Planting vegetable seeds in a NH cold frame 1st week of Spring - Simply Garden

well let's see it's the second day of

spring and we have another snowstorm

coming tonight but guess what I'm

planting my cold frame anyways so I had

this all set with a spinach and carrots

back last fall and of course the moles

came in and destroyed it off so I also

have some whole over spinach but I do

have another spot out there which I'll

have another cold frame which has

spinach I was wintered over just with

snow on top and it looks fine

before we plant this and this should be

up in two pi by a week or two put the

cold frame on it's gonna snow tonight

that's okay we'll shovel up tomorrow and

and it will mow very quickly and then

when it gets really cold

I feel blanket on top we're inside which

keeps it nicely protected already

started here and we'll continue on

planting then the is instruction size

makes them carefully and about half inch


that's close enough

a few more in there

there we go cover about half inch of


you can go pretty close get in a cold

frame I'm not walking in it that's why I

see spinach lipgloss comes in the

package they say keep it about a foot a

foot half to two I went to have to two

feet apart but I did about six eight

inches and always seems to do okay that


Alex I'm not walking on it next some

carrots yeah these happen to be what's

called tender sweet look at these pretty

close keys those seeds from left left

over from last year but they should


I was cloak planting real close together

in case of germination is down and then

we'll just sit them out as they come up

later on and count this about quarter

inch deep


because I'm gonna plant this pretty

close together here use these up from

last year

kind of the germination made it be a

little low

it's pretty easy just get it in quickly

and before it starts snowing out I guess

huh they're talking about three to five

inches tonight that's not too bad a

little different than 25 inch sure we

had last week there we go now we're

gonna throw some rashes I'm gonna

pretend like for the rashes in between

the hurts marks the rose and uh s rashes

come quickly and you can enjoy those and

about 30 about 30 days by end of April I

should have first pardon to me should be

eatin rashes out here

and these are champion radishes it says

20 to 27 days look cooler out so take a

little longer I figured this is the 22nd

of March so I think it's gonna take

another I think a good month and a half

compete to be ready because the cooler

weather slows them down

there we go those pat-down but this is a

quarter inch of soil so I'm gonna be

careful here not going too deep because

the carrots want to stay shallow

I use this to try keep the voles away

these are hunks of um thorn branches

from roses

keeps the voles down but the moles seem

to not care about it oh well they use

something different next shaky at the

molt population dumb here's another one

it was carrots all on here beautiful

carrots but the moles enjoyed them it

happens I guess they got to eat too

right okay well there we go so we got a

nice spinach in there two rows two rows

of carrots and just in time for this

evening snowstorm and we go over and

show the peas I have going over there so

doesn't matter what the weather is doing

with proper protection cold frames you

can definitely extend the season I've

had the system probably for about 35

years at least 33 I know for sure right

now my piece I'm going to peel this back

because with the snow coming it will

crush all the hoops on it had that

happen before the pea seeds are

underneath it doesn't matter if it's

going to be snow on top

this soil protects them


so snow huh shake this off the two by

fours with the past they on it tomorrow

morning and put it down this warmth us

today will melt the snow it's gonna be

in tap with you where the peas are

planted and you just fine hopefully only

get three to five inches and now foot

foot and a half to heaven down south of