💡 LIVE: 3 Grow Light Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Seeds Indoors //Spring Garden Series (REPLAY)

hi everyone welcome to our Monday livestream it's great to see so many of

you on here in the chat early today the chat is absolutely hoppin this is so

much fun I think a lot of you are starting to invite your friends along to

garden with you and invite them to the live streams what an absolute ball so

I'm super glad to have camera guy here in the chat

everything sunflowers amor is usually here moderating but she had something

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so welcome it's super windy here today in Southern California that's why I'm

inside I think this is probably one of the windiest days of the year I thought

we had seen bad winds but I think this day absolutely tops it off it is crazy

windy out there but actually not too cold I think it's supposed to get to

about 70 so hope you guys are doing great all around the world I know we

have people here from Korea we have people I think from Denmark we might be

having someone from the UK broaden Broadway gardener from New Jersey people

from all over the country Rosalee on pretty Alice moon hi Alice how are you

from Texas Rita Gibson hi Rita how's it going Alecia from Texas Wow

lots of Texas people here Nicole Rodriguez mr. crazy cool Laura Montanaro

from rainy Long Island she said earlier in the chat nataly's hi how are you

first Monday off in years so I'm here in the live stream so exciting surely Cana

cold Rodriguez things are absolutely hopping today Ali from from Germany oh

my gosh this is so much fun guys spring gardening season is in full swing I can

tell by the enthusiasm I'm going on to here today that you guys

are ready to get outdoors can I hear an amen on that I know I am even though

we're here in California we've had some really crazy winds and it's been tough

to get out in the garden lately so let me know if you are here in the chat by

posting a yes indeed here and let me know if you are ready to get out in the

garden by posting it yes indeed here in the chat and make sure you invite a

friend to join you in the garden this spring so yesterday we post a video guys

we kicked off the spring garden series by posting a video on grow lights for

easy setups for you to start your indoor seedlings I don't want anyone to say

they don't know how to setup grow lights they are so easy to set up I've got a

couple of them set up right behind me here so you guys could see them and as I

mentioned in that video I thought it was really important to let you guys know or

to share how to set up indoor grow lights take the mystery out of it before

you even get your seed started that way as soon as you get those seeds started

indoors you can pop them under grow lights so that you will have healthy

strong seedlings to plan out in your garden in about 6 to 8 weeks or as soon

as the weather warms up in your area so today we're going to talk about 3 grow

light mistakes to avoid so growing indoors and your grow lights it's very

easy but you definitely want to avoid these three mistakes that we're going to

share today so that you can have strong healthy seedlings that aren't stretching

for the light that aren't leggy that aren't going to be stunted that are

going to produce you a lot of vegetables because that's what we're here for right

we're growing our own organic vegetables we want to be healthier as a result and

we're doing it in a quick simple inexpensive way so a lot of people in

the chat mentioning that they are very excited about spring Angelo says my

sweet peppers have sprouted let's see do you have to start inside with grow

lights Rebecca M we will get to that question in just a moment Rebecca M

remind me if I forget and let's jump into the very first mistake so first of

all though I want to encourage you guys if you missed that video go back and

watch it it's not one that you want to miss

and make sure that you subscribe and hit that Bell so that you're notified of all

of our Spring Garden series videos this coming weekend we're gonna be doing a

video on starting seeds indoors and if you saw the preview you saw that our

friend Joel is gonna be helping us out with our spring garden series we're

gonna be at his garden this weekend starting seeds indoors and you don't

want to miss that video okay grow lights Debbie wheeler hi all the way from uh

lanai Hawaii we got to meet her I'm last summer I'm starting seeds today how

exciting okay um so mistake number one when you're starting your seeds indoor

when you're mistake number one with grow lights is placing your seedlings too far

away from the light so super easy mistake to make a lot of new gardeners

or even seasoned gardeners make this mistake you want your seedlings as I

mentioned in yesterday's video to be no more really than two inches away from

the light you can see how close my seedlings are here to the light and the

reason for that is if they're not that close if they're not close enough to the

light they are gonna stretch for the light and then they are going to get

leggy now let me pull one of my seedlings out here

let's do I'm gonna pull this one out here this is a cucumber a little tray

that I started and this is a little table top setup that I showed you on the

video yesterday now a lot of people like to start their seeds in their windowsill

which I have done that and when I first started and that there's nothing wrong

with that but what I have found is that sometimes a sunny windowsill just isn't

quite enough light for your seedling so I like to get these easy grow lights set

up and you can look and see how nice and strong those stems are these are going

to be nice healthy stocky seedlings when they have to stretch for the light like

if you had your light way up here you see things would have to stretch for the

light they would develop thin little stems which is called leg enos and

sometimes that will cause stunted plants and sometimes your seedlings will kind

of keel over a little bit so you definitely want to place your seedlings

no more than two or so away from the light and you might

be wondering well how in the world do you do that because the ceilings are

different stages or you know they're growing they're not quite tall enough

yet so you can see right under here I place some bricks underneath my little

tray and camera guy is posting in the chat you adjust your tray your plant

tray as your plant grows so he knows camera guy knows that I have all kinds

of little pieces of wood around the house I have all kinds of little shoe

boxes around the house all kinds of little things I like to use to adjust

the height of my ceilings so let me know in the chat if you've got all those

little odds and ends around the house to adjust your your plant trays and your

ceilings as well so don't make the mistake of putting your ceilings too far

away from the light two to three inches max is the most that you want to do now

some girl lights are different intensity so if you notice your plants getting

leggy just adjust the height make the adjustment and hopefully that will help

now Laura monter a great question here sometimes I still suffer with leggy

plants okay Laura I have that same problem as well sometimes and the reason

for that is sometimes I've got so many different seedlings crammed in here that

they kind of overshadow each other and they're still kind of stretching to get

through the crowd so I've especially noticed this with with lettuce seedlings

oftentimes because the the seeds are packed in there they sometimes do

stretch now a little o Nicole broad Rica's dollar ninety nine super chat Wow

Nicole thank you so much I appreciate you being here week after week

appreciate all your support and thank you so much for the super chat so I

really appreciate that so a lot of times what you can do though if you do have

the problem of leggy seedlings of course you want to plant some backups just in

case your seedlings die but you can also plant your seedlings once you plant them

in their permanent spot you can plant them a little bit deeper in the

container or in the garden bed to help support that weak leggy stem it's not

ideal but it is a way that you could salvage some of your leggy plants but

again if you see a big problem with leggy plants

and your seedling trays just plant some more seeds and always have those backups

going because you never want to count on just one tray you want to have backups

things happen maybe you get some pests into your into your house some of your

seedlings might die so always have a couple of different trace trace of see

things going so let's jump into the chat here I love all the questions flying by

let me know any grow like questions you might have and I didn't want to go back

and answer a question from was it Rebecca I believe about do you have to

start your seeds under grow lights you don't have to if it is warm enough where

you live for the type of seedling that you're planting you can definitely start

seeds right out in the garden bed or you can start them in little seed cells like

this and just place them outside you can do it like I said like I mentioned

earlier you can put them in a sunny window but what I found is a lot of

times that's just not enough light so you can get a great list of cool weather

versus warm weather vegetables what time of the year is best to plant them I have

a whole list of that in my new book and you can go and pick that up everything

is written down for you right in here along with all the information about

grow lights so if you're one of those people who likes all the visual

information or if you like everything written down then definitely grab

yourself a copy of my book because everything is written down in a lot more

detail that I could go into in the video and you'll have a manual step by step

right in front of you of how you can get the girl lights set up so this is

available on my website ok I see a question here

from yam I'm sorry I don't know how to say your name Yampa champ and I know

it's your first time here so I want to welcome you and your question is is it

better to use the clamp light with small containers versus big ones okay go back

and watch the video we posted yesterday it has full of chock full of good

information on that I show you the different girl light setups I talked

about which ones are good to plan with larger amounts of vegetables versus

smaller amounts of seedlings so go back and watch that video it's got a lot of

information on that as you can see with the clamp light

setup such as right behind me here it directs the light right down on one

container so it's definitely a great setup for a kitchen countertop if you

want to grow a little container of lettuce like I have back here or a

little container of herbs you clip it onto the cabinet and you are good to go

okay let's jump back into the chat and Patrice's projects well kim and friends

hello patrice i just wanted to stop by and say hi I have a garden room with

windows and grow lights so this isn't an issue for me wonderful patrisse that is

just great I would love to have a wonderful garden room like that with

lots of windows I'm sure you enjoy it I bet it's nice and warm in there and

you're just soaking up the sunshine so um let me head back into the chat here

oh you know what I had a question Patti I'll get to your question just a moment

I had a couple questions about my container of lettuce here after last

week's live stream a few emails and a few questions people were asking how do

you get your container of blood is so full and beautiful you know what guys

honestly I use the same method with pretty much everything I plant I use the

good dirt soil which is the best thing in the world for the good dirt potting

mix for containers and honestly it's just the combination of what I do I did

pop some lettuce a plant starts in there I believe I have maybe five or six that

I started in little peat pellets and I popped in there but it really is the

regular the good soil the regular fertilizing the good dirt plant food the

vermis tira worm tea the vermis taro worm castings it's just that combination

it's really just a proven system I've used for years and it just works so stay

tuned to the spring garden series cause we'll be talking more and more in that

series about how to get your containers set up and just a combination of

fertilizers in soil that i've used for years that really does work okay Nataly

question which bulb fluorescent or LED is better for plant growth okay Natalie

again I answered that question yesterday's video so go back and watch

that see CFLs are compact fluorescent and LEDs as long as they have the

correct lumens and Kelvin it really doesn't

matter which type you use as long as they have the correct lumens and Kelvin

that's what's important so I explained all about that on yesterday's video told

you the correct amounts of lumens and Kelvin for growing indoor plants and as

long as you stick with that it doesn't matter if you use CFLs or LEDs the LEDs

of course are more energy efficient cost a little bit more upfront the CFLs are

less cost upfront but do use a little bit more energy and I saw a question

from Pattie and she is growing with her second grade class in Pennsylvania with

my seed so I cannot wait for them to start growing about if you can use a

regular light bulb great question Pattie and no you definitely want to use a

special bulb specifically designed for growing plants and I went over that in

my video yesterday so make sure you go back and catch that video Patti that

would be a great one to watch with your students and that way you know exactly

which bulbs will work for indoor plants and I do link up to everything all of

the grill light supplies from in yesterday's video it's also in the link

for this livestream once it uploads to YouTube so if you miss part of the

livestream you can always go back and watch the replay and then click on the

link so you know exactly what products to purchase so that's one reason why we

do these videos is so that you have not only the community interaction which is

a ton of fun we can all learn together by sharing tips but so that you also

have some resources right at your fingertips and I really try and make it

easy for you by organizing the videos by playlist and also by putting all the

links in the video description so you don't have to hunt around all over the

internet for the supplies that you need the supplies that I have linked up our

supplies I myself use in my own garden in my own house and supplies that work I

don't want you guys to waste your money on things that don't work so make sure

you always check the video description for all of the resources okay Stephanie

good question here I have a mini greenhouse in a window it's against a

window that gets really cold at night the greenhouse at night Stephanie it

really depends on the plants that you're growing in they're cool other vegetables

can take the cool weather warm weather vegetables will grow a little bit faster

if they are kept warm so it's really up to you as to how much work you want to

do if you've got a heat map maybe under your warm weather vegetables that might

be enough to kind of keep it going at night I know our house where I have some

my vegetables downstairs here it does sometimes get into the high 50s at night

and it doesn't seem to slow them down too much so it's really up to you as to

how much work you want to put into that okay guys let's jump into the second

mistake that is very common when you're growing with grow lights and mistake

number two we've touched on this just a little bit already actually is not

enough light or not using the proper light bulb so again you don't want to

use just a regular old light bulb that you'd screw into a lamp in your house

you do need to use a very specific light bulb for growing plants like I mentioned

linked up the ones that are my favorite in the video description it has to have

a specific amount of lumens which is the measurement of the brightness or

intensity of the light and a specific amount of Kelvin that mimics sunlight so

I went over all of that in yesterday's video definitely go back and watch that

for all the specifics and it's also all written down for you in my new book so

grab a copy of that as well at Kali Kim garden home calm you'll have all the

information on your fingertips so the lumens is you want to have between 1,500

and 3,000 and it's on the back of the light bulb package and the Kelvin or the

K number you want to have between 4500 and 6500 and those it might sound

confusing guys but don't be intimidated by it again once you go back and watch

yesterday's video it's all broken down made very easy for you and once you have

those numbers you can pretty much look at any light bulb package and figure out

if it's a good light for growing plants or little vegetable seedlings indoors or

not so you can go to your local hardware store and pick up the supplies or you

can check my links description and now you have everything

you need most of those links are for Amazon and they're very easy for you to

grab and get your DIY girl lights set up in a very quick simple and inexpensive

way so let me know guys here in the chat if you have any questions about number

one your seedlings being too far away from the light or mistake number two not

enough light to grow your seedlings nice and strong and healthy if you pop a

regular light bulb in your little clamp right back here you're not gonna be able

to grow nice healthy vegetable seedlings so let's see what questions we have in

your chat in the chat hey rod how are you it's great to have you on here today

we missed you while you were away and we are so glad that you're back

okay Amy Huddleston hello will it hurt my seedlings to keep the grow light on

all the time my plants are in my garage and you know what we are do we get to

that oh you know what we're gonna get to that in my next mistake so hang on to

your question Amy if I don't mention it in my next tip then make sure you are

more specific and ask your question again okay rod has 40 pepper seedlings

oh my goodness rod under lights right now and I know he is a master pepper

grower he's down in Baja Mexico and absolutely

loves his peppers it's the perfect climate for them down there and he grows

some absolutely beautiful beautiful peppers you can check him out on

Instagram under I won a garden so rod I'm so glad that you're back okay Andrea

can you speak about the red and blue grow lights these are all I can find

here they don't list the kelvins and lumens on them okay Andrea I myself have

not grown with red or blue blue grow lights at all I pretty much grow with

the setups that I mentioned here and a couple other little setups up in my

office I know there are some gardeners here though that have so if you can

speak to Andrea's question please post in the chat because that's what this

garden community is all about is sharing in the chat I don't have all the answers

but I all together as a community we can definitely help each other out so

anyone can comment to that that would be great okay question clip is and clip is

saying I had a feeling clip would answer this one I like mine red and blue grow

lights okay so Andrea again I if they don't list the

lumens and Kelvin on them if anyone can answer that question as

well that would be very helpful cliff is saying your plants can be

further from the light with them okay wonderful thank you so much cliff okay

Ashley question how do I set up a good place to start my seedlings okay Ashley

what I like to do is just find a spot in my house that is a good spot for it

maybe something you can leave set up all the time that you don't have to move

around it doesn't take a lot of space as you can see back behind me here one of

my favorite setups is this little grill light box I've grown with this little

box for a number of years with this type of setup all you need is a little table

top or just a little corner in a room and this one is really nice because it

keeps it all nice and neat and tidy if you have pets that you're worried about

getting into your seedlings this is a great setup if you have small children

that maybe tend to get into things this is also a great setup so just find

somewhere in your house where there where you can set a little station like

this up or even a kitchen countertop where you can set something up like this

so if you go back and watch yesterday's video on the for easy grill light setups

I'm sure you'll get some ideas on where you can get an easy

I'm spot and a good spot set up in your house to grow your seedlings okay let me

see if there's any other G bloom hit questions here G blue mark lamp lights

okay for seedlings okay absolutely they sure are it's a great easy setup again

that's one of my favorites from the yesterday's video so G bloom go back and

watch that video from yesterday there'll be a link when this video uploads to

youtube and you can see exactly how to get a clamp light and the proper bulb

very very important okay let's see here any other questions before we move on to

our last tip Dion Johnson is the electricity bill a lot okay I honestly I

have lots of girls around my house and I honestly do not

notice a huge difference in my bill I have a lot of LED lights which are very

energy-efficient so if you just have a couple of setups you will probably not

even notice the difference in your electric bill

okay Michelle Taylor a five-dollar super cha thank you so much Michelle and

Michelle said thanks for the great info my indoor broccoli and lettuce seedlings

are breaking through today so exciting Michelle so excited to get my chilli

started last week Michelle I am so proud of you great job getting your broccoli

and lettuce seedlings started isn't it exciting guys when you see those little

seedlings bust through the soil I don't know if you're like me but once I get

some seeds started I'm checking on them all the time I'm waiting for them to

break through the soil and I'm so excited when they finally do so I know

there's a lot of you out there that feel the same as well thank you so much

Michelle I appreciate your super chat so sweet of you okay life's a project loves

using the clamp lights they are great life's a project especially if you're a

new gardener or just don't have a lot of space or you just want to grow something

on your kitchen countertop it's such an easy and very inexpensive way to get

girl lights set up I think this little setup right here maybe cost 10 maybe a

couple more dollars than that once you buy the light bulbs and all of these

supplies you can pick up right on Amazon again I've linked everything below so

it's a great way to get started with your grow lights okay I'm going to go

over my third mistake here when make sure you avoid this mistake when you're

starting seeds indoors and the mistake number three is not automating your

you're turning off and turning on your grow lights so it might be kind of a

pain in the neck for you you might think it's a pain in the neck or an extra

expense to pick up a timer but I promise you guys it is money well spent

there have been times when I have not automated or plugged in my girl lights

to a timer and you know what guys if you're like me life just gets busy

we've got a lot to do we've got kids to pick up from school we've got dinner to

make we've got work to do we've got the garden to take care of and I forget and

then my seedlings just don't grow the way that I would like them to grow and

then I don't have a productive as productive as a garden or my seedlings

die so I want to tell you guys this little timer here has saved my life I

love it it's got a couple different plugs so you can plug in a few different

grow lights and I showed this on yesterday's video as well as one of my

very favorite things that I just started growing with this year and that's a

power strip with a timer built in you can plug for different grow lights into

it and you can set it to whatever schedule works for you automate automate

automate whether it's whether it's with drip irrigation whether it's with your

grow lights spend the money it's money well spent I promise you guys learned

from my experience because I've I've failed at that many times and I've

learned from it and now everything I do as far as girl lights go is automated so

definitely definitely do that takes the guesswork out of it you don't

have to think about it and then your plants will grow absolutely beautifully

so basically what I've given you guys here is a proven system learn from my

mistakes Mac is sitting right under my feet here kind of whining I'm not sure I

think he wants to go outside so after live stream he'll have to wait a little

bit at the live stream I'll let him out but definitely I'm giving you guys a

proven system so if you want to grow plants like this then definitely follow

all the step-by-step information I've given you in my videos and also that

I've written down in my book so I know a lot of you guys have already purchased

my book and I want to thank you so much for that but as we're starting spring

garden I really want to encourage you to head to my website Callie Kim garden

home comm there's a little timer there um grab my book and you get a signed

copy there there's also links on Amazon but grab this there'll be a great garden

manual for you to have throughout the spring season and we're also starting

our spring garden series again like I mentioned next week with seed starting

oh oh Samba number five $5 super chat thank you so much Osama I appreciate

your support thanks for being on here today

and Osama said thank you for sharing your knowledge you are an inspiration to

many thank you so much for your kind words I appreciate the encouragement no

camera guy does too as he's on here today so thank you so much for for all

of your support so guys another thing we're doing is

we're growing along with the spring garden the seed collection so if you're

a new gardener or if you're a busy gardener and you just don't want to

think about what to what to purchase first see for your seeds this spring

grab one of these again on my website there's 12 righties in here that will

help you get a basic spring garden started there's fun things a couple

different varieties of tomatoes peppers lettuce some herbs and when you grow

these seeds you can grow along grow along with me and it'll be a lot of fun

to grow a lot of the same varieties together and we can kind of compare

notes here on the live stream and in the video comments so these are available on

my website so on yeah I see some things flying

back and forth in the chat your seedlings do need light as soon as they

germinate so someone actually I think asked earlier will my seedlings be hurt

if you leave your lights on 24 hours a day actually what I like to do until

they germinate is leave them on 24 hours a day that way the minute they germinate

they're hit with that bright intense light so there's no chance for them to

become leggy but they start already you're starting to develop and grow

really well and I'll tell you about hours that they need to be on and off in

just a moment but before hi to you guys we got a couple more super chats you

guys are blowing me away today thank you so much a super chat from Janet oh thank

you so much Janet oh I appreciate your support

bye super chatting and also is a super chat from Connie Graham Connie thank you

so much for being here today and thank you for your super talk really

appreciate it so back to the seedling germination and

cliff here is also echoing my remarks is that is the most important time as soon

as they germinate I just lost his his remark there but the

most important time when they germinate is start searching for the light so yes

leave your on once they germinate and start to grow

the schedule that I mentioned on yesterday's video was 18 hours on six

hours off they do need that off time important reason for a timer because

plants respirate and breathe during the dark times or the times of the light's

not on they need that nighttime rest just like we do so that will definitely

um help them out okay so let's head into the chat here

guys this has been such a BA Katherine we'll see you later thanks for joining

us saying Rebecca just got her seats in the mail wonderful and guys I do try and

ship my seed packages within 24 hours they're a great value so grab some I

would love to grow along with you this spring I have 18 seed collections

organized by growing season or by type of vegetable like herbs squash beans

there's all kinds of fun wins on my website so I'm glad you got your seeds

in the mail thank you so much for picking some up there okay Laurita king

hi how are you I've knew I've been watching finally can join for a live

stream thank you so much I am so glad you're here today this is such a ball

today people are just chatting up here oh my goodness ocean bound $5 super chat

thank you so much and ocean bounds comment is priceless info can't thank

you enough so thank you so much for that okay let's look in the chat here

Ashley Breen has a question any idea where should I get my seeds I actually

have a wonderful idea I have an online seed shop and you can pick some up over

Kelly Kim garden home comm like I just mentioned the spring garden seed

collection there's all kinds of seed collections over there for you to get

started with a basic garden a container garden peppers tomatoes herbs lettuce

beans anything you need is right there so head over to

and pick some up okay question from Debbie I live in Connecticut when is a

good time to start cool weather plants if I start now it might be too early to

plant in the ground okay Debbie great question you want to

start your seeds indoors about six to eight weeks before your last frost date

now I don't know when that frost date is in Connecticut but you can head over to

Farmers they have a frost date calculator where you can pop in

your zip code see when that frost date is for your area and there are a lot of

cold cool weather vegetables that you can actually plant get started inside

and then plant outdoors even before I'm your last frost date that will tolerate

frost as long as you have some plants that are established then you can even

plant them outside before Frost and I have a great list of those types of

plants in my book you can pick that up and we'll also be going over that in the

spring garden series so make sure you stay tuned for that it's gonna be on our

youtube channel posted weekly over the next couple of months so check out your

frost date and then get some seeds started indoors okay Andrea I know you

don't shift to Europe but I'm going to place an order and I have it have it

sent to my family in the States great idea Andrea that's a great way I

do ship to some countries in Europe on the UK we ship to Canada I know it's not

in Europe but we ship to Canada we shipped to Australia India I just added

I think Maldives there's a couple others that I just added in there if you

specifically want my seeds and you live in a country that I don't list on my

website send me an email and often

I can make the adjustments on my website and get them shipped to you there are

some countries though that the seeds just don't make it through customs so

Andrea great idea to have them shipped to your family in the US and then they

can take care of getting them to you okay guys a couple more questions before

we sign off Ashley question what are the easiest herbs to plant from seed as a

kindergarten project with my six-year-old love it love it love it

Andrea that you are growing with your six-year-old your son or daughter is

going to be so excited to see those seeds bust through the ground or the

indoor garden whatever the container one of the easiest herbs to

that I love to grow indoors is basil it germinates quickly it grows quickly you

can easily pop it under a little clamp light like this in fact my video from

yesterday I showed basil growing in my kitchen with a clamp I exactly like that

but I would also encourage you to plant a little container of lettuce that's a

super easy thing to grow with kids germinates fast so maybe you could do

one little container of lettuce I have these little five gallon containers on

my website it's a great thing to give your your child their own container and

they can harvest it themselves eat from it themselves take care of it themselves

and be very very proud of growing it themselves okay let's see here one more

question and then I'm gonna sign off our let's see hey from Clarice how many

germinated seed should I leave in one pot they are growing like crazy okay

Clarice it really depends on what type of plant you're growing I do like to

thin out like the tomatoes and the pepper well the peppers you can grow

actually a couple seeds in one container but the tomatoes I do like to kind of

split the seedlings apart because tomatoes need a lot of space to grow so

it really depends on what type of vegetable you're growing lettuce you can

put you can pack a lot into one pot as you can see in the pot right behind me

here so let me know what what seedling you're growing and maybe we can adjust

from there okay guys if there were any questions that weren't answered in

today's livestream make sure you email me

and please tune in to the spring garden series on our youtube channel my weekly

videos from here through the next six or eight weeks and please go back and watch

the video from yesterday on grow lights because you're not going to want to miss

that very valuable information for your spring garden all right guys thank you

so much for watching and we will see on the next video have a great week bye bye