How to Get a 1500+ on the SAT


hey guys it's me Estella and today I'm

gonna be talking about something that

everybody has wanted me to make a video

about since the dawn of my channel so

now that I'm done taking the SAT I can

finally make si si videos because I've

taken them three times so I definitely

say pretty much you know the ins and

outs of it so I'm going to be bestowing

my wisdom upon all of you probably your

junior frantically cramming for your SAT

or a freshman who's curious about what

is this big deal of an SAT so I'm gonna

be talking about the SACU today got my

book right here as you guys can see and

pretty much I'm gonna be making a series

just so you guys know with SAT and ACC

videos so I'm just gonna kind of go over

how to get a 1500 plus on the SAT today

I'm gonna go over the different sections

more in depth and like how to get

motivated to study for the SAT because

that's probably one of the biggest

things all that kind of stuff in

separate videos and also if you have

anything specific that you want me to

talk about like either in a sadqa or

just make a separate video just comment

below SAT and then whatever you want me

to talk about if that makes sense


alright so most of you prop wash in this

probably already know why you want to

get a 1500 plus so I'm just gonna get

right into how to get a 1500 plus so

first of all prep books wise I have

three prep books but pretty much the

only one that I used and I'm gonna talk

about in this video right now is this

book it's called the College Board Blue

Book you can get it on Amazon has this

one that I have has eight SAT practice


it's it's pretty thick as you can see

it's uh it's it's pretty big so yeah it

does have a practices I definitely

recommend getting this book you can get

all the practice tests for free online

but I just find it more convenient that

so that you don't have to print off

every single practice test and it's

honestly better to do it when you're

doing your practice says to do it by

hand because it's just more realistic

and you can bubble in the bubble sheet

rather than looking on a screen if that

makes sense so yeah so I definitely

recommend getting this book and once

you've gotten this beautiful wonderful

book in your hands the first thing that

you should do is to diagnostic tests so

what do I mean by diagnostic tests I

just mean you new find some time after

school or on the weekend just sit down

follow the instructions and do the

entire for our test so I know it sounds

not very exciting but you definitely

should do it because first of all if

your score pretty low you might want to

try taking an essay a CT sorry a CT

practice tests and seeing how you're

doing on the a CT and if you're doing

better overall you can compare your

scores and percentiles then you might

want to just study for the ACC and not

bother with the CT it really depends on

the person however if you are doing

pretty well or you feel like you can

significantly improve if you're studying

after studying then I definitely

recommend just for now just taking a sh

E and then if you don't see much

improvement after like a month or two

maybe start trying the ECT so why take

two diagnostic tests instead of one

diagnostic test and why take them in

condition the conditions that you will

be faced with when you enter the testing

room well if you take one diagnostic

test is usually not enough to really

kind of understand all of your

weaknesses so I personally prefer taking

two before I actually start studying for


to kind of really understand where I'm

scoring up I definitely recommend taking

the official college board practice test

either from the internet or from this

book and I recommend doing probably

practice tests 5 & 6 or 6 & 7 because

those are the ones I believe are the

ones that were already released that

were given to students previously if

they were actually given to students on

test day so you know that it's already

an accurate representation of what the

test isn't going to be like I can see

that perk from personal experience that

the scores that I got on my practices

where maybe a couple of points higher

than when I actually was scoring what

they are pretty accurate overall if you

really harshly score yourself and don't

give yourself any free points

so once you've done the diagnostic tests

you need look at your mistakes and

evaluate your weaknesses maybe you're

doing amazing on the math section you're

getting a 790 or an 800 every time then

you probably shouldn't really study too

much for that maybe just review some

areas that you're really not you don't

remember well but let's say you're

getting a 650 on the reading section for

instance then definitely you would

understand that you new really spend

your time studying for the reading or

what happens if you kind of scoring in

the middle like 700 for both the reading

and the mouth then that's already when

already start looking really in depth on

what mistakes you're making and what

areas you study once you've gone over

your diagnostic test is too familiar

like I can't speak familiarize yourself

with the tests so before you start any

really intense study I recommend you

fully understand how the test is gonna

work of what's covered on the test what

sec like what specific topics are

covered in each of the sections what are

some strategies for the tests etc so i

would recommend either reading the

beginning of your blue book or if you

have a princeton review book for

instance reading the beginning of that

it's just going to talk about some

strategies what the test is like etc or

for free you can find online it's

there's this website called prep scholar

you've probably heard of it but they

also have some nice articles just about

the SAT like why you should try to aim

for a good SAT score what's on this 80

what's covered with math topics with

what reading topics grammar etc so I

definitely recommend just kind of

familiarizing yourself with the tests

before you really start


once he's kind of realized okay I'm

really not doing well either on the math

section or the reading section of both

that's when you start going over the

content but pretty much just go over the

content areas that you've put that

you've circled after the two diagnostic

tests and you realize that you really

need to study those so once you've done

that and it shouldn't take you long

I'd say maybe maximum a week if you

study every single day to go over all of

your weak areas at that point that's

when you start really practicing and

what I mean by practicing is doing tons

and tons of practice questions all the

time pretty much every single day so

overall what I recommend is saving the

full practice tests until the end when

whatever time span you're playing about

studying and doing full official

practice tests maybe two to three times

a week like for weeks leading up to it

really depends on your time frame and

everything but leading up to the test

before then I definitely recommend doing

tons of drills the ones that are in the

Blue Book the ones that are on Khan

Academy there's a lot of crack SAT

practice tests online as well that you

can find of Princeton review tests

they're not really that accurate but

they're so good for practice and once

you've kind of done that start doing the

official practice tests

going over your mistakes is the most

important step probably out of all of

these and you should keep a special

notebook title it SAT notebook whatever

you want and pretty much just every time

you miss a question just write down the

question what your answer was what the

actual answer was and then why you

missed it and how you can avoid that

mistake in future and I know what the

house tedious but it actually really

works and it helps your brain remember

that type of question so that in the

future doesn't make that same mistake

again so I definitely recommend doing

that as you're practicing and especially

once you're already doing the official

practice sets that becomes even more

crucial all right well thank you guys so

much for watching this video I hope it

was useful and I will be doing lots of

more SATA CT ap SAT Subject Tests videos

for you guys so if you have any specific

requests just leave them in the comments

below and I will definitely try to make

them in the future

but yeah so welcome to my first official

si si video and I know I made one a

while back where wasn't really like an

official one so this is the first one in

the series but yeah so I hope you guys

enjoy this video and I will see you guys

next time

bye guys