Postnatal Massage: The Importance of Self-Care After the Birth

hi my name is Cassandra and I'm an RIT

at angel hands integrative Center in my

last video I was talking to you about

prenatal massage and how important and

how awesome that is today I want to talk

to you about something that's just as

important just as awesome but it's

talked about way less and that's

postnatal massage so much of the

discussion and the education around

pregnancy and childbearing tends to end

at the birth but we know that birth

isn't an end it's a beginning as a

mother your work is just beginning after

your birth after you give birth and so

taking care of yourself is so important

because the better you take care of

yourself the better you're able to take

care of your new baby and your new

family and massage therapy is a great

exercise in self-care it gives you so

many tangible benefits both emotionally

and physically let me tell you how first

off massage is great for promoting

muscle recovery and tissue vitality when

you give birth that's such a huge

strenuous exhausting experience you're

like an elite athlete basically so you

want to help all the tissues and the

muscles in your body recover and that's

what massage is for you want to help

your body heal itself so that includes

things for example like this skin on

your belly a lot of women are wondering

is this going to go back to how it was

before with massage you're increasing

the circulation and the nutrients to all

the parts of your body including the

skin and for the skin that's help

maintaining its vitality and its

elasticity so that it can rebound back

to where it was before

similarily if you gave birth by a

c-section which is major surgery I

massage can help with the tissues

healing themselves and any of the pain

and the scars that are associated with

that as well next there's fluid

retention when a woman is pregnant her

body is accumulating so many fluids your

level of blood increases and all the

fluid in your body is they

to protect the baby after the birth that

doesn't just go away right away so what

you want to do is you want to promote

the circulation and the elimination of

all this excess fluid as much as

possible by doing that you're going to

be avoiding things like bloating and

swelling and just generally feeling

sluggish and as you keep all those

fluids moving you're going to help all

your organs and your tissues work as

optimally as they can making you feel

even better

massage is also really great for

soothing your nervous system and

promoting the release of endorphins so

whether you're experiencing the baby

blues or something more severe like

full-on postpartum depression getting

massage is going to help regulate your

mood use those symptoms as well as

address things like insomnia again with

soothing your nervous system it improves

your ability to sleep and your quality

of sleep which can often be a big

challenge with a new baby and last but

certainly not least when you come in for

a massage your therapist is providing

you with a safe comfortable and

emotionally supportive space for you to

recharge so many changes are happening

right now and sometimes you need a

little time to step back and take it all

in and that's okay that's a good thing

and that's all part of taking care of

yourself so that you are able to best

take care of your new baby and your new

family thank you