How To Start A Bedtime Routine For Your Baby

I'm gonna walk you guys quickly through

the perfect bedtime routine for your

little one whether it's a newborn an

older baby or a toddler and just so you

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it's a step by step guide for the first

few steps of teaching your baby to sleep

well at night no matter the age really

but especially for the younger ones I

walk you through those beginning steps I

hold your hand and I tell you step by

step exactly what to do where when why

and how so that's my free exhausted mom

survival kit just go to my website baby

so you made simple and check that out

I'm gonna give you the quick version of

it here in the live video but if you'd

like more detail and if you'd like to

see these visual guides that I've

created for you to download for free and

to keep for reference then make sure to

check them out I'll show you what this

looks like for example so this is one of

the free guides that you get that you

can download and you know put on your

fridge or in your baby's bedroom you can

share it with your you know the grandma

or your nanny or whomever and this walks

you through establishing the perfect

bedtime routine for your little one and

this what it looks like it's called a

peaceful nightly ritual and I kind of

show you exactly what to do and what

time and you can write little bitty

notes to kind of customize it for your

little one so rather than calling it a

bedtime routine because I think that

sounds kind of boring I call it the

peaceful nightly ritual so I'm going to

walk you through now how to start a

peaceful nightly ritual for your little

one because like I mentioned study after

study has shown that if you can start is

consistent ritual for your little one

every evening that kind of shows you're

a little and oh it's time to relax and

welcome sleep then your baby will sleep

better which is what we all really hope

for right so that we can get some sleep

and you know be amazing and rested

parents so the first thing that you want

to do to establish a peaceful nightly

ritual for your little one is you want

to set the scene for relaxation every

evening so about an hour - before

bedtime you want to reduce all the

stimulation and reduce all the noises

and everything that's you know keeping

your baby awake and alert and stimulate

it you want to dial all that down so the

first thing you can do is just dim the


you can turn off the overhead lights and

maybe light a few lamps light is one of

the strongest environmental cues that

helps us you know wake up and reset our

body clock and you know we all know this

you know getting appropriate sleep is

really it's big news these days

especially Arianna Huffington has made

it like one of her personal missions to

educate everyone on the importance of

sleep and light is probably the first

recommendation especially for adults on

how to help us have a better night's

sleep is to reduce the light in the

evening especially light coming from the

gadgets but that's a different story I'm

talking about babies so what you want to

do is dim the overall house lights light

a few lamps and if you've got lots of

noise in the background so if you've got

the TV running but nobody's really

watching it then go ahead and turn it

off you could put on some soft music

maybe something like instrumental or you

don't have to do baby songs all day you

could put on something that you really

like but this just like calm and mellow

that helps everyone sort of dial that

and relax if your little ones been you

know playing with a gadget or watching

TV then it's best to not have any screen

time for about two hours before bedtime

if you can again because that helps your

baby's body and brain sort of relax but

not be as stimulated so that he or she

can slow down and welcome sleep when bed

time comes so set the scene for

relaxation and then after that you're

gonna want to give your little one

dinner so if your little one is six

months or older then you're he's gonna

be having you know solids purees maybe

he's doing table food in my exhausted

mom's survival kit I've got specific

tips on how you can help make dinner a

more calm and relaxing time so if you're

interested in those tips make sure to

check that out one of the tips I have is

to you know try your hardest I know it's

really really really hard for us modern

parents especially if we're working but

try our hardest to not do like nineteen

things at the same time when your little

ones having dinner and especially if

you're not sitting down and having

dinner with your baby because your baby

might be having dinner a bit early right

because I have an early bedtime

so try if you can to sit down at your

baby's level at your baby's eye level

even if it's just for five or ten

minutes and just chat with your little

one you know talk about your day talk

about you know what you enjoyed if you

were at work or you weren't with your

little one all day you could talk about

what you did when you weren't with him

and how much you missed him and ask him

about his day you know how most babies

are happy to just blab and you know

babble and tell us a lot about their day

so just taking that time to sit down and

slow down and connect with your little

one can really help to release any

separation anxiety they might be going

through which tends to arise around ten

months and can go up to like eighteen

months and then show up again at age two

so if your little ones been especially

clingy or really just needing you and

not wanting you to ever leave the room

then a great way for you to help relax

that separation anxiety before bedtime

is to sit down with your little one and

to really connect before they go to bed

so that's dinner after dinner is bath

time so you're gonna hop in the bathroom

you're gonna set a nice warm tub for

your little one because what could be

more relaxing than you know a nice hot

so at the end of a long day right so

have a warm bath waiting for your little

one since like lavender and chamomile

have been shown to to relax everyone

adults babies children so you could go

for you know a baby shampoo or a baby

bath that's lavender scented or

chamomile scented or if you're really

into essential oils you could drop a you

know a drop or two in the bathtub

anything that kind of helps promote

relaxation now in my exhausted mom

survival kit I have some specific tips

based on your baby's personality or

temperament and energy levels because

there are some children that are really

revved up by baths and so you probably

want to skip bath time so if you suspect

that's your little one then hop into my

kit and I give you specific tips about

that because there are a certain

percentage of little ones that get

revved up by bath and that's the last

thing you want to do in

time routine so if you think it's your

little one then I advise you to skip the

bath time but for the majority of little

ones and of adults we're really calmed

down with a warm bath at the end of the

day so you want to make sure you include

that so once bath time is finished you

want to take your low one into the

bedroom make sure the lights are again a

bit dim you don't have like this bright

lights or lots of noise which could

stimulate your baby and cause them to

get that second wind before bedtime so

take them in their nice warm dimly lit

bedroom and throw a diaper on them and

then it's going to give your little one

a massage now baby massage has been

proven to reduce fussiness colic

constipation teething pain and it's been

shown to help babies and young children

fall asleep quicker at bedtime and to

sleep longer at night so it's a complete

game changer and if you have no idea how

to massage your baby it's pretty simple

you can just hop on YouTube and you know

watch one of the million tutorials or in

my survival kit I link you straight to a

fantastic infant massage tutorial it

shows you step-by-step exactly what to

do for young babies and then also for

toddlers so I'm doing an open call if

any of you are massage therapists and

you massage little ones like babies and

young children I'm desperate to you know

work with somebody and to help promote

you I'm really desperate for some baby

massage videos for older babies so like

six months old twelve month old for

young toddlers 1 year old 2 year old if

you know a massage therapist to share

the video with them if you're a massage

therapist yourself I really would love

more tutorials to link on specific ages

because I'm desperate I've gone on you

know online and I can find a few

fantastic ones but I really need more so

I'm desperate to work with somebody and

to promote them so if you're a massage

therapist please get in touch with me

you can send me a message here on

Facebook or on Instagram whatever I'm so

desperate but anyway I do have links

inside my program now for two really

fantastic massage tutorials so take your

little into the bedroom and just 5 or 10

minutes it's really been shown over and

over to help babies fall asleep quicker

and easier and you know it's an amazing

way to connect with your little one

studies have also shown that when dad

gives baby a massage really decreases


stress and it helps with bonding so if

you've got a young baby who's

exclusively breastfed and dad is there

and he wants to like chip in and help

out and he just feels like oh sometimes

he doesn't know what he could do

having him give baby a massage is a

really really quite great way for dad to

connect with your little one so don't

skip it all right after that it's time

to put pajamas on your baby because he's

probably getting cold so you're gonna

put pajamas on and then you're gonna put

your little one in a sleep sack if your

baby is about four months are younger

and is not yet actively rolling on his

own then I recommend you go with more of

a swaddle blanket or any kind of like

the slightly restrictive sleepwear and

the reason for this is it keeps that

Maura or the startle reflex from waking

your baby so when your baby's young we

all know with you baby you know it's

like your baby's falling and then the

startle reflex wakes them up and then

your baby looks up repeatedly through

the night or wakes up earlier from naps

and so the best way to prevent this is

to put your little one in a swaddle

blanket so the miracle blanket is

fantastic a lot of moms love that as

soon as they put their baby in it they

see their babies sleep stretches like

double and sometimes even triple their

merlin sleep suit is also a really great

sleep wear attire it sort of looks like

this like baby ski suit and it's a

little bit heavy it kind of weighs your

little one down but it works

fantastically to help keep that startle

reflex from waking your baby now if

you're a little one has already started

to show signs that he's ready to roll

over or is actively rolling then you

absolutely don't want to swaddle him

anymore you don't want him to get

trapped in his stomach

so no more swaddling no more Merlin

sleep so now it's time to just go with a

traditional sleep where I say it says

miracle blankets were amazing for my

boys yeah that's all I hear over and

over is like the miracle blanket miracle

blanket so you know I completely agree

Kate and my little one love the miracle

bank as well ah Jennifer says the slow

to blink it worked for her to see you

guys I'm not making this up this is like

real tried and true mom tips and I'm

though I'm not even working with miracle

blanket I should be if you own a miracle

blanket please get in touch with me

I'd love to promote your products more

and more these are just products that I

know really really work they've helped

tons and tons of moms that I worked with

get their little ones sleeping well so

when your little one is older and is

actively rolling

no more restrictions so you're gonna go

with a traditional wearable blanket my

favorite brand is grow bag because

they're so cute and so durable and

amazing quality and they're super big I

mean they're a bit pricey 50 60 70 bucks

but my little one wore hers for like a

year or two and they're so sweet you're

gonna take so many pictures when she's

in her little sleep site because it's

the cutest thing ever

so the grow bag is great the Zippity zip

is a really magical sleep suit it's tiny

tiny bit restrictive but it's completely

safe and the idea is if your little one

loved swaddling and is really not

adapting well to being unspotted then

you could put them in the Zippity zip

suit because it just restricts their

arms a little bit and it really helps

them sleep well and again it's

completely safe for them to wear for

many many years and then another brand

is like the halo brand which started the

whole sleep sac revolution I think 15-20

years ago so those are great brands to

check out so you don't put your little

one in a sleep sack which is by far the

safest sleep attire for your baby we

don't want any pillows we don't any

blankets in the bed all this can

increase the risk of you know

suffocation and SIDS and we just don't

want that to be anywhere near our little

one so put your little one in pajamas in

sleep sack hopping back into the bedtime

routine because I'd love to just go on

on all these kind of tangents and

product recommendations next you're

gonna give your little one a top-up feet

so whether your little one is

breastfeeding or bottle feeding or is a

toddler and just wants you know a little

nightcap of warmed milk or even just

water the idea is you want to just fill

up that tank to almost full so that your

little one can sleep a longer stretch

over night now this is where we get into

lots of specifics and in my sir

exhausted mom's survival kit I walk you

through exactly why you need to do this

now and not feed your baby to sleep and

the best way to get your baby sleeping

all night long so if you're in any way

interested in that make sure to go to my

website baby sleep made simple and sign

up for the free exhausted mom survival

kit because I'll walk you through that

but I will say now is that just give

your baby a top-up feet but leave the

lights on and try your hardest to keep

your little one awake right now because

it's really gonna help them sleep longer

and longer at night when the top-up feet

is finished you're gonna burp your

little ones you don't any trapped gas

you know causing your little one to wake

30 minutes or an hour

down the road because he's got like

tummy pains and he's got you know air

bubbles and you've got a bicycle his

legs and you know it's just a nightmare

so get all the gas bubbles out burp your

little one while you read one or two

simple and peaceful bedtime books if you

have any favorite bedtime books for your

little ones then you know comment now

but inside my survival kit I have our

favorite bedtime books for your little

one and also the top ones that moms have

recommended to me and I also have a link

to where you can make your own bedtime

book for your baby so what you can do is

you can have all of the photos of your

baby's family members and friends you

know and cousins and buddies and you

make it into this really sweet simple

bedtime book so as you you know reach or

your little guy or girl every night

before bed you can remind them of all

the people that love them all the people

that are thinking about them and this is

really great if you live far away from

your family like a lot of us do it's a

way for your baby to keep an active

relationship with them so that they you

know when they finally see grandparents

after a few months they don't like

scream and question to you that they

know who their grandparents are and I

live really really far away from my

family and my little one has always

knows who you know grandma and grandpa

are whenever we meet them at the airport

and one of the reasons why in addition

to FaceTime is that we started this

bedtime book when she was little ah good

night moon oh Henry still asked for it

well you should still read it to him

Kate you're never too old for good night

moon I resisted it in the beginning I

was like what's this a good night moon

that everyone's into like what can make

it so great and then once I read it to

my little one a few times it's it's I

swear it's hypnotic can you put me to

sleep it's the most beautiful beautiful

poetry and I think it's about 80 or 100

years old and it's it is it's my

favorite bedtime book as well good night

moon oh I can't used to read it too oh

my gosh I love good night moon but

that's another video for another day how

about I read it to you all next week

okay okay so after you do a bedtime

story what you want to do is now time

for bed you've done enough you've given

your little ones body and brain the cues

that it's time to relax and fall asleep

and welcome sleep easier and easier so

now it's time to put your little one in

their bed so you gonna put them in bed

you're gonna now turn off the lights I'm

not going to detail them why not some

in the survival kit and then you're

gonna sing one or two lullabies you're

gonna rub your little one's head pat

their bottom or maybe just like gently

shake them side-to-side anything that

kind of helps them relax and start to

enter the phases of sleep and then

you're gonna tip to out of the room and

your baby's going to sleep on that well

and if that doesn't happen get in touch

with me and I can help you walk you

through exactly how to make that happen