hi guys and welcome back to my channel

so today I'm gonna be doing 21 things

that you should do it before your baby

arrives so this is stuff that you can do

throughout your pregnancy or just

towards the end in your third trimester

this is also the list that I am using

myself and checking stuff off as I go to

make sure that I am as prepared as I can

be for when baby arrives so I'm just

gonna get straight into it and this is

just a list that I have found through

Pinterest I've added my own stuff from

other YouTube videos and these are like

the 21 most important things to me

obviously comment below if there is

anything that I have missed but so far I

think this is a pretty good list to go

by so number one I have wash all your

baby clothes that you've bought for your

baby and not just clothes blankets

swaddles anything that they're gonna be

wearing some hats mittens anything

that's gonna be on their body make sure

to give them a wash before their first

you use it just to make sure there's no

chemicals or anything on them the second

one I have is to shampoo your carpets if

you have carpets in your house so we are

in a rental right now we will be moving

in a few months after she's born but for

now we're in a rental house that has

carpets unfortunately but it is what it

is and you know you just don't know

what's been in them or on them before

we've been in this rental for about

three years now and we have never had

them actually shampooed or cleaned you

think they're clean just when you

vacuumed them but oh my god we bought a

carpet cleaner and I'll link the one

that we bought down below because it's

really really good and it was a good

price and the amount of stuff that came

out of the carpets was not even funny I

was actually disgusted at myself for not

doing it sooner number three is to

sterilize all your pacifiers and bottles

the easiest way to do it is just to boil

them that kills pretty much everything

that you can buy like fancy sterilizers

and all that stuff number four is to

learn how your breast pump works if you

are pumping

I am going to be exclusively

breastfeeding but I have a pump in case

I don't produce enough and want to pump

to make my breasts produce more milk or

if I am you know if I have too much milk

and my boobs are so full and so sore and

then I also do want to create a freezer

stash in case something happens to my

supply I want to have a backup of breast

milk and if I don't use it I do plan on

donating it so learning how your breast

pump works before your baby comes just

to get an idea is always a good thing

number five is to set up a nursing or

breastfeeding station so I'm gonna have

a little caddy next to my bed with all

my breastfeeding supplies I will be

making a video on that shortly I just

ordered the last stuff to go in it but

that way when I'm breastfeeding in the

middle of the night I'll have everything

right next to bed then I'm going to need

number six is to create a car baby kit

so this is just like an emergency little

supply that you're gonna have in the car

extra nappies a set of clothes a toy

hand sanitizer

you know all those essentials just to

have in the car just in case number

seven is to install the car seat and the

car seat base in the car so I actually

bought car seat quite a while ago and I

put the car seat base in the car back

then I didn't put the actual car seat in

because I was cleaning the inserts and

everything but now it is now I'm 33

weeks pregnant the car seat is in the

car and ready to go it's just covered so

that it doesn't gather dust but it is in

there ready to go in case I go into

labor early

number eight is to set up your stroller

and to wash all of the inserts for that

as well number nine is to prepare some

frozen meals that you can just take out

the freezer defrost and eat when your

baby's coming so you don't have to cook

all the time luckily I enjoy cooking and

I don't think it will be a big deal for

me and I'm going to have my mom here and

my mother-in-law so I'm sure they will

help me out so that's not an important

one for me but I know for some people

Bing meals beforehand can be a really

big help for when the baby's actually

born number ten to pack your hospital

bag two to three or even four weeks

before your due date you can go into

labor pretty much anytime around them so

it's always good to have your bags

packed just in case I will also be doing

a video of what's in my hospital bag

what I'm choosing to pack and all that

good number eleven is to pack your

diaper bags I haven't actually bought my

diaper bag yet I hopefully will be doing

that over the next few weeks and then

slowly starting to fill that as well

number twelve set up a post partum kit

for the bathroom so I am hopefully going

to be induced at around 39 weeks so I

hope to have a natural birth and

obviously for that you need some

postpartum stuff big pads or like

disposable underwear your Perrie bottle

tucks all of those all of those good

things I will be making a video on what

I'm putting it in my postpartum kit as

well when all my stuff arrives but it's

always handy just to have a basket in

your bathroom with everything you're

going to need because although I am NOT

experienced on this I have heard that um

you know going to the bathroom those

first few times can be quite painful and

it's I'm just really want to be prepared

for the worst number thirteen by hand

sanitizer so I just went onto Amazon and

I just bought a six pack of Purell hand

sanitizer I'll link the one I got below

and I plan to put one of those in like

every place I know the baby is going to

be so one in our bedroom one in our

living room one in the car one in my

diaper bag one in hubby's car I don't

know where the last one would be but

always good to have extra right just so

when people come and they want to touch

your baby like they're coming to visit

you you can just ask them you know your

hand sanitizer quick pump good to go you

know number 14 is to clean the house as

deep as you can

you know dusting things that you

wouldn't usually dust like the AC vents

or any

and blinds just doing a little bit of a

deeper clean than you usually would

that's why I included shampooing the

carpets as well and just giving the

house a really good clean especially if

you have pets and I have a dog so I want

to make sure that everything is as clean

as it possibly can be number 15 is to

have a piece of paper with all the

numbers for support I think I read this

one on Pinterest so like someone like a

lactation consultant that you can call

support for postpartum depression

a midwife just so you can call if you

have any questions number 16 is to go

and tour the hospital that you're going

to be delivering at and I'm actually

doing that tomorrow and I'm very excited

the hospital that I am going to have

like all private birthing suites and

everything like that so I am super

excited to learn more about it and just

to go there before going into labor you

sort of know what's going on and where

everything is okay you can be a little

bit more comfortable number 17 is to go

to classes or birthing classes

breastfeeding classes infant CPR classes

and there's quite a few that you can go

to that are available and out there I

know the hospital that I'm going to

through my insurance they provide a lot

of classes I've also done a bunch online

already of educational courses number

eighteen whoo she likes to stretch in my

belly and stick her arms out one side

and her legs and her bum out the other

side and it's quite uncomfortable

sometimes number eighteen is to get a

filing case for all the paperwork that

you're gonna get at the hospital this

was a good one that I saw I think it was

a mom on YouTube she said you get a lot

of paperwork you need to fill up I'm

especially after the baby's born all the

babies paperwork all that sort of stuff

so to get a file in case and keep

everything organized is really handy

number 19 as to get that baby on board

sign that you put in your car so I got a

cute pink one and on Pinterest I saw

someone write their baby's details on

the back of it so if you are in a car


the emergency services can look at that

and see the information about the child

if something does happen to you as the

parent so I will be writing her name her

date of birth if she has any allergies

any important information like that

medical information number 20 is to set

up your changing table and your diaper

station and all that stuff and to wash

the changing pad cover as well as she

will be on that and then number 21 and I

think this is a pretty important one and

that is to decide on your baby's name

before they are born we have had her

name picked out for oh it's been a long

time now probably about it's going to be

coming close to 20 weeks now like we've

had it picked out for quite a while I

know some people do wait and they have

like a list of names and they wait to

actually hold their baby and see their

baby and see which name fits better and

if that works through then that's great

and that is all I have for today those

were pretty important 21 things I think

and I will be going through that list

like I said I have checked off a few

things already but most of the stuff I

still need to do and they will be coming

up in future videos so stay tuned if you

want to see me nesting a little bit more

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