How to prune plum trees - and how not to prune plum trees

well ladies and gentlemen I'll now bring

up brought you two to plum trees in the

garden very similar off the type of

fruit they are one is proven wrong way

and the other a spoon very well indeed

won't we will be very poufy and the

other one will be plenty of good food

what's going wrong there someone moved

in with a chainsaw and just without any

discretion just cut with a chainsaw and

say ride the branches now the tree

coated sword to sell that what they

forget trees will communicate but they

must get the right message here the

wrong message is giving big wounds are

made at wrong angles without improving

the tree structure the tree will react

by throwing out masses of shoots again

taking the light away from the center

and not improving therefore at all the

quality of the fruit or the life of the

tree itself

I will now bring you to the tree which

is right now if we look at this tree

here no yes the main structure thick

branch here thick branch there well

furnished with thin wood fruit close

best on two and three year old food if

you can do a tree structure where there

is two to three year old wood on the

outside and two to three year old wood

without big bits of wood on the top and

the light can go right through it then

that is the way how to restructure

you neglected is there anything else to

be done to this tree no it will have

masses of flowers the bees will come the

one the pollen of the one country will

go to the flowers of the other and so

that they will be good cross-pollination

and all being now will be beautiful

thank you for watching