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I'd like to talk to you about potty

training which is a problem with most

parents and the common question we

doctors get boys tend to train later

they mature later they talk at a later

age so they're frequently three three

and a half before they're potty-trained

there's exceptions to this some of our

later but boys are not harder to train

they just they come later also boys

you start off sitting down and a little

tiny potty chair that's on the floor and

it has a little bit of cup in the front

to catch the urine because of the

genitals pointing up or in that

direction they will eventually get to be

where they can stand and at the potty

and urinate and get a little stool for

them to stand on in front of the big

body it's usually occurs around 18

months to as much as three or four years

of age but we all get potty trained some

day it's not really as important it's

working on other things such as

vocabulary and language it seems like we

get in the pressure from from relatives

or friends and say oh you should have

them potty trained at certain age but

they you have to have that neurologic

control to be able to do this they have

to say it since that hey I've got a full

bladder or rectum and I'm about to go

and they also have to want to if they

don't want to good luck you're not gonna

force that so wait till they're giving

you those signals pee pee pee pee you

set them on the potting they go and they

do this every day for a week it's really

not hard you'll see some books that says

potty training in three days but they

also tell you to wait till they give you

those signals and they're actually ready

but if they're showing a lot of

resistance they you can tell they need

to go they go hide in the corner and

squat and try to use the bowel movements

they know they need to go they just

don't want to sit on the potty then you

can use rewards a couple of points

though of they it has to be used up if

you give them a matchbox car for going

on the potty

then I don't have to go on the potty

again so parents use treats you eat blow

bubbles play on the iPhone something

that's used up number two has got to be

what they cry they really important for


number three it's got to be somebody

else has got to be getting it if it's

sitting on the Shelf it's not gonna

apply pressure so everybody in the

family or better yet friends who come

over and spend the day and they go to

the bathroom they get the treat in the

child be crying for that treat you say

no you got a peepee on the potty to get

that treat but if that doesn't help and

they're resistant just wait because the

harder you push the worse it is