Starting Seeds Indoors - Part 1 - Why and when to start seeds for maximum growth and veggie yield

starting it's a good idea to start your seeds indoors because many plants for

instance the early spring plants it's best to get a jump on the germination

process before the what weather gets too warm in other words if I had started my

broccoli plants in the ground at the proper time they would not have matured

quickly enough and they would be trying to produce in the heat of the summer

my suggestion for us here in Connecticut zone six is that we start cole crops the

third week of March and what we're gonna be doing today is we're going to be

starting a couple of flower seeds and also the sole a nation screw

vegetable crops and thus my soul in Asia so I mean those plants that belong to

the tobacco family or the deadly nightshade family that is the tomato or

pepper and the eggplant the timing for us here in Connecticut against on six is

mid April today's the 11 if you start him too early

plants could be in danger of maturing into smaller pot and the route start

winding around the pot and it's not a very thrifty plant now if he started

early of course if you repot them every couple of weeks you can you can end up

with a nice thrifty plant that takes a lot of room to do that I think the best

tactic is to wait to mid-april and start the tomatoes peppers and eggplant and

also the things like

flowers like miracles started in mid-april you have a nice sized plant

the proper size plant for planting out after all danger of frost all these

plants are not crossed