How I Start Seedlings Indoors End Of Winter -Zone 9 Gardening

hey YouTube what's going on this is that

permaculture food forest alright in this

video I'm gonna be showing you guys how

I start my seeds before I actually bring

them you know and blend in everything in

the garden

alright you know because of the dome in

winter time here in Florida is still

pretty in a cool light

we get a lot of low 30s in the 40s and

nighttime things yeah so I start my

seeds in my garage

yeah and you know I use these red cups

they pretty cheap at Walmart you know

that's pretty regular garden soil

yeah just any regular garden soil I just

buy it just put it in and start my seeds

there but I also have a grow light here

this girl like this light right here

with three prongs here boy it's on

Amazon for $13 it was yeah and it works

pretty good you know if you could see

right here look at all these plants that

started these are kale more scarlet Kia

and these are tomatoes Everglades tomato

that grow extremely good in the Florida

here I said could tolerate that in and

90s you know 100 degrees worth tens down

here these are the seeds a hobby is like

papaya star fruit and a couple other you

know these are some pollinators yeah you

know this is like a bomb and I think

this is the shirt tourism this is I

think these are zinnias right here but

our point of this is sure in assuring

that we're actually start on my seed

here yep Savin little girl I hear it

comes with a little sweetie remember $14

art what about something that means with

extremely cheap and it works that is

point one and this is what I get that

three is out settings here actually

change change the color I think you

could turn off each light its each money

single light stuff right here yeah

it could change the color yeah I know

each color does something but I really

don't I

I've been getting all the technicalities

what the colors the other turn on the

light and stuff grow yep and that's what

happened in here you'd even have a valid

time at time here to give like you know

24 hours six hours is a few time stop

buttons here yep and let me see

yeah normally I keep it on this this

proper looking like here yeah the same

simple grow light actually I know and it

works I don't even notice spectrum any

slides I would say it's a grow light I

purchase it you know yeah and like it

works good if it didn't work see

something be growing in ear like this

and it they grow pretty fast

yeah yeah when everything is all those

starts you see it put outside other days

everything if the weather do become and

if it goes the overnight is 75 degrees

you in the daytime sometime I'll bring

them outside you know I get

night the Sun and the breeze and all

that stuff but once they become like six

o'clock in even I bring it back and put

it on the light and leave it here and

stuff is growing yeah so you know that's

why garden is there's not an expensive

in gardening nothing complicated yeah I

know some night you see videos with all

this complicated stuff going on and you

know this is extremely hard to do no

it's not simple stuff fourteen dollars

twelve dollars whatever it is yep

the name of this life is this is a lie

yo yo yo max that's it I really don't

know what the specs you could you could

look it up a dad bought it on Amazon

says your your max I've got three three

little stuff right here yeah man this is

alright for home gardener like myself

yeah so that's it that's what I actually

start yeah that's exactly what I

couldn't start mine see so thank you

guys for watching have a great day thank

you all for supporting the channel all

the comments all the lights re

appreciate everything alright thanks