Preparing 2020 Soil - First Vegetable Garden Tilling

good morning everyone and welcome to

North Texas vegetable gardening canning

recipes a little bit of everything my

name is Jill welcoming some new

subscribers on gardening it is February

the second and it's about 70 degrees out

here right now we're supposed to get up

to a high of 77 it's gonna be quite a

warm day today and tomorrow however

we're told there may be a wintry mix

moving in on Wednesday but since it is a

beautiful day and you saw what my garden

look like last week we're gonna try to

do a first past heal so what we did is

we ran the mower over all that clover

that you saw in here last week and now

I'm going to try to teal and see just

how wet the ground is underneath if it's

too wet I won't be able to proceed but

if it's dry enough and crumbly enough

then we'll be successful today and it'll

be our first pastel for 2020 in

anticipation of planting in March


okay so the dilemma is right now is

since it is the wind it's kind of

bogging up on the times of my tiller so

I'm having to stop periodically and I'll

get that stuff off so let's start

digging back in but you can see we're

making some progress so we're gonna keep

going and see how far we get

you can see that Oh black dumbbell soil

just sticks to the time sticks to the

bottom of the tiller and I have to clean

it out frequently so it doesn't wear and

tear on my engine this Husqvarna has

been a terrific tiller it starts up

every year with first pull and I so

let's get in here and clean this stuff

out it's gonna be a bit a little bit

easier for me to work with all this

green that you see in here will die off




and I break that clover alright we've

done our pass you can see how shallow

these roots are and how quickly they

came out we've modified it year after

year and boy we sure work it hard to try

to keep it fertile and able to grow our

garden but you can see what we'll do and

then I'll be able to get in there with

the tiller and get a little bit deeper

and break it up a little bit more but we

need you to go ahead and get it broken

up now before these weeds this clover is

like a winter clover and it normally

comes up around March so we're we're

real early on getting it this year and I

think it's because we've had a very mild

winter that may change this week kind of

hope it does because I need it to kill

off some things


ok guys even with all that muck and mire

and having to go on that tiller and pull

all that gunk out keep it going it took

me right in an hour to complete this bad

so you don't take a lot of time now if

you're starting out new it's gonna take

you a little bit more but now it's time

to get out there and start breaking up

the ground that you want to grow in so

that you have a couple more times where

you can tell it up and get it ready and

you can go through there with a rank and

start raking up all your weeds and try

to get it as clean as possible so right

now the game

plan is is I'm gonna try to tell it

again next weekend providing the weather

cooperates and then we're going to start

probably half of the garden some raised

beds like the raised bed you see right

there behind me where I planted my cool

weather plants last weekend and we want

to do that because we get heavy rains in

the spring and then we hit very hot

weather mid-june first of July and

everything starts burning up I can't

keep control of the water because this

right here more to the plants but that

ground starts cracking all the way to

the other side of the world so our plan

is to split it off this year and do half

raised beds and half in the garden and

then we will build from there we'll see

how we do this year with the raised beds

I hadn't decided exactly what I wanted

to put in the raised beds yet because my

green beans take up a lot of room and I

kind of don't want to restrict them to a

small raised bed because we do enjoy

growing our green beans and canning them

there's some seasons that we can get 36

to 40 pints the last couple of seasons

we didn't do very well because we got

some late freezes that stunted the

plants but raised beds this year

probably are going to be tomatoes and

peppers maybe some tomatillos I think I

am gonna put my squash and zucchini

directly in the ground because it is so

big and to squash plants would take up

one of those raised beds so we're gonna

probably keep that in a row and I'm

gonna do it I think on the north side of

my garden here because that's where it

does the best it seems you can go back

and look it year before last and my gosh

my squash plants were huge but anyway

get your seats on the order start

working your ground start making your

plans or you're gonna plant what you're

gonna plant how you're gonna plant it

and be prepared here in North Texas to

start planting the third weekend in

March that's what we're planning on

providing the way their crop rates again

we're having kind of some weird weather

patterns this year and we did a little

bit last year in the year before

they say it's because of the grandson or

minimum which we go through it's a

cyclical cycle the son goes through and

so we are waiting to see how the rest of

our February and our March goes before

we decide exactly when we're gonna plant

but every year usually it's the third

weekend in March get really excited

about it

so you want to be prepared again get

your seeds get your soil ready and we're

gonna show you again how to plant some

of the things there's lots of great

videos out there that you can watch now

planting and planting practices there's

a video out there called planting your

vegetable garden for beginners you need

to go check that out if you've not

garden before and now's the time to

start doing that so we appreciate each

and every one of you thank you for

watching we hope that you have a

wonderful week if you're in Texas keep

an eye on the weather around Wednesday

we're expecting some bad weather ice and

snow is what they're saying but you know

what you never know here again it's a

it's almost 80 degrees here right now so

again thanks for watching we appreciate

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you want to get your garden going this

year and we will be checking back with

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and happy gardening