SPRING Lawn Care - What to do First?

what's up y'all and thanks for coming

back for yet another week I'm just

kidding I just wanted to see how many of

you would say I copied lawn care nuts



so if you're anything like me you've

been cooped up all winter ready to get

outside ready to do some lawn work and

today here at least in the Midwest it is

finally time it is sixty degrees so I

want to go over three things that you

can do to get ready for spring all right

so the first thing I'm going to

encourage you to do get out in your lawn

and actually check out what's going on


poetry pls shout out the lawn care I

also have some uneven spots or low spots

high spots in here and so I'm

considering actually trying to do some

leveling not to make it completely flat

but just because I've got some dips in

here that just make it unpleasant to mow

and so that is something that I'm

considering this spring the voles have

done a number


so if you have tips on killing bolts as

well as I need to fill these holes back

in so I don't know whether to use

topsoil or sand so if anybody has any

ideas or tips on that please let me know

need to get that going something that

you do need to keep up on throughout the

fall and winter in the springtime

ideally this would all be taken care of

by now and that is leaves and debris on

the lawn now I've been taking care of

mine however if you are like me

sometimes you have people around you

that do not and that's okay but their

stuff blows into my lawn and so we've

got to get out here and we've got to get

the leaves off


and going back in the box this thing


no wonder is on clearance can't even

blow leaves struggling to blow leaves

this thing's gone opened it like a




now the second thing I want to encourage

you to do is get out and take a soil

test now there are a few different ones

that you can do you can choose any of

them I did make a video on the my soil

test kit you can watch that here if you

want to learn more about it you want to

know how it works the things that

they're doing that make that kit really

really cool but I encourage you do a

soil test so you know what's in your

soil and you know what products to apply


this would have been done in the fall

which I did mine but you need to take

care of your lawn mowers and your

equipment and take care of you so wash

them change the oil change the blades if

you have to or at least sharpen the

blade air filter and just generally

clean them up you got to take care of

your equipment people or else it will

not last very long now the fourth and

final thing I want to encourage you to

do before it is time to start actually

mowing or before it's time to put down

at your first application of

pre-emergent fertilizer all that is to

get out and start raking now the purpose

of this raking is not to be super

aggressive if we don't pull anything out

that is perfectly fine that's not the

goal here the goal here is to just

create some airflow in the grass and in

the soil and to start standing the grass

blades up that have been packed down

with snow or if you haven't gotten snow

it's still they've been dormant and you

just want to encourage the grass blades

to stand up and start growing upwards

towards the Sun now that is it those are

the four things that I'm going to

encourage you to do I do not suggest you

get out here and mow only crazy people

would do that I mean the grass has been

dormant and it has been the same height

it has not grown until recently I see a

few grass blades in here that are

sticking up above but only a crazy

person would get out and mow at this





that's way better than Brett I'm back I

am back but I actually cut that it's on

two inches I don't know if it's an

accurate two inches I didn't measure it

just went for it

I barely cut a little bit off I might

lower it one and see I'm gonna lower

here but I'm officially part of their

cool Club the reel mower Club this thing

is way better than any of those

motorized Toros or John Deere's whatever

so I'm gonna get going

thank you guys for watching we'll see

you next time


how fitting that this came in today just


checking the reeled of that knife specs

on the rotary girder I have no idea what

I'm doing here I've seen people put

paper in here and cut it and just

pretending to know like I'm like I'm

doing what I'm supposed to do but

actually it looks like it gets pretty

good I'm not gonna lie I know nothing

about real mowers but it cuts paper