IM PREGNANT AGAIN 🥰 | Pregnancy Journal Set Up

hey guys and welcome back to my Channel

today I'm setting up a pregnancy journal

for myself we found out a couple weeks

ago that we're gonna have another baby

and yeah pretty exciting so obviously

first thing I did was I bought a journal

to start setting it up for my pregnancy

journal and all that fun stuff I'm so


and yeah so right now I am for weeks and

like five days maybe which is really

really like early so you guys aren't

gonna be seeing this for like months so

this video will have been filmed months

in advance if that makes sense anyways I

just wanted to show you guys what I'm

gonna do in the beginning pages of my

journal and kind of like setting it all

up and what I plan on tracking all that

jazz so yeah if you guys want to have

like a pregnancy update like a journal

pregnancy update every like two weeks or

so I wanted to do that but only if you

guys want me to so let me know down

below or just like this video and yeah

we could do like a little journaling

session and I can update you guys on

what's happening but that's what I had

in mind so let me know if you guys want

to do that so the journal that I got is

this Archer and Olive notebook it was on

sale for $15 I think it was like on

clearance so I got this one and it's

very pretty

obviously I don't know the gender of the

baby yet so I mean it's not very gender

neutral it's kind of girly but even so

like it's also a pregnancy book so like

that's kind of girl

anyways but you open it up it's first of

all this is like the most like high

quality notebook I've ever had

it's so like sturdy and it's just really

nice and on the inside it has like this

pretty paper cover oh and there's a

pocket I don't even know that that's

cool and it has two ribbons and then on

the outside it has like this golden

stuff so yeah let's just get into it and

start setting it up so as soon as I

started filming this part my neighbor

came outside and she started talking on

the phone for like an hour so I'm just

gonna do a little voiceover in the

beginning of the video and then on the

next half you will hear me talking like

in real time but anyways these are the

markers and pens and I'm using just some

micron fine liners and to tombow brush

pens in like a brown color and right now

I'm just writing in my name in the

notebook with my micron fine liner so

the first page of notebook is obviously

the cover page and it's going to be

pretty minimalistic in the beginning you

guys will see what I do with it later I

add some stickers and stuff but yeah so

the first thing I did was a pregnancy

countdown so above I have the conception

date which obviously I don't exactly

know when that was so it's just kind of

a guess and then I have the due date

which I'm not 100% sure if that's right

it's just what my app says I haven't

gone to the doctor yet so it's just kind

of a guess and then the rest of the

stuff down below is the dates that I

will be turning each week if that makes

sense so I will cross off each week as I

get there and yeah that's basically what

this spread is



so the next spread is my pregnancy at a

glance so basically it's kind of like a

year at a glance but it's just the 10

months that I will be pregnant so I'm

basically just writing down little

calendars like I would with your typical

year at a glance spread and then I have

a key down below that I will use to mark

down important events and milestones if

you will



so I didn't realize that I just forgot

that I was gonna have a key and colors

so I quickly grabbed all of the muted

tones that I have because I want to keep

it like earthy and kind of going with

like this color scheme so I'm gonna have

one two three four five six seven so I'm

gonna highlight these

things with this color and then with the

other colors I'm going to highlight the

date depending on like the event that's

going on so

okay so I have the conception date I

think I mean no one ever really knows

what the conception date is I'm just

gonna do this one and then my ovulation

I'm sorry this is a little personal you

guys if you don't if you aren't like

comfortable with this information I'm

very sorry that was my ovulation date I

expected period date was the 18th and my

due date right now

is the 29th of June which is so close to

bears due date which was the fourth of

July so they're gonna have a close

they're gonna have birthdays close

together which is kind of cool and then

I don't know any other stuff I haven't

made an appointment yet because it's

pretty early I usually don't go for my

first appointment until I'm like 12

weeks so got a long way to go so this is

the next spread it's a baby named spread

you already have a couple of baby names

in mind but I will tell you guys those



so I know I said I wasn't gonna use any

color but now that I have I might as

well just stick with these colors

so I have girl names boy names gender

predictions and the gender reveal so in

here I'm gonna like tally up the like

I'm out of people that think it's a boy

and you know people think it's a girl

the next thing I have is a milestones

spread so it's just a bunch of

milestones that I'm going to reach at

some point and then I'm just gonna write

the date so up here I have took a test

and I took a test on the October 15th

2019 so for the rest of these I'm just

gonna write in the date


so after I started making the boxes I

thought it would be cooler to outline

them in color so I'm gonna do that and

and I don't really normally what I'm

gonna do about that maybe you'll just

so far I'm like so pleased with this

notebook and I'm totally getting one for

next year I usually use a dingbats

notebook and like one of the main

reasons why I stick with them is because

their notebooks are a little bit wider

than the average notebook and I like

having like more space but like the

covers of these journals are just so

pretty I can't like resist it let me

know if you have an archer a novel

notebook and if you like it I mean I'm

sure you do because they're amazing but

yeah oh my god perfect amount of colors

so I'll just keep that top one black so

I'm not repeating colors and I think I

was definitely supposed to make these a

little bit longer but whatever

cool so I'll just like outline this in a

thick thing and then highlight this and

then the rest are gonna look a little

bit different which i think is cool

because this is like major okay so the

next spread is gender predictions so I'm

just going to write down all of the cute

little games that I'll be playing later

and then check them off if it was good

for a boy or a girl and then my verdict

will be down below and then I'm keeping

this page blank because I really want to

paint in this journal because a lot of

people paint in our turn all of

notebooks because the paper is so thick

like it's good for watercolor paints so

that's also another reason why I wanted

to get this journal because I want to

start water coloring more I literally

never paint anymore since I got my iPad

so I want to do that more and I just

feel like it would make the journal a

little bit more special if it had some

artwork of mine in it but yeah so that's

what I plan on doing with this blank

page on the side

and I don't know what I'm gonna paint

but probably something baby-related

alright so with each game or like there

a lot of them aren't really games

they're just like things I'm gonna use a

color and fill it in if it is favoring a

boy or a girl so that I will do later so

this is the first trimester like a cover

page if you will like I said I wanted to

keep it really simple and I also want to

get some stickers as well so if you guys

know of any shops that carry like

stickers that are like floral type and

have like muted tones and that kind of

style drop a comment and let me know

because I want to get some pretty

stickers that way I don't have to like

doodle a lot because you all know I

don't have time for that

just kidding I do but I want to use

stickers in this journal so it feels

like kind of like a scrapbook as well

and then this is going to be my first

initial reaction spread so I'm just

going to write down like a little diary

entry if you will and this is where it

gets kind of like I don't know I wanted

to gift this to my son or daughter when

they turn 18 because it will have like

all the pregnancy stuff not that they

really care that much about that I feel

like but I'm also going to do like

monthly updates for when they're like

babies and have like photos and stuff so

this will kind of be like their baby

book but I don't know like I'm writing

down my first initial reaction and to be

honest with you guys it's not a great

one like I wasn't super excited about it

not that I'm not excited now but like

you know what I mean

and I don't want them just like read

that and be like I don't want them to

read that and be sad about it so I'm

still like contemplating on if I'm going

to actually gift this to them when they

get older or if I'm just gonna keep it

for myself I think it kind of depends on

if it's a girl or a boy because I feel

like a boy wouldn't really care or want

something like this I mean they would

like appreciate it I feel like but I

feel like a girl would appreciate it a

little bit more and actually want to

have it so we'll see what happens it's a

long way from now so okay so this is the

first trimester spread basically what

I'm doing here is I'm writing down the

months so my first trimester is gonna

span from October to December and then I

think right here I'm going to do a mood

tracker and then down here I'm going to

do like a symptoms tracker so you'll

guys will see what it looks like when

I'm done with it

but basically just gonna track my

symptoms and just cuz I feel like it

would be cool to see how my symptoms

change and stuff but and then I might do

a sleep tracker if I have enough space I

sketched out most of the spreads but

this one I didn't finish so I'm just

gonna have to make it up as I go along


okay so as you guys saw that took a

thousand years and I didn't really know

how to do like the trackers because it

was over the course of like three months

so I came up with this thing first and I

basically just wrote down each date and

then I realized that I could do a graph

like this so I was like okay I'll just

do it for this one and then next in the

next trimester I'll do both of them like

this and then I realized that with this

one you can't have two things on one day

but with this one you can so I'm going

to switch these I hope that makes sense

so for the mood tracker I'm gonna have

it on this one because I'm only gonna

have like one mood per day but with the

symptoms I'm gonna have way more than

one symptom per day so I'll be able to

fill in more than one a day on this one

so I grabbed some craft paper and I'm

just gonna quickly cover these up


now that that's covered up this is gonna

be the mood tracker okay

so honestly I think that looks better

than what I had before anyways I didn't

really like the headers that I did so

works out so now I'm going to make my

key Moody and not okay

guys I'm a mess right now oh that looks

so bad okay now for down here I was

gonna use this for the whole like

whiteout down here because I have to do

different stuff but now that I just saw

what that looks like I'm just gonna put

this down at the bottom

okay so the symptoms then I'm gonna

write is fatigue nausea nausea okay I'll

do nausea and then vomiting I'm so sorry

about this you guys some pregnancy stuff

is just not cute back aches cramps and

what else is a symptom sore boobs and I

think that's all I'm gonna do for now

okay so this is what it looks like I am

a mess so this is what it looks like

right here what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna have a little weight gain station

just to see how much weight I have

gained so right now I am 107 pounds just

weighed myself and then we'll see what I

am at the end which I probably won't

gain anything because you don't really

gain much in the first trimester but

that is what this looks like so the last

spread that I'm gonna make is my weekly

spread so to speak so it's going to be

week five

and for this one since I have so many

liked trackers and basically all the

stuff that I like will be writing down

like statistics and stuff I'm really

just gonna leave this blank and kind of

just like use it as a journal page so I

might write some stuff to draw some

pictures I need to get some film from my

Polaroid camera so I can take a photo

and probably paste that in here but yeah

right now this is just gonna be blank

and probably in the next pregnancy

update you guys will see what the spread

looks like so let me just do a quick

flip through I'm gonna get some stickers

later and definitely decorate this but

for right now this is what it looks like

and probably like other stuff that I get

like receipts or you know just like

random stuff I'll probably paste in here

and then here's the countdown this one's

gonna be a lot more colorful as well as

the week's go on




so that is the flip through don't forget

to let me know any shop suggestions you

guys have for pretty like floral

stickers and like kind of muted tones

yeah let me know down below because I

need to go on a sticker shopping spree

and get a lot of decorations for this

journal so I actually ended up going

through my stickers and I found some

stuff that would go so quickly


the great


there we go that's pretty maybe I'll use

this for the first trimester second and

third good idea


so that's it for the pregnancy journal

setup I don't know what's going on with

my hair thank you guys for watching I

hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to

let me know if you want to see more

videos like this don't forget to

subscribe if you enjoyed it and if you

want to see the rest of my pregnancy

journey but yeah I think that's it thank

you guys again for watching and I will

see you guys in the next one bye