How to prepare soil for the vegetable garden - Spring Garden Preparation

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In this video we will see how to get the garden ready for the season.

So I'll tell you the steps involved in getting the vegetable beds and we'll grow back this

year so I'll show you all the steps required to get the season started.

Last year we made the vegetable beds.

We got the materials from Lowe's, Home Depot and it cost us about 80 Canadian dollars.

To make the beds.

We put cardboards underneath so that there won't be any weeds coming out.

The soil was ordered online and they came and dropped it in our driveway.

Thought of sharing this information as I have not shared these in my previous videos.

Now let's start talking about the process involved in getting the garden prepared for

the season.

You know our viewing the garden just after the snow melted and waiting to be rigged and


As you see, I have placed the bags of garden soil ankou manual which I had purchased from

Lowe's and Home Depot to enrich the soil in the existing vegetable bits.

My daughter saying hello to all of you from the window.

The vegetable beds are need to be raked and cleaned.

We haven't done anything yet.

Snow during last winter had been higher than average and it took a longer time to melt

this year and hence delayed the start of the gardening season this year.

It's day two of our garden cleanup and preparation.

Kids are eager to help and as a result of COVID-19, schools are closed and they are

studying from home.

They now have the opportunity to do some gardening as well.

Apart from their regular school curriculum, kids are helping the grandpa in wrecking the

fallen leaves in the garden and filling them in the trash bags so that it can be used in

the vegetable beds and in grow bags as well.

My dad is getting the vegetable beds ready.

He is loosening the soil in the vegetable beds.

The world's oil from pots are recycled and loosened and are getting ready to be enriched

with composed raked leaves and fertilizer.

Loosening the soil is quite important step before you start preparing the soil for enrichment.

Break apart, large clods of dirt until all of the soil has a similar size and consistency.

These are the grow bags that I have purchased this year and will be replacing the pots.

It's day three and we will be continuing to prepare the soil and enriching it.

My daughter is getting the compost that we got from the city of Calgary last year.

Compost adds some nutrients to the soil, but it also boosts your organic matter level which

helps hold moisture and nutrients in the root zone.

Now the grow bags are ready to be filled with garden soil, raked leaves, compost and manual

leaves may be collected and work directly into the garden and flower bed soils.

Adding your fallen leaves can add beneficial microbes to your soil and give those handy

earthworms a nice treat when they become active in the spring.

Now my dad is adding or spreading the compost over the leaves in a two 1/2 inch layer while

my daughter is collecting the soil and.

Putting it down into the into the growbags.

So each grow bag consists of old soil, raked leaves compost and then finally a cow

Manure is also added to it to enrich the soil.

After doing my part in putting all the soil into the grotbags.

My son continues cleaning up garden.

He is raking the leaves from all over the garden.

So the grow bags are filled with the soil and other nutrients, and it's almost ready.

We are making space for plants to grow.

Cow manure, here we go.

All the grow bags are done.

The vegetable beds are ready as well.

We will need to water it very nice this evening and in two days after the soil gets little

warm to about 15 degrees centigrade, the seeds are ready to be sown.

All grow bags and vegetable beds are watered and ready.

Preparing the soil is very important for a successful gardening season.

Make sure you follow the steps mentioned in the video and also if you are in Calgary.

City of Calgary provides compost free of cost every summer.

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