IVF Frozen embryo transfer - FET - What is the best way to prepare the uterus for success?

FET or frozen embryo transfer is associated with an almost 10% better

chance for pregnancy than fresh transfer

The benefit is thought to be in the

preparation of the uterus

But what is the best way to prepare the uterus?

Find out in today's episode of infertility TV

In order to prepare the uterus for implantation, you need two hormones

Estrogen and progesterone.

Simply put, the estrogen makes the uterine lining thicker

and progesterone changes the lining so it can accept an embryo.

The most common method for uterine preparation has a woman taking

medications containing estrogen and progesterone to prepare the uterus.

The estrogen is given commonly by a pill orally but can also be given vaginally.

Some doctors like to give estrogen patches or even estrogen injections

progesterone is given typically as a vaginal suppository in combination with

progesterone injections.

Less commonly, doctors may choose to use the estrogen and progesterone

that a woman makes naturally when she develops an egg and ovulates.

This is known as Natural Cycle FET

Obviously, if a woman does not ovulate, this is not an option.

Which way is better?

Several studies have compared the two methods. As happens many times with

medical studies, the studies did not all agree on the same conclusion.

In other words, some studies indicated that natural cycle FET was better;

some studies concluded that hormone FET was better

and some said it didn't matter.

When this happens, we at InfertilityTV will look for a type of study called a meta-analysis.

With a meta-analysis, multiple smaller studies can be combined into one larger study.

The greater number of patients studied, the greater the chance that you will get valid conclusions

So, in 2019, a group of doctors from Brazil

performed a meta-analysis comparing natural cycle FET to hormone FET

In the end, the meta-analysis looked at

five studies involving nearly 9,000 FET cycles

What did they find?

Neither the natural cycle or hormone prepared FET could be proven to be better

Our InfertilityTV bottom line:

If you are planning to do an FET cycle,

its probably okay to choose either one of these methods.

However, I will point out

that doing a natural cycle can be much more difficult

because of the close monitoring that is required

to determine the exact time of ovulation.

For these reasons, at IVF1, we prefer to do FET cycles with hormone preparation.

For more important information about FET cycles

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