A Complete Guide To House Training Any Puppy!


house training a dog is often one of the

first challenges that many new dogs and

their owners face


in this video I'll be sharing some

useful tips that you can use to begin

house training your dog no matter how

old or what kind of dog you have many of

these strategies are also a critical

part of your dog's basic education that

will help them learn appropriate

behaviors and avoid picking up habits

that can become problematic later in

life puppies and younger dogs have small

bladders and limited control over their

body functions this means that they need

to go out very frequently as much as

every 1 to 2 hours as your dog gets

older they will develop better control

but in the beginning it's best to take

them out frequently instead of waiting

and risking an accident which can send

back your training there are certain

times when your dog is likely to need to

eliminate your job is to anticipate

these moments and take your dog to their

area before they begin to potty some

examples of these times are after eating

a meal or drinking water after waking up

from a nap after any period of activity

or 1 to 2 hours from their last potty

break pick the spot where you would like

to have your dog go to do their business

ideally there should be an area outdoors

because the more distinctiveness from

the inside of the house the easier it is

for the dog to discriminate the

difference between the two dogs that are

not reliably house trained will need

supervision so they don't have accidents

that go unnoticed

many behavior problems that are common

in puppies can be prevented or

eliminated with proper supervision we

have to realize that to a dog everything

is just a behavior you have to keep an

eye on your dog to make sure they're not

practicing and appropriate behaviors

which a lot of the time are self

reinforcing eliminating offers relief to

a dog which can be rewarding in and of

itself watch your dog and restrict their

access to areas

where you will not be able to keep an

eye on them while they're learning you

can allow more freedom as your dog

becomes more predictable with house

training most dogs will also show signs

that they are looking for a place to

eliminate just before they go pay

attention to your dog's body language so

you can start to identify these signals

you may notice the dog's head hanging

low to the ground

some dogs become very interested in

sniffing all of a sudden they might

begin circling in the same place or try

to walk away to a corner or distant area

when you notice your dog doing any of

these behaviors quickly take them to the

spot you have chosen any training that

you do with your dog is only as good as

the relationship you establish with them

it's important to show the dog that they

can trust you and feel safe around you

this means that you avoid using training

techniques that expose the dog to

unpleasant and aversive experiences

there is no need to use physical

discipline or to correct your dog and

doing so will hurt the bond that you

have with them this should only

associate positive experiences with you

as a trainer reward your dog every time

that they go in their designated area

make sure that you are prepared to

capture the moment don't miss an

opportunity to reinforce your dog this

is where all of the learning is

happening so make sure that you are

showing up to it ready and equipped with

the reinforcers help your dog become a

better learner by being a better teacher

puppies are already equipped with the

ability to learn but by spending even

just a few minutes a day training your

dog to do other things you will help

them get the idea of house training

faster if you're not sure where to begin

check out my video on starting puppy

training for some ideas on what to train


some dogs are more interested in food

than others house training is easier

when your dog is on a predictable

feeding schedule because you can


better when they will need to go outside

stay consistent with the times that you

feed your dog and you will start to

learn just how long after the meal they

need to go outside for many dogs its

within a few minutes after they're done

eating it's a matter of when not if your

dog will probably have accidents which

means they will potty or urinate in an

area that they're not supposed to

remember the advice from earlier about

keeping the training positive do not

reprimand or yell at your dog if you

catch your dog having an accident try to

calmly interrupt and take your dog to

the appropriate spot as quickly as

possible if it's too late

simply clean up the mess and try to

figure out what you can do differently

next time to avoid making the same

mistake continue to focus on creating

successful experiences and reinforcing

them consistently over time you should

begin to notice fewer accidents and

within a few weeks your dog will be

fully house-training when you're not

able to give your full attention to your


using a crate can be a useful tool in

house training teach your dog to enjoy

spending time in their crate so you can

take a break from having to supervise

and watch them when used correctly

crates and playpens can be helpful

management tools remember that you will

still need to follow the same guidelines

for time when putting your dog away in a

crate or a playpen if you would like to

learn about how to train your dog to

love their crate and enjoy spending time

in it check out my tutorial on this


although it is rare some dogs may have

health problems which make it difficult

for them to be house-trained if you

suspect that this is the case consult

your local veterinarian to rule out any

health issues that might need to be

addressed before following the

guidelines in this video following these

tips will help you house clean your dog

quickly and effectively as your dog gets

older you can begin to wait for longer

periods of time before taking them

outside to eliminate for other puppy

training tips check out the following

video tutorials and subscribe to our


thanks for watching and we'll see you

next time