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you my daily pregnancy supplements if

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welcome my name is Megan I'm a

registered dietician nutritionist and we

share food wellness and pregnancy videos

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registered dietitian I definitely

recommend getting your nutrition from

food first if you're consuming a varied

balanced diet with lots of real whole

plant-based foods you will be consuming

a great amount of vitamins and minerals

however noni it's perfect all of the

time and so supplements they can be

necessary and super helpful as part of

an overall healthy lifestyle supplements

are also really personal what works for

one person may not work for another

today I'm sharing few the supplements

that I take daily that work for me but

as a reminder always consult with your

obstetrician your Midwife or your doctor

about the supplements that are right for

you so let's get started a good prenatal

is essential during pregnancy this is

the prenatal that I take every day it's

from rainbow light their prenatal one

food based multivitamin prenatal

vitamins contain a higher dose of a

variety of vitamins and minerals that

support mom and baby for example folic

acid calcium and iron so what I like

about this prenatal is that it's easy to

digest it never gives me an upset

stomach or makes me feel nauseous and

it's also non constipating some

prenatals because of the higher amount

of iron can cause constipation and I

have not experienced it with this

prenatal so if you're interested this is

the prenatal that I'm taking and for all

of the supplements I'll be sharing with

you today I'll put links below in the

video description box the next

supplement that I take every single day

and this is really great whether you're

pregnant or not is a quality probiotic

probiotic support digestive got immune

and even hormone health so this is the

probiotic that I am taking there's so

many brands and there's so many great

brands out there this one my midwife

prescribed to me or recommended to me

it's just ultra flora balanced I'm not

sure if you can get this online I will

look it up and if you can all link below

but I just

this directly from my birth center

because my midwife recommended it

taking a quality daily probiotic can

also support feminine health and reduce

the risk of UTI also known as urinary

tract infections which are common during

pregnancy the next supplement that I

take every single day is 2,000 IU's

international units of vitamin d3 I like

the brand mega food the vitamin D is

important for bone hormone gut health as

well as mental health and mood vitamin D

deficiency has even been linked to

higher rates of anxiety or depression as

a reminder even if you live in an area

that's very sunny like we live in

Southern California it's still good to

have your vitamin D levels checked and

this way you can really see where you

stand if you're deficient or not and

then your doctor your Midwife can help

recommend the right dosage for you to

help get your vitamin D levels back into

a healthy range the next supplement that

I take every day is a quality fish oil

this is from Nordic Naturals and certain

types of omega-3s particularly EPA and

DHA have been shown to have a positive

effect on both visual and cognitive

development of the baby if you're vegan

there are vegan supplements for epa and

DHA usually made from algae however when

I was looking at those options I really

did not care for the additional

ingredients in the ingredient list there

were just other fillers and oils and

things I didn't want to consume so for

me personally it was a right fit to go

with a fish oil supplement but as always

do what's best for you the next

supplement that I'd take every single

day is collagen so collagen is really

good for gut health and if you have

watched our fertility series you know

that I struggled with some gut health

issues before we got pregnant

collagen was part of my natural

treatment plan for my gut health and my

thyroid health and I still continue with

on a daily basis and I also learned that

collagen is really important for helping

build a strong amniotic sac for the baby

to live in I really like the brand vital

proteins they have a powdered collagen

supplement that dissolves really easily

into smoothies or tea and it also has no

taste the final supplement that I

every day is a protein powder I make a

smoothie with fruits and veggies every

day and I like to add in a quality

protein powder supplement because the

average pregnant woman actually needs

about 75 to 100 grams of protein per day

and how much protein we need really can

vary based off of our age our weight or

height and our activity level research

studies have actually shown that getting

enough protein per day can help reduce

the risk of preeclampsia so in addition

to consuming protein from real Whole

Foods not seeds legumes it could be a

good idea for you to add in a protein

powder supplement especially if you're

someone who eats more of a plant-based

diet a few of my favorite brands include

or gain which has 21 grams of protein

per serving and they are AP based

protein powder I also love Manitoba

harvest which is a hip based protein


both these protein powders have

different delicious flavors and as

always I will link them below in the

video description box well that's it for

today's video I hope you enjoy learning

about the pregnancy supplements that I

take hopefully this video has been

helpful and I would love to know what

supplements you take so share with us in

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