Growing veggies in Zone 4A (7/29/2018)

today everybody we're here in my back

yard garden and we're gonna take a quick

look around so let's take a look at the

root vegetable bed which is this one

here and here I have some Italian onions

and amongst it I have some garlic going

along pretty good some other big ones in

there these are the Imperator carrots

and they're not pushing out of the

ground yet but when they are I do blue

that Doby all ready for harvesting

this bed here I have the golden beets

doing quite well let's see if we can

spot one down in there that's a pretty

big one there and these are the Solyndra

beets that I like doing for pickling and

still a little small still

let's come along pretty good this is my

green zucchini plant or a dark green

plant and they're just starting to walk

up there now

they were of course trying to zoom in

and outs let me do that


dark green zucchini very huge plant

these are my Brussels sprouts doing

pretty good

closer view you can see that the little

brussels are actually starting very

happy about that and these ones actually

managed to grow from the seed right in

the house this year use i have to buy

starts but this has been a good year see

if we can just move along here i planted

think these are copenhagen cabbage and

see this one here is just starting to

hurt up there now and again back to the

zucchinis very big flowers these are

Yukon Gold potatoes judging from my

calendar they are ready to be harvest


these are yellow and green beans the


plant I sure is probably three times the

size of what it's supposed to be but I

am getting a lot of beans the peas at

this time of the year pretty well pretty

well done I think I'm just gonna let

these seeds dry up and then I'll save

them for using for next year my bucket

system I attached to a pole growing some

I mean they call it mescaline lettuce

actually doing pretty good and I would

say is ready for ready for pickin

she's gonna swing over here this is just

a box were storing Commodore and stuff

but my ring got her gross system my

first one this one has the Roma tomatoes

in it if you look closely yeah they're

doing excellent this here

very well they're doing and we have flat

leaf parsley and curly leaf parsley here

enough and a bucket also doing well for

just a swing over to this side and in my

next rain gutter system which over there

I have the Manitoba Tomatoes looking

nice they cluster down there of them


like cucumber plants are doing excellent

this year didn't get any of that disease

uh what I got last year and there's

cucumber down there very happy about

that these Tomatoes here are the

Starfire tomato

I can get in here nice

this is a sweet million tomato plant

indeterminate style and I must say I'm

most impressed with it what your problem

is is that with it being a indeterminate

tomato hey is it growing right up into

my you so I'm really going to have to

oops think of some way to deal with this

because once jack gets full of cherry

tomatoes this whole thing is gonna bend

over and collapse so I think in that in

this area I'm gonna have to grow

tomatoes that are determinate style

which is really too bad because this is

a really really wonderful plant lots of

red ones now

and over here on this side these are my

Marconi red peppers and I'm sure they'll

be turning red soon these are also in a

rain gutter system and down further at

the at the end over there are just your

basic cow wonder peppers doing great and

the spaghetti squash that is trying to

do something which it is not doing

anything I'm thinking there's something

wrong with the soil in this bed because

even with their zucchinis they kind of

have growing and they stops I don't know

if it's the soil or I'm having a an

issue with the bees not pollinating but

I like to thank everybody for coming

along and taking a look you guys all

have a great great day and we'll talk to

you soon bye