3 Weeks Old Puppies' Potty Training

hello everyone in this video

we will share how our puppies begin

potty training

puppies naturally are potty trained

because when they wake up

they walk over to a different spot so

that they can

potty they typically and they will

usually never potty in their

sleeping area as you can see in the


the puppies wake up and they walk over

to the tray with the newspaper

and as you see here in the video they

are using this area

for the bathroom they're not

they're not making their sleeping area

dirty because they know that's their


place and they want to keep it clean

from an early age it's important to

teach puppies

where to party because if not

they will learn that they can go to the

bathroom anywhere they wish

and that's not right so as you see as

you see here in the video

we have multiple areas set up for the


and as you can see there's limited room

to miss

so there's almost no excuse for them not

to use the bathroom area

they wake up from their sleeping area

and they go to the tub

the puppies are three weeks old and they

have the instinct to go to the bathroom

in a different area

and we want to help the puppies preserve


instinct by continuously training them

they are just a couple weeks old so they


for a few minutes a day as they get

older they will increase their play time

and with this we will increase

their play area


also as the puppies grow their potty

needs will train

will change stay tuned to see how the


will continually learn how to use the


in the next videos we will show you how

our techniques

will adjust according to the puppy's


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