When to Start the Recruiting Process (WHAT YEAR!)

hey everybody what's going on Justin

here sports recruiting University comm

and in this video right now today we're

going to be talking about when to

actually start the recruiting process

what year you need to be doing what now

the very first thing that I want to

mention is this is going to vary per

player by the player okay it's not gonna

be the same for every single player out

there you know there's not a set date

okay you need to start the recruiting

process your sophomore year on August

5th I mean that just doesn't make sense

it's going to be a little bit different

for everyone but there are some

guidelines that I'm gonna lay out in

this video now first of all you cannot

officially be hearing from college

coaches at least an NCAA Division one or

a division two school legally until

after your sophomore season so for a lot

of those people that say yeah I just

verbally committed as a or you know sign

my letter of intent as an 8th grader or

something ridiculous like that no they

didn't they're just trying to show off

to you no they didn't at least legally

they're not allowed to do that and also

that date after your sophomore season it

varies depending on your sport so one

thing that I get questions on all the

time is you know I keep calling this

coach he's not answering me I leave him

a voicemail he's not coming back and I

asked you know what year are you

and they say I'm a freshman in high

school well coaches aren't allowed to

actually contact you they're generally

allowed to respond to you so if you send

them an email or something like that and

you initiate the contact then they're

allowed to reply to you but they're not

allowed to just pick up the phone and

say hey you know we're really interested

in recruiting you that type of thing so

here's what I recommend number one if

you're in middle school still personally

I would recommend just continuing to

work on your skills I think there's no

reason why you should be making a

highlight video or sending out

highlights or contacting coaches in

middle school I just think it's way too

early you're not mature physically

you're not mature mentally coaches

really have no interest in actively

recruiting a player that they actually

can't see in their program for another

five six seven years I mean that's just

ridiculous it doesn't make sense so if

you're in middle school just focus on

your skills now as a freshman and

more in high school another thing that I

would recommend is also just focusing on

honing in your skills there are certain

things certain small things you can do

with the recruiting process but I would

really recommend just honing in on your

skills because like I said even as a

freshman and a sophomore

you're not as physically mature or

mentally mature as you're going to be as

a junior or senior okay you just let

your body develop your mind develop let

your skills develop and you know what do

you think your highlight tape which year

do you think your highlight tape is

going to be-better your freshman year or

your senior year I'm pretty sure your

senior year is gonna have a lot more


highlights you're gonna be a lot bigger

stronger faster that type of thing and

that that really plays a big part of it

so as a freshman and a sophomore really

focus on just getting better working on

your crap get bigger in the weight room

get bigger faster stronger focus on your

grades that's a huge thing so

fundamentals work on work on hard in the

weight room bigger faster stronger focus

on academics that's a huge thing because

your grades matter okay one thing that

people don't really realize is you know

you might only get a half ride athletic

scholarship if you have great grades

however you can also get a half ride or

at least close to it academically which

brings you up to a combined full ride

okay chances are I mean you're probably

not going to get a full ride just

athletically there's just not enough

money to go around okay so really focus

on the grades aspect of it and also

another thing that I would recommend is

get involved with some extracurricular

activities besides just your sports so

join something like student council or

deca or FBLA you know there's plenty of

these programs out there for you to join

and I would highly highly recommend that

you do that okay so that's really what

you should focus on as a freshman and a

sophomore some small things you can do

you can start learning about the

recruiting process you know the ins and

outs of it what you can do learn the


you know learn when your official

signing dates gonna be that type of

thing and then I would also start

combining or creating rather a list of

targeted schools that you're going to be

interested in and going after so 50 100

200 schools whatever you think is good

just make sure it's at least 50 schools

don't go after five schools and expect a

ton of great results okay but the better

you are just skill wise and the more you

allow yourself to physically mature

mentally mature as a freshman sophomore

the better off you're gonna be in the

recruiting process now after your

sophomore year that summer going into

your junior year I really think that's

peak recruiting time I think that's when

you need to definitely make your

highlight video your resume your cover

letter start sending that out to coaches

via email put your highlight video on

YouTube and you really need to start

honing in on those 100 or 200 schools

narrow that list down if you want you

should start going on unofficial and

official visits at that time your junior

year and if you're gonna do any of those

camps or showcases I mean be careful

because a lot of them are a big waste of


but sometimes those can be beneficial to

supercharge your recruiting process so

that's all you know your junior and

senior year that's when you really need

to start hitting it hard

like I mentioned freshmen and sophomore

year get on track academically get

bigger faster stronger in the weight

room get involved with extracurricular

activities and just start learning about

the process and then as a junior and

senior really start digging deep okay if

you're a senior I get a lot of questions

also you know hey I'm a senior I is it

too late for me to get recruited no it's

definitely not too late but maybe you

should stop looking at the Division one

level because most of the Division one


will not be recruiting seniors they

already have their recruiting classes

complete so look d2 d3 NAIA JUCO that

type of thing and if you're a senior you

really really have to just start rolling

the process start getting it going

immediately you can't waste time as a

senior because graduation will come up

on you before you before you know it so

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