When is it Best to Start Reading to Your Baby? The Importance of Reading as Early as Possible

if you're wondering when to start

reading to your baby it's great to do

right from the start here's what to know

about your child's early development

when it comes to reading listening and

following along with stories you don't

have to wait until your child is talking

even from early infancy reading begins

to teach your baby to recognize the

sounds and rhythm of language if you

hold and cuddle your baby while reading

you will quickly learn to associate

reading books as comforting and fun

reading is a great way for fathers

grandparents and older siblings to bond

with the baby studies show that children

who are routinely read to from a young

age develop improved language skills

with an increased readiness for

preschool in kindergarten try to make

reading part of your daily routine with

your baby

for example before nap time and at

bedtime you can start out reading for a

few minutes at a time and extend to

longer reading sessions as your child

grows older and develops a longer

attention span find a comfortable place

to read and turn off other distractions

such as the television or radio make the

story come alive by using different

voices for different characters and even

acting out parts of the story children

could be interested in different types

of books depending upon their age

development and temperament babies like

books with interesting things to look at

in touch toddlers like books that make

noises and have fold-out sections that

they can lift to reveal hidden surprises

preschoolers appreciate books with more

elaborate pictures or rhymes funny words

and interesting stories kindergarten and

school-age children who may be

enthralled with books about animals

trucks princesses baseball players or

children just like themselves try out

different works with your child to see

what he enjoys there are so many options

you should check out your local library

bookstore and friends bookshelves for an


of ideas here are some tips for reading

to your child in the early months hold

your baby close and read to talk insane

choose books with interesting pictures

and textures by six to twelve months of

age your baby will sit in your lap look

at the pictures touch the book and put

the book in his or her mouth use plastic

cloth and cardboard books point to and

name the pictures for your baby at one

to two years your baby might enjoy

choosing the book from the shelf sitting

and holding the book and turning the

pages follow your child's interests in

reading for as long as the book holds

his attention ask questions and have

your child can respond two to three

years your child will be able to handle

books with paper ages they understand

how pictures go with the story and may

look for favorite works and favorite

pictures to be prepared to read the same

book over and over ask questions and

play games like dropping a word from the

end of a rhyme and let them fill in the

missing words three years and up your

child will be able to turn pages one at

a time they can listen to longer stories

and retell familiar stories in their own

words they will also start to recognize

letters and numbers continue to ask

questions about the story and play games

pointing out letters making the letters

sound and having them trace the letter

with a finger and repeat the sound by

the way this is a great point to begin

the process of teaching your child how

to read for themselves would you like to

see two year old children actually

reading click the link in the

description section below to watch a

short video and learn about a

step-by-step system that can have your

child reading in 12 weeks if you like

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