training because when your

test levels are up here guys and then

they drop to here why are you still

training like they're up here like

people are like I'm gonna come off cycle

and train twice as hard so I don't lose

my gains if anything you're actually

doing yourself more harm because your

body can't recover it literally is just

gonna go into shock because it just

doesn't know how to deal with that type

of stress my biggest recommendation for

two to three weeks when you come off

cycle is to almost stopped training

now don't stop your diet but stop

training hard Ducal aesthetic or do just

different don't put your body through a

ton of stress because it just won't be

able to recover wait for your natural

testosterone levels to start rise and

then start killing it in the gym because

you still can make progress naturally

believe it or not I made this little

graph it's pretty cute just to make it a

little more simple for you so this is

mark mark is natural right now he's been

natural his whole life he's gonna take

steroids and he's gonna go way up here

cuz he took up for 12 weeks he's

stronger he's better he's faster and

every thing but then mark knows for his

health he needs to come off so he comes

off and he loses some of his strength

and some of his gains but it doesn't go

back to where Mark started he's still

way ahead of where he started mark took

about four months off and Mark was

really healthy and then he decided to do

steroids again so he went even higher

look I did four that's how you have to

look guys you have to look at a

long-term gain you can't just take

steroids for the rest of your life it's

gonna be so unhealthy it's gonna be so

much money you really need to look at

the long picture and look at a goal in

mind always keep that goal at the top of

your head and just remember yeah I'm

gonna lose a little bit of my strength

and a little bit of my gains but next

time I'm gonna be even bigger stronger

faster but I'm also gonna try to stay as

healthy as possible for as long as


nobody knows how long we have on this

earth but if you can prolong it by a few

years just by taking your health into

account then that's a beautiful thing

that's exactly what I'm doing for my PCT

that's what I found works best for

I really hope this helped guy I didn't

want to go into like too much science I

mean I just want to keep this as simple

and transparent as possible and again

mindset is everything this stuff is

happening but you just have to look at

the long goal and before you know it

with a proper high quality PCT you'll be

back up to your natural levels you'll

have your energy back you'll have your

sex drive back everything will be good

to go

so just remember positive mental state

and if you guys have any questions

please don't hesitate to message me on

Instagram I responded to every single

one of you and again I'm not a doctor

this is just my personal experience of

what's worked best for me because I've

gotten bad guy now and I fixed it

without surgery I've had the worst acne

in the world which you saw from my last

video and now I'd go to barely breaking

out anymore and I'm still taking

steroids so it's just fine-tuning and

learning your body is you have to be

smart and I'm just here trying to kick

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