however D I cannot do a quick hello and

good morning everybody

it's Wednesday but more importantly than

it just being a normal Wednesday it is

potty training Wednesday we are potty

training today hazel is currently right

now sitting on the pot I have a feeling

we're gonna be in there a lot today got

things ready to go I'll show you her

chart when she's out

we've got skittles so every time she

goes potty she gets a skittle and then

I've got a cute little chart for her as

soon as that's helpful she gets to pick

out a treat and a toy so I've got a

Barbie downstairs for her that I might

use as a as her reward or she can go to

the store and pick out her own but

something that we always do after she's

fully potty-trained we go on what's

called the potty train we take the train

and we go on a fun adventure

we did that with Brexton and every time

he sees the train around he goes well

that's the potty train we are potty

training to go on the potty train today

all right so she has picked out all of

her favorite underwear she took picked

out paw patrol I think she has frozen

upstairs and my little pony but you guys

she got these for Christmas oh you might

no no that was six months ago they're a

size two three they're a little small

but I just have to know these are not

gonna last

there's I think eight pairs here and

they're not gonna last because half of

them might be wet half of them might be

poop did eventually that's just part of

potty training but she seems super

excited she's super pumped about it so I

think it's gonna go really well she's

been really excited all week okay guys

this is our setup hey Z tell everybody

what you just did so Matt works so sit

on it somehow it works just sit on it

that little thing is hard we can just

leave that standing up okay so she sits

like that like a big girl huh okay but

hazy what do we need to do so I made

this little chart for hazy its Hazel's

potty training chart mm-hmm and then I

put at the end once a thoughtful she

gets a reward and you pull off one of

those stickers and we're gonna put it on

the first square so put on this one

right here oh good job we need to wash


okay let's wash hands all right that's

the hot water that's too cool Tina wash

your hands here's some soap good job are

you so proud of yourself

make sure it's all over in stars okay

now grab the towel right here dry off

your hands and then guess what you get

guess what you get a skittle okay let's

go get your skittle good girl she's got

her little set up oh no it's okay just

leave it sitting up okay let's get your

skittle I have a big giant bowl you can

take two skittles take two one two two

three seven eight good let me see him

what colors did you choose Oh red and

blue you can eat him that's pretty oh I

bought this a while ago it was on

clearance it's such a cool thing but

look moving are you excited

this will be your prize once your chart

is all full okay I found it the store

was on clearance and when you find

things like this that are such I think

it was like $13 for all three and four

of these Barbies three of the Barbies

and Olaf and so I picked it up because

I'm like aw you just can't find these

things for that good of a deal so I

picked it up and I have been saving it

literally been saving this for months

and knowing that I would use this for

potty training so the time has finally


we are potty training and right out of

the gate she pooped like how awesome is

that you guys you're gonna hear a lot

about poop and underwear and a lot of

really gross things in today's vlog but

it's all about potty training today

folks when your chart is all full of

stickers we're gonna leave this right

here and you could open it when your


all full okay all right it might take a

couple days but that's okay because

that's just being doing good work hi

laws I'm here with my big hazy girl so

let's talk potty training for just a

minute because there's so many different

ways to do this so I thought to train my

three boys I've heard boys are harder to

potty train than girls so the way I've

always done this is I go straight to the


I just put underwear on them the entire

time for naps and for bedtime I do a


some people use pull-ups right away all

day and I'm sure that works for some


also some people just let them have no

one to wear on the whole day and

whenever they go they go the way I

personally like to do it is I feel like

if they're gonna pee their pants it's

uncomfortable to sit in wet pants so I

feel like they need to feel that

uncomfortableness in the pants and

underwear feeling wet so if that's the

reason I do the underwear plus they get

excited about the fun characters they

think it's so fun to do all of that so I

always do an immediate reward or right

away they always get everyone I did a

regular man I got all sorts of treats

like full size packages of candy and

then I was like he's going potty like

ten times a day that's way too much

sugar so now I have learned on my

finding on my fourth kid I think I do

this is cream Rex but just one little

teeny tiny candy for each one because

she doesn't normally get skittles it's

exciting for her to be able to have a

skittle right away so she just said mom

I want a skittle okay well you gotta go

potty again she's just so excited to go

in this diaper free bum it's so cute and

I have uh no we can't show everyone so

that's just the way I do it some people

use a specific book some people sing a

song I just go pretty straightforward

put the underwear on I literally am like

on house arrest for the next several

days so she finally gets the hang of it

and then not only that like I need to

set my alarm every 20 minutes she has to

sit on the potty and sometimes they're

gonna sit on the potty and then get off

and go oh I didn't need to go and then

they pee their pants that's just part of

potty training it's hard I'm hoping

because she's three almost coming up

here in a couple weeks she's gonna be

three that she'll be pretty easy to

potty train I think she's gonna do

fantastic checking in midday here hey Z

has done phenomenal she only had one

little teeny tiny accident and she was

like running as she started dribbling I

was like oh no mommy I have to go poopoo

she's calling everything poopoo since

her first successful potty encounter was

going poopoo which I'm grateful for guys

I heard a screams from downstairs in the

basement of excitement came sprinting up

to celebrate with her it was

this is like my probably my favorite

part of the potty training is just

seeing her sense of accomplishment like

that's what I think I love most about

potty training my father I loved seeing

like her sense of a pride in herself

like I did it I did it like she just

gets so pumped

what's you doing in there without the

water are you peeing yeah just cleaning

up I don't think she went cause her

underwear on here's one small silver

lining blessing whatever you want to

call it potty training I have

successfully wiped down all of my

counters getting ready to make my

favorite banana bread but I'm just home

cleaning like this area over here okay

that is scary because she's on lockdown

people yeah I'm on I'm on house arrest I

cannot go anywhere so I'm like I'm just

cleaning this area I've got a whole

closet here I've got a cleans worse

getting stuff done there is a perk to

this potty training extravaganza

Hazel's done phenomenal she's had I

think five times that she's gone in the

real potty she's doing great but now

it's getting to be quiet time so what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use a pull-up

for her nap time and then as soon as she

wakes up I'm gonna put her on the potty

but I'm hoping that the success

continues to the end of the day so hazy

the way from her nap you guys she woke

up with a dry pull-up like is this her

life like how is she doing this awesome

she kind of struggled to go down for a

nap she did not want to go so I tried

all sorts of bribing techniques and

she's like what can I put my Barbie

still sitting there for encouragement

you need to have your sticker chart full

so we're working on it do you just wake

up from your nap and you watching Peppa

Pig on mommy's phone for a minute huh oh

they're coloring yeah so hey Z's taking

a little break she went potty right when

she woke up like sat down went pee


so guys while she's home and I'm forced

to be home they normally run more

errands and stuff but I have to tell you

I have loved being home today this today

is making me go okay I need to be home

more this summer because we're always

out running and while that's fun I just

think I like being homework because I'm

home that means I cook I guess

technically this is baking so I had some

bananas that were right so I decided I'm

gonna make some banana bread muffins I

put everything in the recipe that it

were calls for here's the recipe you

guys if you've been curious about my

banana bread recipe I do have it on my


this is how I bingham calm my friend

Amanda gave me the recipe years ago

because I've tried so many times to find

a good recipe finally found one I'm

using it today so make sure to check

that out but I'm gonna get these in the

oven and then he can have a nice warm

treat when she goes potty one time


is such a big girl oh you really did go

not good girls you put a sticker on your

chart yeah oh my goodness okay you got a

sticker oh we have one row all filled oh

yeah are you excited are you proud of


okay let's wash hands good job beautiful

rub them together the longer you are

such a big girl then you did great

now dry them off alright should we get a

skittle yeah here's the skittles I'm so

proud of you I applied me your time what

you're gonna earn pieces I did together

I go parties I get that party I like it

this nectar you want to show them what

you're gonna get whenever you get your

chart awful go get the Barbies and show


don't me to help you

what is this after any error in our act

out old thing but when do you get to

open it playing now

tell them sit I get to open it when my

charts all fit I want to open my present

yeah I better get this open my oh that's

right how long yours to win your charts

all full of stickers you get to open

this time yeah and then where are you

gonna go did you tell them where we're

gonna go whenever yours charts awful oh

yeah where are we gonna go going out Oh

baby it might run ah my my hip oh

and then we're gonna go on the potty

train huh yeah oh she's so excited are

you excited dad Pol Pot 18 else is going

potty too huh so what is that

hockey game turn around and show them

who is it what is she doing hanging out

yeah she's just hanging out the potty

just like hey so Han see even princesses

go potty

yeah puzzles such a big girl do you

think she's earned all of her stickers

today oh not yet huh almost example

you guys I was sitting here organizing

my recipes and she goes mom can I say hi

so say hi to everyone

I'm potty training every day so the

muffins are made now I've moved on to

chocolate-chip cookies this is bad dad's

here he's gonna head out to cruise game

I have to miss today what are you

getting your fingers in there that is so


these are freshly washed hands you guys

as you guys know moms in on house arrest

literally lot I ain't come onor keeps

going off it's been it's been going

amazing though too teeny teeny accidents

but she's had so many successes it's

awesome and I just love how psyched she

gets it even when she kind of messes up

she'd be like I'm going boo boo even

though at the peak you run over the

center down just like I did it you guys

it's okay it's okay

we're gonna run off and take care of

crew bees game and take the kids with me

and we may or may not come back with

something for mom cause she's been on

house arrest this whole time she's not

been able to leave the house she needs

and deserves a little something


so mom hang tight we'll be back soon and

we might have something great whoa I

love cookies for them oh okay there

there are you guys this recipe is also

on the blog this is Howie Bingham calm

go ahead and check it out baby

hey how is potty training going today


what are we gonna do right now we're

gonna paint her nails

she asked mommy to paint her nails cuz

she's doing pretty good huh not 100% but

it's day one so that's what we're


I think she's doing incredibly well

considering she's never got hold still

remember considering this smells like

acrylic paint like not the kind of used

for nails she's doing great so we're

just continuing it my cookies are baking

right now and we're just having a fun

day at home together huh it's just fun

to be home and be together right there

we go let's see him faux blue I love

them they're like Anna and Elsa like

frozen huh we are home and as promised a

little special something something for

Mama Mia who's been on lockdown today

some in and out she's been craving this

you guys hard course we got some

double-double some animal style fries

just doing the in denial thing

analysts uh we were talking about on the

way home why do you think they call it

animal style because that's what I think

it is I think it's like dude there's so

much stuff on that you're an animal oh

you got like cheese and spread oh your

animal so that's gotta be animal style

fries we're gonna pick out here real

quick with some in and out and we're

gonna wrap this day up we're gonna get

potty training day number one in the

books today has been incredible I'm so

proud of our princess that's just what

she is she's wearing princess pajamas

and everything I'm so proud of her she

has done so awesome what you've been

incredible yeah yeah give him everyone a

thumbs up

tell everyone say give this video a

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thumbs up tomorrow we have a special

opening a fan mail so make sure to check

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go ahead and give this video thumbs up

if you think hazel did awesome cuz she

rocked it we're so thankful for you guys

thank you for hanging out with us today

for cooking with me and for hanging out

with hazy and giving her all the love

and support say good night everybody

good night good night you guys