knock-knock where are you baby are

you almost ready


ready yeah oh snap oh snap

go ahead and do what you were doing

earlier what is it called yeah the

headstand oh my gosh whoa do you see

that baby is that crazy hey guys welcome

back to our Channel

Oh Abba Mele my tummy oh oh it's

okay yeah okay yeah give her a kiss give

kisses oh you're so sweet

so I am starting the vlog a little bit

late today it is going to be seven

remember look at a Mele with her hoodie

she looks so dang cute

today happens to be a cloudy gloomy kind

of cold day it is 60° yeah those are

mommy's I got this little hoodie from

the beach last time we went for only

five dollars and I think she looks so

cute hey let's do your hair yeah let's

do your hair we're waiting for my sister

to finish getting ready she is actually

just getting out of the shower and then

we're gonna go bowling mommy what baby

what what you want to go potty

yeah okay what do you want Pete these

are your very first break okay because

it's getting so long you one more candy

anything for you to stay still guys I

felt at doing the braid so I just had to

do a simple little hairdo because it

just was not working out coz this girl

was moving way too much we you ready to

go go get your shoes

yeah the ideas or I think I'm not sure

we'll see guys we just got to the

polling place and realized that it's


nah on another note Emily got her little

bows from a little poppy company this

time I got the pigtail once oh I'm so


look at your bows do you like them

bow good job okay guys so we are now at

bowling place yeah we came bowling ideas

changing to Mellie and getting a


the helicopter sold out this was going

to be on the way but she did it hey

we're trying to blog here





12 seconds later


tomorrow good morning guys it is the

next day my camera actually died

yesterday and I obviously stopped

vlogging today we're doing something

that I've been waiting to do for a while

I am 36 weeks pregnant today and I think

it's finally time for me to set up

everything for baby girl Camilla I can't

even believe that I'm saying this but it

is that time guys and she is going to be

sleeping in our room so I need to make a

little setup here where she's going to

be I'm going to have her utility carts

here I actually already have all of her

newborn clothes here and then her zero

to three month but I think at the zero

to three month I'm going to put back in

her drawers and I'm just going to keep

the newborn one and then put other

things that I'm going to be needing for

like night time and stuff like that hey

hey hey do you want some attention

so this utility cart I'm going to fill

it up with you guys and then we're gonna

set up her little sleeping area here oh

sorry sorry I scratched you but her

little clothes is all ready to go I

washed all of it already so it's ready

for her to wear it whenever she decides

to come obviously but we are going to be

full-term and just one week so I think

it's the perfect time to start preparing

for her arrival Oh guys I I can't even

like I don't even know what to think

because I'm going to be a mom of two

baby girls that is insane to me and I

just can't wait to meet Camilla comment

down below who you think Camilla is

going to look more like like do you

think she's gonna look more like me or

do you think she's gonna look more like

Louise I'm a comment down below what you

think I honestly think she's gonna look

like me because I feel like Amelia looks

a lot like Louise so I think it's my

turn to have a baby that looks like me

but who knows she might look exactly

like a Mellie and they might be like

little twins so we'll see you soon

hello okay sounds good we'll see you


yeah I'll order them okay love you hey

Amelia wants to say hi say hi say hi


oh she's getting all excited okay I'm

gonna let you go okay Louise just called

me to tell me that he's coming home from

work so I have to do this before he gets

home and also I also have to order pizza

because he wants pizza for dinner today

so no cooking for me today which is kind

of nice you know to have a little break

but anyways let's go ahead and get

started setting up for a baby girl







okay guys so I think we're all set I'm

gonna show you what everything looks

like so here you saw we have the mom aru

ignore the toys actually let me just

pick them up so we have the mom er there

and then we have the doc dot here and

then I do have like the toy arch but I'm

sure she's not going to be using that

all the time so I just have it set up

like this there and then this is what

the room is looking like I have the rock

and play here where she's going to be

sleeping and then on my nightstand I

actually had to get rid of my lamp I am

going to be using this as a little

nightlight and there's going to be

really easy so I really don't need the

lamp that I was using I have the wipe

warmer here and I'm gonna have to plug

that in as well and then I have her

sound machine here and then we have her

utility cart with everything else that

she's going to need like overnight and

stuff I have a diapers here nursing pads

here because I know I'm gonna be needing

those all the time so I just put them

there and then in here I have a gripe

water and then I also have a gas relief

had drops just in case I need them

during the night she gets like fussy or

something's wrong I can use either one

of those and then in this one I have

some extra pacifiers and then I also

have these ones in here over here I have

the nose freida because you know with

newborns they always get boogers and

stuff and they get stuffy noses so I

have that there in the second one how I

told you guys I have a her newborn

clothes so her sleepers and this is just

like comfy newborn clothes it's her

sleepers her little one sees and then

her little pants over here right here I

have a some hat and then I have just two

pairs of socks I don't think I'm gonna

need that many I mean if I need more I

can just go back to her room and then

grab her more so for now I think that's


we're gonna use and then in this bottom

one I just have to burp cloths and then

I have to swaddles as well so I think

that is everything I'm going to need I

mean if I need anything else I can

always go back to her room but these are

just like the nighttime essentials hi

hey hey are you excited to have your

baby yeah yeah you're so excited

all you want to see her knock knock

where are you baby are you almost

ready yes yeah she's almost ready are

you going to be the best big sister EVER

yes yeah you love her huh you need to go

potty yeah

okay good no no don't put your underwear

down you silly go go go go go but yeah

that's pretty much it I don't think I

need like anything else I think

everything that I'm going to need all

the essentials are set up so I'm really

excited that I have everything ready

because I was wanting to do this for a

while and I just feel like now that I

have everything ready I'm gonna be a lot

more calm and more stress-free the last

thing we have to do is install her car

seat which we haven't done yet because

we have had family over and stuff and

we're you seen that seat in our car so I

think I'm gonna do that soon when my

sister leaves and that'll be the last

thing for everything to be ready to

bring Camila home I'm so excited I have

no words I already love this baby girl

so so much by the way this is my 36

belly I cannot believe how big she

already is so hopefully she comes

pretty soon at a time it does not go by

slow I just wanted to go by so fast

because I can't stop thinking about

meeting her and holding her and just

having her here already go baby go

so we came to the park to let this girl

burn some energy because we have not

been out of the house all day long

Leilani was dying out of boredom and my

sister's out of work already so what's

up oh my gosh this park is packed

oh my gosh they put new sheets on there

I didn't even realize that amazing

amazing nice look at all of these