Huggies Pull Ups Pampers Easy Ups || Review and Comparison 2019



hey guys welcome back to my channel

today I wanted to do a little review in

comparison video I don't do a ton of

yves videos on my channel and i thought

they're so informative and i find myself

searching online for different reviews

for toddler products and sometimes it's

really hard to find an actually good

review from someone that's really use

the product so today i'm gonna be

reviewing and comparing pamper is easy

up training underwear and Huggies

pull-ups now we have both of them in our

house and usually we end up buying the

Huggies pull-ups just because that's

what they sell at costco and it is so

much more affordable for us to be buying

those but once in a while when I'm at

Target and we need a little refill

before we can go get the pull-ups I will

buy the Huggies training underwear so

now they are both very similar and

they're both you know still quite like a

diaper but as we are beginning potty

training which we had to kind of put a

halt on for awhile I decided even though

we're not quite using the potty yet I

want to start using pull-ups because

they're a little bit more like underwear

and my daughter can get used to like the

actual like act of pulling them up and

feel a little bit more like a big girl

to get her excited to actually start

going on the potty so she actually

really likes both of them they both have

really fun designs so this one is the

Huggies pull-ups and right now they have

a fun like Toy Story design they still

have the little mark right here that's

gonna disappear when there's wetness in

the diaper and front and back both have

different designs so these are the ones

that we normally wear sheep my daughter

is almost two-and-a-half she's in a size

3 T 4 T if you cannot believe it but

both of them work pretty well however I

do kind of prefer the Pampers easy of

training underwear versus just the

Huggies pull-ups and there's a few

reasons why I know many people have

different opinions on these things and

it's just all gonna be about what

whatever your toddler is more

comfortable in my daughter is come to

in both of these and I think some of the

opinions I have are just based on my

personal opinion when I'm like changing

her and things like that

so they both have their pluses and their

minuses so first of all the Huggies

pull-ups my daughter loves these designs

they always have Disney designs on them

and my daughter really loves that a lot

of the ones that we've been buying have

doc McStuffins or Minnie Mouse on them

lately they came out with some that have

the Toy Story on them but she gets

really excited to be able to pick and

choose so I'll say if you want to wear

cowgirl or Minnie and a lot of times

lately she's been saying cowgirl but I

think that also really helps her feel a

little bit more like a big girl if she

gets to choose which one she wears and

she gets really excited about it so I

love that aspect about them I also

really like about the Huggies pull-ups

is that there is a Velcro side to them

so you can adjust them you can like

unbell cruet and you can revoke row it

if you need it a little snugger or a

little bit looser so I really like that

aspect of the pull-ups I will say

however on the back side kind of toward

the bum I feel like I wish there was a

little bit more coverage there and a

little more elasticity I know with

wearing like a diaper you wanted a

little bit snugger so there's no leaks

but as we're kind of transitioning more

into the big-girl stage I kind of wish

there was a little bit more elasticity

in these however she's fine in them

she's totally comfortable in them and

she's never complained about them being

too tight or anything there is some

stretch up here in the waistband and

then these sides are pretty soft and

stretchy as well it's just overall

they're not like super stretchy the way

like obviously underpants are underwear

once you fully transition over now

looking at the Pampers easy up training

underwear these are a lot more stretchy

and I feel like these are more

comfortable to her even though she

hasn't like voiced that to me I mean

she's only

almost two and a half so she can't

really voice those opinions to me yet

but if you look at it overall the whole

top is stretchy and it's softer so it

really feels more like underwear to me

even these sides if you can see that but

even the leg holes

it's almost elasticy around the whole

leg hole so these ones do not have the

disappearing design on the front like

the Huggies dupe that's okay because you

can still tell when they're wet so I

don't really need a mark on their

underpants or the pull-ups to tell me

that she's wet because you can just feel

and know that they're wet and then I do

feel like these do have a little bit

more coverage on the bum or the

underside let's see if I can hold these

up and give you a good comparison here

it's kind of hard to see but these and

it's not as stretchy and then the

pampers I just feel like have more

coverage and with the elastic all around

the legs I just really feel like they're

more comfortable to her so I actually do

prefer the Pampers easy up training

underwear versus the Huggies pull-ups

just for comfort reasons and the fact

that they do feel more like real

underwear and that when I transition her

in it real underwear I think it'll be

more of a seamless transition because

it'll be more you it'll be more like

what she's used to feeling if she's

wearing these more verses these feel a

little bit more like a diaper which is

fine because we're not there yet but I

do think the pampers feel more like true

underwear now the only thing that I

don't like about the Pampers but it's

kind of give and take is that they don't

have the velcro sides so you cannot

adjust them you can however if you find

the seam here in the center I'm gonna

one of these but right at the seam

they're really easy to tear so if they

are laying down and you're changing them

which I still like to change her lying

down if she's gone poopy it's just

easier for me to clean up versus if

she's standing then I will tear the

sides off versus pulling them down but I

feel like with the Pampers what she's

going on the potty these are gonna be a

lot easier I think to pull up and down

so it's all about opinion with the two

comparing I love that the Huggies has

Disney designs on them now that is just

like a superficial opinion and I do like

if there is velcro on the sides and my

daughter loves the characters on them

the Pampers I love them for comfort

reasons she still also loves the Hello


but that's the only design on them on

the entire package so there's not

different designs per package to choose

from and she really likes to be able to

choose which ones which ones she's

putting on with the Huggies

so I suggest if you're about to start

wearing pull-ups or training underwear

when you're in Target or in your grocery

store and you're buying them for the

first time I would suggest buying like

one of the little packs instead of a big

box I would buy a little pack of each to

see which ones that you really prefer

and just try and both out so don't spend

$30 on a big box of one I would suggest

buying two little little bags of them to

see which one that you or your kid

prefers because I bet you you're gonna

prefer one over the other

now how much they hold I do feel like

the Pampers hold a little bit more than

the Huggies and I also think that comes

down to they're not being a ton of room

at the bottom of these when these have I

feel like a lot more room and a lot more

room to soak up so I do feel like the

Pampers hold a little bit more wetness

than the Huggies do now we have not done

these overnight my daughter is prone to

leaking at night so we still use Huggies

overnights because they hold for so long

and we don't leak with those and I can

really adjust them so that there are

snugger or

on her waist versus having spills up the

back or out the front if she has been in

her diaper too long overnight however I

probably will be trying the Pampers

overnight pull-ups in the future I just

wish they sold these at Costco because

I'm always looking for a deal when I'm

at the store so if I had the perfect

world I would be buying the Pampers all

the time however Mama's on a budget and

so I have been buying the Huggies

pull-ups so that is my honest opinion

review and comparison on Huggies

pull-ups versus the pampers Easy Ups

training underwear I hope that this gave

you a little eye into the world of

training pants when you are just

starting your journey to potty training

and I hope you guys enjoyed leave me

some feedback down below which ones do

you guys prefer I'd love to hear it is

there another brand that I'm missing

that I should be trying out on her and

wish me luck in our journey into potty

training because we are gonna be

starting again soon she just got a

little too stressed out with it at first

and I wanted to put the brakes on it

because I want it to be a fun positive

experience for her and I don't want her

to associate any stress with the whole

transition to potty training because I

want it to be a positive thing so thank

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