When to start reading aloud to your child

everyone Nick Paton here for Nick wave Nick there you go

today I am talking about my blog post

when is a good time to start reading

aloud to your child so um to answer this

question let's head into the baby's room

the unborn baby's room and take a look

at the suitcase yeah there it is inside

the suitcase is the aunt is one answer

to this question and well let me open up

the suitcase here Oh No let's take a

look at what's in here I'll probably get

in trouble well so probably won't like

this on the internet but here's her list

of things I need to bring with me when

she goes into labor those are my pants

for sleeping over at the hospital oh

look at the cute baby things

cute baby hat very nice and then there's

a bunch of bows and socks and stuff in

here but okay back to little distracted

back to the blog post when do you start

reading aloud to your child and one of

the answers is to start right away start

on day one so in this bag that's going

to go to the hospital we have books for

us to read so hopefully there's a moment

there where it's gonna be nice and quiet

or just Melissa the baby myself and I'm

able to read a story that would be


we will see if that really happens now

some people would say that you should

start reading to your child before she's

even born so let me just close this

stuff up and take you there you go Nick

take you inside my bedroom our bedroom

and looking at our end table and we do

have picture books of course so the last

couple months I've been reading picture

books to Melissa and the baby I would

think that the baby is pretty sick I'm

just hearing the words I mean the

picture book is all about the pictures

right so I'm sure she's excited to check

some of those out

you know those are two good answers but

I think my favorite answer is start

today wherever you're at I mean I want

to worry about what happened yesterday

for you haven't read haven't started

reading to him yet just start today and

make this part of the fun that happens

in your household all right thanks guys