Pre Pregnancy & Pre Natal Health and Wellness

hey guys and welcome back to my channel

and today I'm into video I've been

talking about doing quite a few months

ever since I announced that I was

pregnant I said that I really wanted to

film a sort of pre pregnancy and

prenatal a health and wellness so

certain things that I did to prepare my

pregnancy before I conceived and the

things that I'm doing now before I give

birth this it'll be it's healthy and

well as I can

um so see it's quite a big topic and

these things a lot of these things that

your pre-pregnancy a lot of them weren't

directly linked to getting pregnant they

were just some natural changes that I

made to my life anyway um but looking

back kind of every things that have came

together and yeah I thought I kind of

wanted to put it into a video in case

any but the answers looking instead of

getting pregnant anytime soon or perhaps

I don't know perhaps you're and you are

pregnant and you're wondering is to do

what I'm doing now to stay healthy and

well whatever the reason is or if you're

just kind of interested in this topic I

don't know I just kind of wanted to like

put everything out there have a little

bit of a chat with you guys and yeah let

you know some of the things that I did

all these changes that I did probably

start in the turning point for me and my

like health and wellness journey was

August last year August 2017 um I dunno

traveling of this summer and my mum and

I went on a health and wellness retreat

called peak health and that was the main

boost that I had for getting really

healthy and wanting to be really healthy

and well so that was my main driving


I wasn't don't start like all these

things to sort of like conceive even

though I knew I didn't want to conceive

and I didn't want to get pregnant I

wasn't like oh my god I'm gonna get

pregnant and these things are gonna help

me to get pregnant if that makes sense

um but yeah it's also part and parcel of

the same thing so last August my mom and

I went on a health and wellness retreat

it was absolutely incredible it was in

the Swiss Alps we had the most

time and when I got back to London I

realized that I really wanted to have a

form of meditation and well-being in my

life I struggled on and off with anxiety

for at that point just over two years

and I really wanted to like just shift

that negativity so I so I decided and I

kind of like told myself that I really

wanted to make working out like an

absolute priority for myself I had kind

of started taking working out more and

more seriously probably from about this

time last year so that made 2017 before

that I hadn't been working out that much

at all it had been very sporadic and I

actually had a routine checkup with my

doctor probably like December 2016 and

he told me that my BMI was quite no but

it has always been low so that's natural

for me but he just suggested maybe like

boosting my exercise like boosting my

muscle and just to eat a little bit more

and to eat a little bit healthier so I

kind of took all those things on board

it did take me a few months to put them

into practice but like I think when you

get told by a GP to sort of work out you

kind of should work at if he suggested

two to three times a week which I

definitely wasn't doing um but come

September I was like okay I'm back now

from SAS way and I really want to like

make exercising a big part of my life I

knew I didn't want to get pregnant and I

knew and I was trying to get pregnant

it's like I just cut off my body to be

in the best possible shape it can be

just for myself as well for my own

mental health and I kind of knew in the

back of my mind that making exercise I

could priority and really looking after

myself would probably help me with

getting pregnant or just anyone who's

been really positive mindset to undergo

everything and I think with pregnancy

although I wasn't aware of it been um

with hindsight I realized obviously your

hormones do you go a little bit hey why

you have mood changes and all sorts and

getting yourself into a really healthy

place before you embark

this incredible roller coaster of

journey you really do need to be in a

good place I think anyway and I'm really

happy that I got myself into that good

place and that I felt like physically

very fit and and really happy and quite

fulfilled and like my exercise life I'm

gonna fast forward a little bit to UM

prenatal health and wellness I'm gonna

like I'm gonna get to that later I'm

gonna get on to what I'm doing now for

fitness it's very very very different um

but I really found that ball worked

really well for me it was kind of like

toning everything and really even though

I knew I was planning on getting

pregnant I knew it obviously I used my

toning I was like really proud of my

muscle tone and she's getting my weight

how I wanted it to be and it was a way

that I wasn't going anywhere I didn't

have any trips like Keeney trips planned

it was purely just for me a mentally

positive thing and it wasn't just about

like losing weight or like okay that's

gonna summer fit it was just very much

like an enjoyable thing so the next

really big decision I made for my pre

pregnancy health and wellness journey

was to start taking a vitamin that had

folic acid in now I had been thinking

about going to take one sooner um and it

kind of freaked me out a little bit so

in my mind that basically now shows me

that probably wasn't really ready to get

pregnant beforehand because taking folic

acid is like the most important part

when you're trying to conceive because

it's really important to have the levels

of nutrients in your body beforehand so

that the baby can like submit very very

very beginning but it's just like a tiny

little cell a little embryo just needs

that supporting needs to throw like I

said to help it grow and to grow really

strong and I hadn't been taking it so in

September I was like right I'm gonna

start taking prenatal vitamin because

you know that's kind of what you went to

do and I'm ready and I read you want to

get pregnant now and that's just

something that I

going to decide to she started I don't

mean in my dates or times I think like

mid middle of September I started taking

pregnant hair original now I did a lot

of research on the different types of

pregnant care and they do have a

preconceived one which I was really sort

of intrigued to try and lots of women

that have been struggling to conceive so

this would help them to conceive and

because I I don't know I wasn't in like

a massive rush I kind of just wanted

something a little bit more basic I

don't know I just I just thought the

preconceived one maybe for me wasn't

quite right I just thought okay let's

just go through the original iron zinc

vitamin D and b12 and folic acid and I

was like I think that's gonna be like

what I need and will just help me and

give my body the resource it's a folic

acid and everything else vitamin D was

also something that I was also taking or

seeking a separate supplement um a few

months with right side taking protocol I

was taking vitamin D because I had a

deficiency before the same doctor that

told me to start working out or to tell

me that I had a bit too min D deficiency

so that's something I started taking a

few months prior to this but the

difference I started seeing like almost

within a week of taking this I noticed

my hair just a bit shinier my skin felt

a little bit clearer and my nails which

I've always been quite good and strong

but they were growing so so quickly and

I was like telling me like I'm taking a

really good multivitamin hood-like works

really well as long as I don't what's

the name of it and I'm like oh I don't

know it couldn't tell anyone that it's

trying to get pregnant like I don't know

for me some people tell people for me it

was like pretty personal information I

can't really manage to have with anyone

sounds like dad why I just like boast

about this amazing

multivitamin and then like not share the

name but yes I started taking it like in

September at the same time they started

working out and I was just feeling

really good and really positive like

mentally and physically and just seeing

that difference in my skin

seeing my skin like massively improve

and I've always thought it would act me

having my hair just a little bit better

and showing it and think my nails I

think whenever

nails are growing really strongly and

and breaking and I done shellac like so

much of the summer so if I mean that's

like such a clear indication that your

health is going well when your nails and

hair and skin are in really good

condition so I definitely noticed that

like immediately and I was like damn I

wish I'd taken this sooner because it

just done wonders my appearance I'm not

sure they don't looted and it's meant to

do that I don't really know if other

people have saw that but it's something

that I saw immediately and you know it

so fast forward like October November

November I did actually fall pregnant

and it was an incredibly exciting time

and I just felt really happy to know

that I had that like eight ten eleven

however many weeks it was of taking

these daily knowing that I had the folic

acid in my body to like really help

there's two tiny little like son of a

baby like become an actual like feature

so it's now growing and kicking and

moving um I was really regretful and

I've been to like you tuber know that

any of my fermented thinking about

getting pregnant I get to each other

they have to start taking vitamin Erin

give you aids

and I really liked about the pregnant

caramel is that you have like all the

recommended amounts of Bernick acid so

that it's all in line with the UK

Department of Health which I just kind

of wanted to have something that just

kind of like ticked off everything

without me home to think about it and I

really liked about it as well as this

yeah actually they're gluten free

suitable for vegetarians free from

preservatives artificial colors lactose

salt yeast and gelatin and not tested on

animals and that was just really

important to me because as I've been so

careful with my diet and avoiding gluten

and dairy and all sorts the last thing

that I wanted was to be having a tablet

that was coated into the lactose or have

something gluten and have stomach

problems from that so these open these

responded really well I'm actually been

thinking about taking this after giving

birth as well because I

I've been addicted and I really love

doing makes getting panicked but I mean

they've got a breastfeeding one as well

I'll link better got a lot like a

breastfeeding multivitamin as well that

you can take it's like a follow one

front pragma care and that might be a

really good option as well to help with

my breastfeeding but yes that was like

the exercise and the pregnant hair

cutting out green tea which is crazy cuz

going to be really healthy for you

there's a three really big obvious

changes that I know that I made in


I also also with the yoga I took a

little bit of meditation time for myself

a little bit of thought time for myself

and like stopping any like negative

energy like you know what you just like

procrastinate and you start like going

down we're little roots you're

procrastinating I was sitting real that

taught me three unproductive I was like

no when we were really productive and I

wouldn't be like really positive in my

mind and body and that's something that

I didn't really try and stick to and

again it wasn't like totally like with

me trying to get pregnant maybe it was

in the back of my mind subconscious

decision that I made just to make my

life a little bit better and healthier

in order to aid a new life come into the

world and they definitely helped I mean

I don't know if it worked you know just

because of those things but I do know

that maybe it made pregnancy and those

first few months which a very difficult

thing you made them look a little bit

less difficult because my everything was

so boosting up that but I'm not going to

like the first few weeks months of

pregnancy we're really really tough for

me and now I'm going to kind of move on

to like a pre pregnancy health and

wellness because oh my gosh it was so

hard to stay healthy and still is really

hard for me to stay sort of healthy and

well because when you're pregnant in the

beginning you're gorgeous and you're

hungry and you're tired and then it's

you get more pregnant you start getting

like aches and pain each one alone a

super all day it's been really tough for

me to not just like give in to every

single craving I'm just going to eat

loads and like lie on my sofa but I was

working out and maybe worked out

in the middle of my second trimester so

I'd say between like 15 and 20 21 weeks

I did my most working out and at around

21 weeks

I saw nursing a little bit of like pain

when I was working out and I just even

though I have the energy to do it I've

actually decided to like take a bit of a

step back from proper workouts for now

just for me it's my own personal


I really really miss it

I would love to still be working out

like three or four times a week we've

just once a week I'd love to be able to

do it and most doctors say you should

but at the moment I just decided to take

a little step back and instead I'm just

trying to be more active in other ways

they're going for lots of walks and just

not becoming a total couch potato and

trying to a really healthy balanced diet

anything after that the nausea passes as

well it's a lot easier to sort of focus

and have a healthier diet in place like

I really love salmon I love like oven

roasted salmon or pan-fried salmon or

chicken stir-fry

I mean it's tells you given to other

things as well like I love a good

Chinese meal I love Thai food

I don't deprive myself um but at the

same time I don't want to like binge eat

like packets of biscuits thinking that

I'm eating for two because you're

actually or not like the second person

is such a teeny tiny verse and it

doesn't really mean a whole extra meal

so next step that I've been doing from

my body like a preventative measure has

been oils and stretch mark creams and I

was using probably from the very

beginning I've always been a girl I use

a heavy moisturizer always all over I've

been moisturizing daily for years and

years and years I think it's so

important I could not imagine getting

out the shower and not putting a thick

layer of putting moisturizer on I think

since I was at 11 I had been doing it

like no matter what come rain or shine I

have done moisturizing my body so even

before I was I got pregnant I was using

a really heavy moisturizer and I was

using the germ alone vitamin E body

butter up until around 15

weeks and I was using that although but

I still do use it on my arms and legs

but about 15 min oh maybe like 16 16

weeks pregnant I started to be like okay

I need a body oils are specifically for

my stretch marks because oh my gosh

things started to a lot and I'm actually

in awe of my body and how much it

stretch and how much it still has to

stretch him and I'm so aware of how much

one has to stretch now I get that when

you're like 16 weeks pregnant and you're

putting on this teeny tiny pump feel

like yeah putting it on and now I'm like

oh my god taking the time to really

massage again because I can just like

feel is stretching now which is crazy

like my tummy itches I can feel it

stretching and so I'm like trying to

give it as much boob rotation as I can

to like aid the process like just to

make it less painful for me as well

anyway so the oils I've been using that

the first oil I started to use and I

just did talked about this in one of my

last favorites video so I'm not going to

talk about it for too long and I really

bore you but it is the Clarins tonic

what are you treatment oil it's a

hundred percent pure plant extract

following turning ice this is my third

bottle and I saw I've using this from 16

weeks and I really love how nourishing

it is I used to all over my body all

over my legs everywhere but especially

paying attention to my boobs my stomach

my thighs they got a little bit bigger

as well and really like rubbing it in

like circulate gentle motion this has

been really helpful and then I started

using the LMS Japanese camellia body oil

blend which I've also found beautiful

it's a little bit more pain to get out I

think this is my second or third bottle

of this as well I've been using a lot of

oils basically they love the genders got

slightly more gentle aroma to it so

we're even loving both of these and they

are my go-to

oils however I've also been using the

Clarins stretch mark minimizer and I've

been using this in conjunction with the

Clarins oil assault mix a little bit of

moisturizer and the oil in together and

i'll just focus this on the areas where

i we need a bit extra help and sometimes

i double moisturize as well there are

double oil soy oil

the mornings after a shower and they'll

also oil again just before I go to bed

especially there's been a very hot day

or a dry kind of day which black my skin

really needs that extra moisture to make

it more supple and to aid it with this

process and one that I'm just about to

start using is the Suzanne Hoffman

stretch mark oil this is meant to really

good as well so that's on my next to try

and there's also a really fabulous one

by bloom and blossom and there's also

the Mia Mamma Mia tummy rub butter which

I really like but I finished it in the

tub is so small I really don't think you

get that much for for the size it is and

so I finished that and I did I really

liked that but it wasn't quite enough

for me I like a real oily oil so I feel

like my skin's really well pret to like

stretch it also heard another really big

blogger used to and still got stretch

marks in her pregnancy so yeah not not

using that anymore

nothing I'm trying to focus on a lot pre

pregnancy it staying hydrated - such a

boring one but I think it's super

important to like continually drink

water a lot of you who may be in

pregnancy right now will note the

headaches a quite common and I

definitely suffered with them a lot in

the middle of my second trimester or

them yeah middle aged but in my second

trimester it's kind of towards the end

of my second trimester now in the middle

I definitely suffered a lot of migraines

and I found drinking continual amounts

of water and really helped me because

you can't take new your friend you can

only take paracetamol and they're not

the strongest either don't really help

shift a headache so by preventing them

and drinking as much water as I can it's

really helped keep those headaches as

good as possible and also not letting

myself get stressed I think stress is

something that I don't want to pass on

to my child and I want my baby to have

like happy there

I've been relaxed I've been really

careful about monitoring my stress my

anger levels like if I fight well I get

like angry about something because my

hormones and I take a beat take a second

just to calm myself down so you know

it's not gonna be good for me and it's

not gonna be good for my baby it's

really just like calm my mind as much as

possible cuz I'm quite a frantic hectic

person that I found has been really

helpful for me I'm sure it's been

helpful for my baby but for me it's been

so helpful because I'm just happier

being a little bit calmer as well and

that avoiding stress if I knew

something's going to lead to an argument

or I'm it's gonna lead to like a point

where I'm like start to get angry or my

blood pressure rises I just leave it I

just totally knew it I'm worse and way

more important happening inside my body

at the moment and I couldn't like make

that my priority and that's really

helped me manage my stress and my priest

if my prenatal Jenny I'm getting really

mixed up at the pre pregnancy and

prenatal you don't know what I mean Irie

hope this video has been some help to

you guys um showing you my like my

prenatal vitamin and my oil and my tips

for like keeping keeping calm and

positive and do let me know if you have

any further questions or anything I

haven't opted in this video that you

would like me to leave me a comment


and thank you so much for watching and

I'll see you soon bye