SAT Prep Guide: 10 Harvard SAT Tips Guaranteed to Get You a 1500+ *no tutor*

do you mind revealing your score I got a

perfect score are you taking the SCT

soon do you need a higher score you

probably stressed out but don't panic

because I visited the top universities

Harvard and MIT to ask the students what

are your top SATs study tips

what are your SATs study tips try to

speak with proper grammar the month

before and then when you take the

English section it'll be a lot easier to

remember oh okay okay well that's

actually basically like applying while

you're learning in a sense right you're

speaking with the grammar that you're

supposed to write with yeah exactly

okay do practice tests over and over

again it's sit down have the timer do

the practice tests I don't think going

to classes for SAT prep is necessarily

as good as actually solving through a

practice test and like correcting it

yourself because I say tea prep places

usually give you back corrected versions

of it and it's different when you're

doing it yourself I feel like it gets in

your head more like oh that's why I got

it wrong okay awesome I find a lot of

students don't really know how to study

for the SAT because the

is actually a test based on your

functional skills so it's not really

based on knowledge like the ACP is I

think you should just take tests take

practice tests and learn the skills

either reading passages or math and do

practice over and over again until you

don't miss the same questions a second

time you'll get better and better scores

each just practice just keep doing

practice like COD Academy is really good

there's different sets of books that you

could get all I could say is practice

the more like you keep seeing the kind

of questions that they ask the better

that you'll be equipped to answering

those kind of questions what kind of

books did you yeah Princeton Review has

a pretty good book I did use a lot of

Khan Academy if you guys are familiar

with Khan Academy College Board has a

few books that I liked as well find out

why you missed the questions from each

practice that you do on the SAT figure

out what's the link between what you did

wrong and the right answer and change

some kind of habit in your head so that

you can do something different the next

time you encounter a similar type of

problem and that's how you really like

learn things in general yeah

get feedback on what you did blog and

then do it the right way to make sense

right a couple days before the exam go

over practice problems I think I think

for SATs you should probably go over

practice problems maybe you like more

than a couple days before the actual

exam do not cram take your time set out

a good work schedule because your brain

is more likely to learn things when you

should expose it to it over a certain

period of time then if you try to like

egg cram things over one night like that

like how long did you spend studying for

this ad like a month but not like super

hard studying just like taking a

practice test here and there how many

times did you take the SAT I only took

it once wow that's awesome how long did

you take to study for the SAT so the

school I went to we did practice SATs as

an entire school so we did a practice

maybe once a year since I was like in

the ninth grade but I didn't take it too

seriously until my junior year when I

actually took the SAT okay did you take

multiple times I did take it more full

times I took it twice okay how many

practice tests you

I I did a lot but in a very short time

so I probably did 20 or so practice


I took my SAT in the summertime so I had

a week off from school and I just did a

lot of practice tests about me you did

20 in one week and then you just went in

to take the test

yeah that's all you practice I took it

twice the first time I also practice a

bit leaning up for the test

okay Wow

but I think the most important thing is

if you are already doing solidly in

school in your classes then you're gonna

have to face ingredient writing and math

skills so build that foundation and that

happens throughout your four years just

don't stress out about it too much when

you're actually in the exam everyone is

also as stress as you are so or it's as

important to them as it is to you so you

don't have to feel like it's a huge

burden to take I guess did you stress I

think the more you prepare the less

stress you'll be so that's good I guess

don't be too hard on yourself you're not

defined by your score just see your best

and whatever happens happen there's a

lot of factors that go into your life

and and how you're gonna work in things

like that one exam it's gonna feel like

the entire world is crumbling if you do

poorly on one exam at one point but it's

not true you're not gonna remember it

five ten years later before you leave I

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top-3 SAT so that's like 40 years ago