How To Save Rhubarb Seeds

well today I'm going to harvest the

rhubarb seeds these are the two stalks

that they sent up about March I think it

was where the rhubarb decided to go to

seed here and it's actually one plant

but it sent up to seed stalks and so

that's been over three months that the

seeds have been here and the stalk I've

been watching it turned from green to

kind of yellow and then light brown and

now it they're completely well almost

completely brown they got a little bit

of green in them but I'll bring you in

in a minute to show you how you know

when they're actually ready to harvest

but I've got my tub here and it's funny

it's 99 degrees outside and I had this

sitting up for about 10 or 15 minutes

and it's already starting to melt so

yeah we're not quite at a hundred so

once the way once it hits 100 I'm going


but I'll bring you in and I'll show you

how you know when these are actually

ready to pick

now hopefully it's in focus I can't tell

because it's so bright out here

but you'll notice when I pull up on this

look at those seeds just pull right off

like that now I'm going to go ahead and

cut these stems off and then turn them

upside down and do it that way but I

wanted to basically show you just like

that they just pop right off but all you

do is just push on these stems here and

you see they just come right off just

like that literally thousands of them

just strips it clean push on it just

like that

and off they come in fact these are like

some of the easiest seats to harvest

that I've ever done before this and

spinach is kind of like that too but

these are the absolute easiest

check this out look at all those that's

just one stock and one thing that's

funny when you cut these stocks the

seeds are so ready to come off the stem

that even shaking a little bit during

the cutting the whole bunch of the seeds

just shoot off of there which is okay

I'm alright with that because I have

literally thousands and thousands of

seeds right here

and if there are any that are kind of

stubborn like right there I just don't

even worry about them I just run my hand

like that whatever comes off easy I know

those are the ones that are ready to be

harvested there may be some that aren't

but that's okay if I happen to find any

green ones like like there's a green one

right down on if you can see it that's

probably not viable

so anyways just from these two stalks

well it was actually three the one one

of them wasn't really I mean a really

small one but there was two main stalks

and I don't know if I mentioned this

before I did do it in a video a while

back when I planted the seeds that all

of my rhubarb plants out here came from

seeds that I planted I didn't buy any

rhubarb plants well I have in the past I

did have some but I moved them out of

that bed and actually I gave them way to

a friend because I wanted the ones that

I have to all be the same and all be

seen seed grown and you know the beauty

of these I don't have to do anything to

these they're ready to go the easiest

seeds on the planet to harvest really

and this is June 21st I'm gonna let them

dry on a newspaper I'm gonna spread them

on a newspaper in the garage let them

dry for about four or five days even

though I know that they're almost

completely dry cuz they've been in the

Sun for we haven't had any rain for

quite a while and I know that they're

dry but I just want to completely make

sure before I put them in envelopes so

I'll put a link below to my seed store

and you can go out and purchase some of

these now I should also mention that all

of the rhubarb plants that I have in

that bed right there we're all grown

from seed and so they were their color

called Victoria and I've got more

rhubarb than I know what to do with and

so you can to just grow some rhubarb

from seed and then if any of them

happened to go to seed just go ahead and

save the seeds and you've got rhubarb

for the rest of your life so thanks a

lot for watching guys and don't forget

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when I upload a new video all right

we'll catch you guys later