When Should I Start The Remortgage Process

hi I'm Kelly from the mortgage Genie the

team at the mortgage Genie would always

recommend that you begin to review your

mortgage about three to four months

before the end of its fixed-rate the

reason for this is that it will give

them plenty of time to scour the market

and saw the most suitable and

cost-effective mortgage for you once

your advisor understands your goals and

objectives they will then make sure that

you meet all the lenders strict criteria

and pass the affordability assessments

the timing of the remortgage process is

vital to secure a smooth application as

you have to consider the time needed for

the lender to assess your income and

documents to have the valuation carried

out on your property as well as allowing

enough scope for the solicitor to

complete their work if you leave it too

late it is possible you won't get on to

the new product until after your current

fixed-rate ends and therefore your

monthly payment may increase until

completion of the new mortgage can take

place if you're in a position now or you

will be coming to the end of your

fixed-rate within the next four months

give us a call and let us work our magic