SAT 2020! How To Prepare For The SAT in 2020!

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2020 is almost here and this is the next

cycle of SATs

so basically College Board has a cycle

of stt gives every year and this is a

new cycle is a new decade so what can

you really expect in the SAT for 2020

for all those junior slash actually only

juniors who are watching this video and

other underclassmen well first things

first the SAT you guys can expect to get

harder and I'm not saying to scare you

but I'm saying this just out of pure

honesty just for example if you look at

practice tests 1 to 8 on college bar

that they've released they're actually

much easier than practice test 9 and 10

as you know of my own personal

experience when I took the SAT only 1 to

8 were out but I think I first started

looking at 9 and 10 about a month ago

and I was actually a nod because I never

knew that that city had tested some of

the concepts it did and it was the same

conference but the way it was worded was

much harder and actually solving the

problem and the algebra involved in

practice in that attempt was way harder

than practice test ones and eight now

that's obviously very subjective so I

could be wrong in that but considering

the fact that the world is getting

smarter right students are getting

smarter classrooms are becoming more

advanced and the SAT is a test I measure

students aptitude so if the students if

students are average League having a

higher intellectual level the SAT has to

match that so as the intellectual level

of students is increasing which it is

the SATs hardness or the difficulty of

the SAT is going to increase with it so

we can expect other concepts to start

being tested on the SAT such as in the

passport to advanced mathematics section

though algebra can become a

exponentially harder it may have more

change-of-basis with exponents so right

now the SAT is very light when it comes

to questions on exponents but we can

really expect for there to be a hardcore

algebra questions where it may give you

like 2 3 exponents with us to the power

of a certain polynomial and you're

probably gonna have to find the X or

find the Y X I drew another big thing

about the SAT test 2020 is its emphasis

on trigonometry right now triggers on

the seti except it really is but it's

just not difficult enough or the


they give on the exams aren't as hard as

you may expect like for example if you

do trigonometry on Khan Academy and you

look at cosine sine tangent questions

it's way way harder than the SAT now

just imagine for all those of you who

actually do Khan Academy listen to me

imagine those hard khanacademy problems

actually be on the SAT that's what you

can honestly expect for the 18 20 20

since the SAT market is just booming and

thriving there's so many businesses and

entrepreneurs such as myself or try and

get to the SAT business and publishing

and giving out resources at to the crowd

that can help them and the SAT and

because there's so many people that are

trying to get in there's so many

resources are being allocated for the

SAT and this means that as a student

there is no excuse to not get a high

score on SAT because there's so many

resources resources that you can use to

get your high score so please please

please like use them such as Khan

Academy other youtubers you do such as

myself other third-party companies use

their resources because no matter how

hard the SAT guess there will always be

that many more resources that are

available to conquering the SAT and the

best part is because SCT is gonna get

harder there's gonna be students who

aren't studying who aren't trying their

best and they're gonna get like lower

scores and then get more questions wrong

so if you're getting three or four

questions wrong right now and getting

like a 740 when the SD test gets harder

that curve will be more generous so if

you get like three or four questions

wrong then you may end up with a 780 or

770 which is way better than a 750 right

so take advantage of this and look at

this as an opportunity and not a setback

that the SD make it harder so please

please please guys follow these tips and

like the video check out good wall and

please please please make sure you

prepare yourself for SAT 2020 and don't

get slapped in the face by if you have

any questions comment down below comment

on good wall and I'll see you guys next


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