IVF Progesterone Suppository Vaginally



is the first day of adjustable then this

pastor will go and vaginally to time

today so it's an opportunity

that is better to do it and better

intervals all set up now and Sunday at 7

p.m. so this is the time I usually go so

this is how the parents

if yellow

and tap it


thank so now I'm gonna inserted


as far as up as you can go and the best

part is you take it by gravitation you

know gravity is down boom but you're

still now what is that that on it's best

to lay down for 20 to 30 minutes to let

it fully absorb so I see make sure I was

up there yeah it's gone so I'm gonna go

lay down so I just wanted to come on

here because the first day of progestin

so I also have to take the ashtray so

early in the morning so that I won't

forget yeah

or you could take one in the morning

what am i but I'm gonna just do it one

time so that I don't have to be honest