Pregnant Morning Routine | First Trimester

hey guys listen today's video is going

to be my first trimester pregnancy

morning routine also my hashtags mom

live more your tune as well so the first

thing I got to do is get the kids there

were more in milk so I also like putting

some chocolate North America them

because they love it so then I'll just

go ahead and give it to them while they

rest on my bed for a bit well I take a

quick body shower so for me right when I

wake up I feel okay so I like to take

advantage of that time because my nausea

usually starts later morning time

through the afternoon

so wife I'm taking a super side party

shower in the morning just helps me

overall wake up and kind of just gets me

motivated to do the rest of my morning

routine with my kids okay so since I'm

still in my first trimester I haven't

started using any stretch mark cream yet

but I do like putting some thicker low

stood on my tummy for now but I'm pretty

sure when that second trimester hits

I'll beginning some of the real stuff I

always like starting earlier just to be

safe but then again it's all about

genetics but I'm kind of screwed


so I always have to drink some water

right away in the morning I also read

putting a lemon in your water it helps

with nausea so really I'm just up to

anything that helps me out so while I'm

drinking my water I'm going to start

making my kids their breakfast this is

just one of our go-to it is just really

fast to me



















so I like ripping their pancakes for

them so it's easier for them to eat it

I'm also going to be giving them some

yogurt and some fruit for those slides

and their breakfast is done and now it's

on to mine




okay so for my breakfast today I'm going

to be having some vanilla Greek yogurt

with some fruit and also some simply

balanced granola and I'm also going to

be having my lemon water with this and

that is it



hey mom there is always a membrane so

after eating breakfast already felt sick

so what I like doing when I am feeling

like this is grabbing eight-game for

them so that way I could lay down and

they could you know keep busy without

bugging me so much I'm being completely

honest here because whenever they see

mommy sitting down for like two seconds

bearings are asking for all kinds of

fingers and we were senator knows all

right guys so once I snapped out of all

that it was already almost 12:00 so I

got the kids ready in that time and I

got myself ready and I like to take them

out for a bit just so they could do

something before they have to take them

out dreaming up so now I'm just getting

my bag ready for a little outing and

here's my BB essentials my bag with all

my personal stuff some da-rae when I

start feeling queasy again water for the

kids some apples for the kids trail mix

for myself and also some gum an awesome

junior simplistic sanitizers are free






you know now we're going to start

putting our shoes on and heading out the

doors so that is it for our morning

routine you guys I hope you guys enjoyed

this video be sure to give it a thumbs

up if you guys would want me to do like

my second trimester my third I'll

definitely do it thank you guys so much

for watching and I'll talk to you guys

in my next video bye