Breast pumping milk | Pumping Basics | when to start pumping after birth

hi everyone today's video we're going to

talk about

pumping how often to pump and when you

might need to

start pumping i'm cassie reyes i am a

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so the first question you want to ask

yourself when

considering pumping is how is

lactation and breast or chest feeding


so if your baby is latching regularly to

the breast or chest latching for 15 or

20 minutes

and the weight loss looks good

and babies output wet and dirty diapers

are where we would want them to be

for the first two to three weeks really

you don't even need to start pumping

unless there's a medical indication to

start pumping sooner

you can go ahead and stick with

exclusive letting baby do the work your


is the best pump your baby is stronger

than even this

symphony which is a hospital grade pump

so if your baby's latching

and all indications show that baby's

getting enough to eat

and that things are going well

there may be no reason to start pumping

sooner than

at least two to three weeks that two to

three weeks

is about how long it takes for your body

to adjust and establish

your full supply and adjust to babies


so when your baby is feeding on demand

baby is sending signals to your body

telling your body how much milk to make

so it's a supply and demand system and

if baby is eating regularly and you add

in additional pumping

on top of that you're kind of over

stimulating your body and sending extra

signals to your brain

i like to joke and say it's kind of like

telling your body that you

are pumping or making milk for twins

so try to avoid that try to avoid try to


over stimulating and causing an

oversupply early on

give your body that two to three weeks


establish a supply at the level that

your baby needs it at

and then after that if you're interested

in starting to pump

go ahead and introduce maybe a session

in the morning after your morning feed

and introduce one session

at a time but if there's no indication

for pumping

earlier go ahead and just let your baby

do all the work


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