How and when to prune your Lavender

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in today's film we're going to show you

how to prune lavender if you don't

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you so much information what we're

looking at here is a beautiful English

lavender plant that's growing in a nice

tall pot and we can grow lavender in

containers or we can grow it in the

ground but wherever we grow it pruning

it is exactly the same and we prune for

two things one to take off these amazing

flowers and the flowers smell exquisite

but of course they're incredibly useful

in the kitchen we can cook where they'll

make a great ice cream with them they go

really well with chicken they make a

fantastic ice cream but wherever you

grow it you need to prune it otherwise

it will get very straggly it'll stop

producing as many flowers and it'll get

a bit out of control first thing we need

to do is focus in here and you can see

that as lavender gets older you get this

brown older wood and what you don't want

to do is cut back so that all you have

is brown wood the lavender won't

regenerate from that you're likely to

lose it so with a lavender it's a matter

of starting how you mean to go on so if

we open up here and let's say we look at

this shoot each year we want to reduce

each of these shoots by between 1/2 and

2/3 we can do our pruning at one of two

times we can do it in the autumn if we

live in an area that doesn't get very

severe frost if we get very very bad for

us then perhaps we're better to do it in

the late spring and take some secateurs

and on each of our

shoots start to take off between third

and two-thirds what we're aiming for is

to finish with a slightly rounded domed

shape as you're doing this any of these

shoots that haven't had flowers on keep

because you can propagate lavender very

very easily from the non flowering

shoots so I'll just go over and prune

this into shape so that gives you your

domed shape the next thing you want to

do is look for any pieces that are dead

and obviously they need to come out

they're not going to grow back and

nothing could be easier you keep a nice

domed shape and we do this at least once

sometimes twice a year and if we do that

with our lavender we can actually keep

all of you just growing quite happily

for about 15-20 if you want more love

into plants what we need to look for is

some of these tiny little side shoots

and very quickly you can turn these side

shoots into small plants like this and

to watch the film on that figure to

learn how to garden the there's a film

called how to take lavender cuttings