Bikini Competition Prep Explained | Body Transformation | Bikini Body Prep Episode 11

what's up guys today I'm going to talk

about competition prep feel like a lot

of people have the misconception that

competition prep is just like 60 weeks

of chicken and rice and training hard

and not drinking alcohol and I wanted to

go over how I have done my competition

but in the past I'm doing this one I'm

currently seven weeks out from body part

in May I'm going to be competing on a

WBFF they're in the category didn't when

I was thinking of being out of love

somebody to tell me these things just so

I kind of knew what to expect

so quit storage

okay so a competition prep diet is

designed to help you drops back without

losing muscle prep is usually between 12

and 16 weeks I did a 12-week prep last

time in systems 860 weeks as well as

effective as to why you would pick a 12

week for 16 weeks or however many we cut

depending on what your body fat is that

if you're already a really low body fat

you might want to do a short cut your

buddies have higher you might land a

longer cut for me there we might as well

we cut the first time it's less sure

because I didn't decided to do the show

until really 13 risa and I was like well

maybe I could do this and then I did so

that wasn't really a pre-planned thing

like the 12 o'clock which is all time

perhaps comedy can prep takes place in

stages basically you want to keep your

carbs as high as you can for as long as

possible while still dropping that

adequate rate your cards can be tweets

here and there to find the optimum

balance for you hence why these diets

are so strict and regimented because

this means you can see that they what

you be in and how it's affected you

remember the carbs are your muscles

energy source from - maybe the building

blocks for your muscles the carbs are

going to provide your energy to train

and keep your muscles so if you drop

your cards too low you may go into

capitalism which is when your body is

breaking down tissue and you can start

to lose muscle she do not want during

your prep you're going to drop your

calories at some point sometimes more

than once for me I've kept the same

calorie from week 1 to week 8 and then

last week at the beginning of week 9 we

drop my calories in so we need job your

calories you probably won't be

sacrificing any calories from protein

you'll be most likely sacrificing

calories from carbs possibly since at

this stage I also had a dairy no milk in

my coffee or juice which is probably

with two other things I don't even need

to make my whole oats and al qaida suits

- the tiny little bin because it is so

creamy and now with this large doesn't

taste the same

I can tell a difference some black

coffee over here okay Princessa

healthiness notice all I have as I said

I also correct sauces apart from I still

use the low salt emotional or a little

sugar to mess with ketchup because

I need it right now that's how I use I

mean is it really sparingly my calories

will probably come down again I like

four weeks out and sort of tend on my

look like of the stage but probably

around four weeks and drop some more

carbs at that point as well and at that

stage I will cut out all sauces and all

things that aren't whole food so sweet

areas in my company those little jelly

tops I like in old print so let me know

playlng juice diet soda whey protein and

I'll be on a 100% whole today and as a

man later so that you know exactly

what's in what you think that label food

is there's like regulations that they

have to meet those labels unlike their

margin for error on each thing is quite

high hammer woulda is men still want to

stay in numbers because then I'll get

with hundreds of clients people like

this is wrong because you choose they

really should be getting a social media

platform but quite a high margin for

error so the protein content at these

things can actually be off by like quite

a lot and resonating horses and these

can be altered you can notice that they

look more fitting in your place another

thing to know about competition prep is

water intake so you will be drinking

shitload of water probably like a gallon

which is like four layers a day and

another thing that some people do ignore

I think is sodium levels so keeping your

salt intake a little I definitely

definitely do watch this because I am

really sensitive to salt like if I have

a really filling meal I will wake up in

the morning and I'll have like full and

same year isn't stolen space and you'll

be able to see so like my my coaches I

do that the key look like look at your

teeth you have cheat meal written all

over your face so I could never in

vertical like I'm telling anyway which I

were to do because ultimately you're

just sacrificing your own competition

nobody else so there you go but yeah so

putting levels control your for

retention so the more salt more poor

you'll retain some in your fluid levels

will be irregular and the more regular

you can keep your fluids comport thank

you the more accurate your measurements

and your

vigils like your foals and stuff are

going to be so that is less there might

be other reasons to out any input please

feel free to put down below okay somehow

some type stares me included little

measure progress each week this is

usually done if you have an online prep

coach this will be done with like a

liquid check-in so you'll spend full not

like front back side

I'll have your weight your waist

measurement usually and maybe your buddy

side you have the means of measuring

that people some people just do photos

and completely ignore all numbers which

is critical I think I like to do this

which is legal bruiser

that's great feel like but yeah this

brings me back to how important it is to

take your diet because if your prep

coach thinks you have been sticking to a

certain diet and you actually haven't

and then your measurements aren't what

they want that they're going to change

your diet based on that and then you can

put a diet that is you know I do for you

stage at all after cardio this varies a

lot I've seen people do composition

crepes with pretty much no cardio until

the very end and some people do really

high cardio the whole way through

it is completely subjective to the

person described I started off with

fifteen minute time density each day it

makes I'll we added in 45 minutes low

intensity fasted in the morning so

that's sorry to increase don't want

we'll put it to my Tevas that we will

see I personally think area is really

really well to pass the cardio so I am

keeping the instance for sure looking

back to my last prep I think I finished

up doing an hour of fasted in the

morning and half an hour of high and can

see at night and it was a lot the

looking life but I was kind of chasing

myself on that last cut where they only

be into a loose stuff so since I worked

at finally take wake this is your week

before the show some confessors I know

what - signor this completely and just

continue what they've been doing this to

me for a few reasons is like you might

want to avoid having a worse 3x3 coupler

and calories really low at the end and

your rebound after the show is likely to

be worse than it would've seen otherwise

or they made us feel like data

to me feel like they're already in the

lives of conditioning that they want to

be and they don't want to do anything

extra potentially ruin that or have a

negative effect on that some people the

main three things that people will

manipulate our carbs water levels and

sodium to look like this cut and is

still as possible in this deck on stage

after sodium levels and through that

last time to Jersey with sodium at all

but stage-managed anymore and my carbs

so we had a low hard week before the

show and then the day before the show I

had a pretty high carb day I think I had

three in the stands of carbs so that was

like I kind of create carb up and in the

day of the show I had some carbs and

some rice cakes on the day of the show

this time did something similar but I

wanted to have less cards on the day of

the show because I feel like they had

too much of a affect on meat and it kind

of still Dover slightly not massively

but I just felt like I looked kind of

bare the night before than I did on

stage which is kind of annoying for me

but if composition preps are totally

trial and error you just don't know how

your body's going to react until you try

something so it's a learning curve I

learned from that and this time I know

that that's what I'm going to do

differently this

wonderful esoteric illusive godlike

feature that


special among us are will ever take you

know something that truly exists in all

this is what I believe and we'll sit

down ok guys I hope you enjoyed this

video I hope you found it useful and if

I have missed anything or you have any

questions then comment down below or

email me if you guys want any help with

your own competition prep your macros in

general and give me an email and uh

Patino's of the screen and I'll see

y'all in an excellent