Fall Cool Season Lawn Seeding Tips // When? What Grass Seed?




so for those of you starting questions

right now on when you should start your

lawn renovation of course I'm in the

middle of the Midwest section here in

Iowa and typically for bluegrass it's a

little bit longer so I'm going to plan

to plant this right in mid-august or so

a few things to keep in mind with that

are that you need to make sure you have

your watering in place and figured out

because you're still in August here

where we live it can still be plenty hot

and so you have to factor that in if

you're going to plant in August you're

still going to be dealing with some heat

and that's good because you're gonna get

a lot of germination because the more

heat there is there and the soil temps

are up at this time of year it's going

to help with that germination and it

might happen a little bit faster than

say if you waited a little bit longer or

if you are going in the spring when our

our soil temps are very low that's the

reason why it's also not as successful

usually in the springtime but right now

our soil temps are way up I haven't

checked them again recently to see

exactly where they're at but during our

heat spell I know some of our soil temps

were over 80 degrees but in terms of

seeding with those soil temps and

germination time it's gonna help so just

make sure you have your watering in

place and do not let the seed dry out so

if you have an irrigation system get

that thing dialed in if you don't and I

had not had one up until this year I

have a DIY kind of system that iOS used

using above-ground sprinklers and you

get them placed in the right area get

some timers going or whatever you need

to do to keep that going during the day

and I think you'll have some great

success I also have a video series

completely on lawn renovation from last

year when I did the other south side of

my house and so if you're looking to get

a jump start on all of this whole

process and check out that series I will

link it here

at the end of the video and in the

description too I also see a lot of

questions about why to certain grass

seed cost more than the other stuff or

why is grass seed online some of the

better varieties cost so much more than

what you get in the store well so

there's trials that are done at various

universities on grass seeds and test

plots and the ones that come out of

there as the best meaning they have the

best color the best texture the best

disease resistance those are just to

name a few

those are put at the top of the list and

are known as elite varieties and so

those ones are more expensive than

because you're paying basically for that

best of the best of the grass seed and

it's not to say that the ones in the

store aren't good some of them chosen

just might be some of the ones

don't have quite as good color or

there's various different things that

are chosen they're just basically so

that the budget of them is something

that's within reach for most people that

go to a store and they want to buy a bag

of grass seed but back to this specific

stuff here and why it might be more

expensive as well which is really

important to note are the amount of

weeds that are listed in there and the

amount of other crops so when you're

doing a lawn renovation you certainly do

not want to be shooting yourself in the

foot by adding in a bunch of weeds with

the seed or even more importantly the

other crop that's in there which can be

poet annual some of the rough grasses

that are really hard to get rid of in a

yard anyway

you certainly do not want to put them

down when you're doing the seeding if at

all possible so that's something to

think about so especially here on weeds

we have zero on other crop we have zero

that's really important if you're going

to want the best of the best yard when

you're doing a full-on renovation I just

recommend you spend the money at that

time and you get the best seed that you

possibly can

there's various places you can get the

best seed you can go to landscape

supplies you can find some things in

your area or you can find some other

places online in addition to seed

superstore here but just pay attention

to those tags look at your weed seeds

look at your other crop again and the

stuff that's going to be expensive is

going to have zero of that in there but

there's a reason for it and I just

wanted to kind of talk a little bit

about that too