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hello today is Monday

Memorial Day it's been a three-day

weekend you know it's one of those times

where you're looking forward to the

three day like I'm gonna get so much

done I'm gonna do X Y & Z I had a whole

list of things I was going to do and

don't you know the first two days of

this weekend

I basically did nothing so um here's the

last day of three weekend and I'm

scrambling to do everything that I said

I was gonna do one of them being is

making a video um but that's okay I'm

gonna give myself some slack because I'm


as you know let me show you the baby

bump whoa and I think I juiced myself on

the last video because I said my belly

button hadn't popped and I'd like a

couple days later it was like my belly

button decided to pop so as you can see

it's like pretty much yeah sticking up

sticking out now but anyways um so so

I'm kneeling on the floor because I

wanted to show you this little

and yet I have here in the baby's room

as you can see I have some sticker

decals of Winnie the Pooh and that's

kind of the baby's theme I guess that

you would say pee empathy for his room

it would be we need to feel really like

baby poo and so I also have you together

this little caster that we got from

Target but and then we have a little

display of books and I'm just holding it

up with a little musical mobile that he

got for his shower and then on the other

side it's some hearts that actually are

from my mom and see they're just like

actually paper weights it's that's the

back but um they're all paper weights

like that is different ones but um so

it's kind of a neat story I think she

gave me one years ago and I really

really liked it and then she goes to a

lot of craft shows quilt shows and

things like that um it became a

tradition for her to give me a heart and

you know for my birthday or Christmas or

something so um and then she gave me

this little glass container to store all

the hearts in so I just thought it would

be something sweet to have in the baby's

room because it's something that is

filled with love and and it's heavy so

it helps hold the books up but I thought

it was a really sweet idea my my

girlfriend's had a shower for my friends

and family and they put in on the

invitation that instead of a card to

give a book and so it's a great way to

start the babies book collection um and

then it's also just really special

because you know when I go to read the

books to him uh it will have a little

saying like this one is from my mom and

so it's inscribed it says to my sweet

grandson with all my love grandma Linda

so you know it's really fun because you

know the different books are from

different people and they've written

different things inside of them and so

it's just

you know either their favorite books

that they love to read to their kids or

while they were growing up so I just

thought it was a really neat idea that

you might also want to use for Iran

shower or you know for a friend but I

have another gift I got met my work big

chart was a set of baby outside books

came this cute little box uh and their

business excited to display the books on

this little tray on top of a toy box

opens up and has a bunch of toys stuffed

animals thing like that inside but on

and then once baby gets older he'll be

able to use this and like I can attach

some paper to it and draw make mess of

it like that but um I'm excited about

the baby Einstein books and um you know

just the cute little board books that

he'll be able to thrash around and also

learn um they say it's really important

to start reading to your baby as soon as

you can like while they're in the womb

so that's what I'm actually doing and

I'm going to see it

you know he recognizes anything when he

comes out supposedly that's what they

say can happen so if you read something

with a catchy line or um you know

something over and over to your baby

while they're in the womb they're

supposed to be able to recognize it and

take it out and then you know I don't

know if that how true that is but I'm

gonna try it out and I'm definitely

going to be in the habit of reading to

my baby as much as I can because I

definitely believe it's one of the best

ways they can learn I grew up loving

books and loving to read and being read

to and so I'm hoping that I can pass

that along to my son as well so I'm

really excited about expanding his book

collection and um you know just seeing

how much he enjoys reading I'm hoping

that he enjoys it as much as I did I'm a


you call it I'm holding it up with