hi guys welcome back to my channel and

today's video wants me talking about

everything is supposedly popping related

including my pump routine how to

increase your milk supply and everything

that you'll need to make your pumping

journey easier so if you're interested

just keep on watching and I have a huge

disclaimer I am NOT a lactation

consultant everything that I'm sharing

with you in this video

I either learned from my own research

trial and error or other moms that have

gone through the process as well so

please take everything that you learn

here with a grain of salt

it may work for me but it may not work

for you in my previous video I told you

guys why I decided to exclusively pump

and if you haven't watched a video

already I will link it up in the cards

but basically I was having lots of

issues with my baby watching and staying

awake while sleeping and due to that

reason she wasn't gaining weight in the

beginning like she should have so I

decided that the easiest way for me to

remember one make sure she's getting

enough weight was to just exclusively

pump and I have been pumping every since

every single day and she is growing

she's healthy and she's happy so the

very first thing that you're going to

need to make your exclusively pumping

during easier is a double electric

breast pump I use the spectra s2 and I

freaking love this pump I got it through

my insurance so if you are in the United

States or I don't know if other

countries do this as well but it is

covered through your insurance they

could take over the entire thing with

their spectra s2 it does need to be

plugged up into the wall however I

bought a battery pack that I used to

make this pump more portable if your

insurance that allows it or you're

willing to pay a few extra dollars for

it you can get the spectra as one will

so today because that same as this

except it's pink and it has a

rechargeable battery which is definitely


if you're going to be exclusively pumped

in because you want to be able to move

around freely and not be connected to a

wall all the time

you're going to also need a hands-free

pumping bra like this one I bought it

off of Amazon I think it was between

twenty to thirty dollars I will link it

down below if I can find it for you

having a pumping bra is a freaking game

changing when I first came home from the

hospital I was literally holding the

bottles like this the entire time and

it's just like you can't do anything

when you don't have a pumping bra like

you're holding the bottles to character

their milk and then you're also trying

to tend to your baby or whatever else

need to do around the house and it's

just not convenient so having that

pumping bra definitely changes things so

if you don't have one get you one girl

you're gonna need it so when it comes to

us closely pumping you need to be

drinking a lot of water and by a lot I

mean I strive to drink at least a gallon

of water a day if you're the type of

person that does not like to drink water

or you don't like the taste of it to mix

things up I do use body armor which are

these drinks right here these things are

also godsend

they are made with coconut water so

they're super hydrating you can also

drink coconut water as well and

replacement of water or in addition to

water they are very good for you they

keep you hydrated which is definitely

need it when it's physically pumping

whenever I feel like my supply is

dropping a little bit because I do

average anywhere between 35 to 40 ounces

a day so whenever I notice that it drops

it drops below 35 ounces I drink these

things like crazy and they definitely

helped boost my supply when you're

breastfeeding you also need to get an

additional 500 calories per day and I

know firsthand that I can easily forget

to eat throughout the day especially

when I'm taking care of the baby I am

recording videos for YouTube I'm

handling things from a business it is

very easy to forget to eat so you need

to make sure that you're eating enough

so that you can also continue to produce

enough milk as well so if you notice

that your most supply is going down you

can try drinking more to stay hydrated

and maybe try eating I'm no extra

granola bar that's full of protein or

whatever the case may be to just make

sure you're getting enough calories

throughout the day I don't use mini

breast feeding supplements but one thing

that I recommend that you definitely

have one it's a sunflower lecithin this

stuff is amazing whenever you have a

clogged up or you just feel like your

milk is very sticky and you just

to be able to get your milk out faster

sunflower lecithin is known for thinning

your milk to make it less sticky or less

sticky so that you're able to get your

milk up much faster and it also helps to

clear clogged ducts so if you don't have

this I think you'll shall also have this

on hand because having a clogged duct is

inevitable it what happened to you I

just recently got over a clogged up as

well as a milk and milk lub and having

this say to me I do have Amazon Prime so

I could have easily gotten it in a day

or two but still like having this on

hand especially when you fill a clog

coming on it's definitely useful and you

will not regret - and one of my favorite

ways to increase your milk supply and

also help maintain your milk supply is

power pumping you guys like I cannot

stress the importance of power pumping I

try to power pump at least once a week

to maintain my supply like I said before

whenever I noticed that I'm having a dip

it's always I always do one or three

things that's either to drink more eat

more or power pump are common basically

means that you pump for 20 minutes you

take a 10-minute rest pump again for 10

minutes take it to him at rest and then

pump again for the 10 minutes

so my milk recently basically just

dropped in half because I had a milk

blub we don't know what a med lab this

is basically a blister on your nipple

that is full of milk but it blocks the

milk from coming out when you're pumping

or breastfeeding and let me just say it

hurts my freaking Hill so I took it upon

myself to pop the blister then I did a

par from the session over the course of

that day so instead of doing it for once

a week for when it happened I actually

did it I think it was about three times

that day and will tell you that my mom

supply immediately went back up like the

very next day I went from my supply

being cut in half to going back up to

where it normally is so whenever you're

having an issue and your milk supply

drops for whatever reason you can't

figure out what it is

power pumping and definite

and the reason why powder pumping worked

so well because it mimics cluster

feeding as if you were nursing so when

you're nursing your baby directly to

your nipple they do cluster feed and it

makes it signals your body to produce

more milk so as I say that if you ever

have any a drop in your supply or I just

want to boost your supply in general

definitely try power pumping I always

say start off with the least that maybe

once a day or you feel like you just

need to drastically increase your supply

you can maybe try like two or three

times a day so you replace a normal

pumping session with a power pumping

session and you should start to see your

increase within the next day to increase

your most apply you can also just

increase your pump sessions in general

when you're starting out with the school

sleep pumping they recommend that you

basically mimic the same schedule that

you would as if you were nursing so with

the newborn baby you're usually nursing

anywhere from 8 to 12 times a day so

with exclusively pumping your pumping

from anywhere between 8 to 12 times a

day but again in my case that was not

feasible for me it was not realistic and

I just couldn't follow that schedule so

let's just say for instance right now

you're currently pumping 6 times per day

but you notice that you have a dropper

supply try increasing to 7 times a day

to see if that helps loose it or just

pump a little bit longer with the

spectra s2 pump automatically shuts down

at 30 minutes so you can try to go in an

additional 10 to 15 minutes to see if

that helps as well and I usually do that

in the mornings because my last pump of

the night is usually around 10:30 11

o'clock and I don't pump again until 6

o'clock in the morning so my very first

pump for today is usually about 45

minutes so just make sure that I'm

completely empty you can just try

increasing your pumping session by

adding a few extra minutes or add a

extra pump throughout the day if you

have the time another way to increase

your milk supply is to try breastfeeding

supplements you can try the sunflower

lesson like I mentioned before or you

can go through a brand like legendary

milk or milky mama they have so many

different products or

sites that help increase breast milk and

some men and women rave about it I

personally haven't used it because I'm

blessed with the over supplier already

however I have been thinking about

trying legendary milk simply to just

increase the fattiness of my milk so

definitely give them a try this video is

not sponsored by them I'm gonna mention

it because in my facebook group that I'm

an for breastfeeding moms which I will

also link down below they all worry


legendary milk or milky mama helping

them increase their milk supply and of

course another well-known tip to

increase your milk supply is definitely

eating oatmeal and I tried this once but

I really didn't see a difference and my

milk supply but you never know it could

work for you so I would definitely say

give it a try and the last and final tip

that I have for increasing your milk

supply is definitely making sure you're

changing your pump parts regularly I

will link below a chart that tells you

when each individual parties to be

replaced but I just recently replaced my

Doug Bill's on my pump because I noticed

that destruction was not as strong as it

was before so definitely look into that

there's just there's multiple reasons

that go into why your supply may be

going down the first one that I always

recommend to make sure you're drinking

the water

check your pump to make sure that your

pump parts are working as they should

and then also make sure that you're

eating enough when it comes to handling

and so on breast milk I do follow the

CDC guidelines which for freshly pump

breast milk it can stay out at room

temperature for up to four hours milk

and refrigerator can last anywhere from

four to six days and milk that's in her

freezer as a separate door can last

anywhere from six to twelve months and I

think it can last on the twelve month

range if you have a deep freezer again a

regular freezer that you constantly open

on a daily basis I will say the safe

timeframe was definitely six months when

I'm pumping items to try to get my baby

at least one fresh bottle a day so what

I normally do is I'll make sure that

when it's time for me to pump that she's

also ready for her next feeding so what

I do is our pump and then I'll take that

milk from that

feeding and I'll give her the

three-and-a-half ounces that she drinks

and then all the remaining milk goes to

the refrigerator I follow the picture

method which is basically where you

combine all of your milk from that day

that you pop into a large container and

then use that milk to prep your bottles

for the very next thing and this has

been a game changer as well for me

because I don't have to sit and wash

like twenty thousand bottles and one day

after I'm done pumping because again I

am a over supplier so we never have milk

I need to store the milk and bottles and

I just found that I was just washing way

too many bottles and you know it was

just it was just too much so I decided

to use the picture method again freaking

game changer if you haven't tried it

definitely try it we definitely do some

out of bottles that you're watching per

day so all my took it I have feet when

it comes to exclusively pumping it's

definitely make sure you have an app or

some type of tracking system to keep

track of the amount of milk that you

pump for the day and how many times did

you actually pump it for how long that

you pump I currently use the baby

tracker app and I freaking love it

because it keeps track of how many

diaper changes she has tummy time how

many naps she's taking for the day as

well as my pump sessions and it has been

very helpful for me to keep track of her

my favorite thing about this app is a

chart that gives you an average of your

pump session as you can see our average

about 36 ounces for each pump and I just

love this out because it gives you more

insight as to how you're doing when it

comes to pumping and it's also good

because it tells you when your last pump

was and how long your pump was which is

also very important because you want to

make sure you're getting at least 120

minutes per day of pump time so I really

hope this video is helpful for you and

that you find these tips useful if you

have any other questions or if I left

anything out please let me know down in

the comments and I will definitely

respond to you to help you kick off your

pumping journey because I know firsthand

that sometimes nursing is not as easy as

we all expected it to be and sometimes

you just need help so if you have any

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