What To Sell on eBay During Christmas [Revealed]

how's it going everybody happy Cyber

Monday I'm here today with a live stream

that's going to show you some products

that are actually selling right now

during quarter four so if you're

interested in what types of products

other people are selling and some

products you might be able to jump on as

well and start selling them as well then

this is the perfect video for you and

I'm recording this in December of 2019

but these products that I found I've

seen these products sell last year the

year before etc etc so these products

they sell every single year so even if

you're watching this in 2020 2021 even

years later these products I promise you

they're they're still going to sell

every single Christmas or at least these

general categories so I kind of wanted

to make this video to show you guys

because I know a lot of you don't know

what sells well during Christmas you can

kind of come up really really fast and

because cyber monday is today and Black

Friday just passed buses this would be

the perfect opportunity to show you guys

some of these products so let's share

the screen here and I will make sure

that you guys can see me if you guys can

see me and hear me let me know in the

chat and let's just jump into the screen

share so that I can begin to kind of

walk you guys through what products sell

and why they sell let me just move some

things around on my desktop and okay

here we go so these are products that

they are actually being drop shipped and

I'll tell you why these products are

selling well and a little bit about the

strategy with these products so this is

the first one right here this is

obviously a some sort of Train Set right


Ivan heard from any of you guys that you

can hear me and see me yet if you can

hear me and see me leave me a thumbs up

that way and know everything's working

okay so this is obviously some sort of

Train Set great kind of toy for kids and

you can see right here if I open this up

this one has sold

just the other day on Black Friday it

sold once obviously products like these

are going to do well because these are

the types of gifts people buy for their

kids during Black Friday for Christmas

kids love these like train sets and

things like that so this is a really

good popular gift and train sets like

these do well all every single year

every single Christmas whether it was

all in the past we had like wooden train

sets and now they've become plastic with

all these actual moving parts so they

can actually drive the trains and things

like that

every year there's going to be some

alternative to this that actually works

I'm sorry that people will buy things

will change but always look for some

sort of Train Set or track that I've

seen racecar tracks where you can drive

the car around the racetrack kids love

those things every single year things

like this will sell just like it has

right here for this drop shipper okay

the next product right here is this

dinosaur a giant Jurassic world

t-rex figurine you see it's not an

ordinary action figure it's pretty large

you can see in comparison to the kid

right here the reason this is doing well

of course this is another toy and toys

are going to sell well during the

Christmas season because kids love toys

but in particular these are dinosaurs

and dinosaurs are just a timeless

classic toy that kids love his love

playing with dinosaur toys we've seen

that like way in the past of course with

all the Jurassic Park and drastic world

movies they become increasingly popular

as well and they just never really seem

to go away kids always seem to love

dinosaurs and are interested in them so

you can always tell dinosaur toys now

what makes this one kind of special and

unique is that it's so big right here

and things like that will help these

toys stand out because Christmas is of

course a special time of the year

everyone who wants to make sure that

their gifts are the coolest there

getting the best gifts so just an

ordinary dinosaur like a regular action

figure that will do fine

but parents want to upgrade and get

their kids something awesome then

they're gonna get something like this so

always be on the lookout for something a

little bit out of the ordinary there

that's going to make this toy that

you're looking at one that kids really

really want and that's why this one is

selling so well as you see it's olds

thirty-six times and it sold a bunch of

times over the past weekend a bunch of

times on Thanksgiving and then Black

Friday and then just the day before

Cyber Monday yesterday so that's why

these toys are really popular right here


real quick let me see who's here we have

a bunch of people watching we have rich

what's up rich thanks for being here

lazy abram says I can see me you can

hear me so thank you

you see Gaudi saying all good thank you

rich giving the thumbs up so thank you

rich all right so let's continue with

looking at some of these products that

are selling the next one is another toy

Godzilla don't have to explain why toys

do well I think you guys got the picture

there but why this one is doing well is

because Godzilla movie came out recently

and I'm not sure exactly when it came

out but I know they're keep coming out

with these monster movies Godzilla is

one that came out recently so any time

you have a movie like that people are

going to be really interested in

merchandising around that movie now you

have to be careful here because a lot of

this merchandise is going to be zero V

er Oh that stands for eBay's verified

verified rights owner program or if

you're selling at Amazon it's going to

be copyrighted or it's going to be a

brand that you're not allowed to sell

just gotta be aware of that so you don't

get in trouble with your account but if

you have kind of similar toys so like

Godzilla this guys drop shipping it

they're doing pretty well with it but I

personally wouldn't sell it but what you

could do is if you see a toy that's like

a monster toy that looks like Godzilla

I'm sorry that's a toy that people will

sell and not really run into the issues

with veero or copyright or things like

that now like I said movies are huge

this year we have Star Wars coming out

in December kids are going to buy a lot

of Star Wars toys this December for

Christmas Godzilla just always look at

what's coming ahead with movies and try

to be one step ahead of that try to list

some of that merchandise or similar

merchandise into your store and again

this one stands out because it's a

pretty big Godzilla this isn't just an

ordinary action figure again that's

going to help you stand out as well or

at least this this toy stands out as

well and as you see this one has sold

it's sold on Thanksgiving it sold the

Saturday after as well I'm sure it's

gonna sell again before Christmas hits

by the way pretty much all these

products are going are coming from

Walmart but you could probably find them

somewhere else all right what's up man

thanks for that thanks for that

compliment there all right so let's go

into now this these this is a home gym

set weightlifting material and the

reason why this does so well note this

is something that will do well all year

long but during q4 people like to buy

these as gifts and I think the reason

for that is because we're like to ask

for them as gifts what they tend to do

is they buy it for like a spouse or the

kind of budget for themselves because

things like this get expensive you'll

see more in a few minutes some more

expensive items and people kind of

justify you know we're spending a lot of

money for Christmas what's to splurge a

little bit extra and buy some

weightlifting equipment for ourselves

people are always willing to spend money

on their health and they still do that

during Christmas q4 as well so always a

good idea to sell health-related items

because people you know even if it's

expensive even if they wouldn't normally

spend one hundred and twenty three item

$1.00 on Sun an item they would still do

it for their own health because they can

justify it with because

it's something that will help them be

healthier and that's true during quarter

four as well especially as people begin

to think about New Year's and their New

Year's resolutions although most people

don't think about that until after they

eat all the the food on Christmas but

you get the idea and this one has sold

as you see plenty of times throughout

the year and it's sold a bunch a bunch

over the weekend and this is another

thing I want to point out to you guys

right here so this item was selling well

at 109 dollars and 63 cents then right

before Black Friday the price dropped

now why do you think the price drums

it's because Walmart put the item on

sale walmart lower the price and with

our software as soon as the price drops

on Walmart the price will drop on eBay

for us automatically so we can be more

competitive so as you see the price

dropped a bunch of buyers on eBay saw

that and bought it and then the price on

Walmart went up and the software

recognized that and raise the price on

eBay as you see right here so this is

another reason why pretty much anything

will sell more during quarter four

during Black Friday during Cyber Monday

then it would throughout the rest of the

year because the items are going on sale

on our suppliers website and if our

supplier has a sale that means we are

going to have a sale as well which means

it's going to incentive Phi buyers to

purchase the items from us so that's

clearly what happened here this was

before Black Friday November 26 but a

lot of suppliers like Walmart put items

on sale even before Black Friday to

start to generate some buzz to get

people visiting their website okay the

next item here is this surround sound

Bluetooth home theater system and again

this is a little bit increasing in price

here again these are things that people

ordinarily wouldn't buy during the year

because of the cost but they're

justifying it because they're already

spending so much money

during corridor four and electronics are

big people love electronics even if they

already have a home surround system they

the next greatest one so they will

upgrade and buy a new one it's just it

just people love electronics so this is

no exception to that and as you see this

one has sold a bunch of times this

weekend even though it wasn't really

well actually no it did go on sale it

did go on sale which definitely helped a

lot but as you see it sold a bunch over

this weekend you can also see something


this buyers doing here they are adding

these you can call them watermarks to

their images says free shipping and it

says hot deal now technically that is

not allowed by eBay you're technically

not allowed to put a border around your

image at least the last time I checked

I'm not sure have they changed it but

you're technically not allowed to or

these things but I see plenty of people

doing it anyway

I personally don't but you know if

you're willing to take a risk and try it

it's working for a lot of people they're

doing well with it so it's something

else you might want to consider and by

the way guys if you're getting any sort

of value at this video I would

appreciate it if you gave the video a

thumbs up that just lets me know that

you like videos like this so I'll make

more of them going forward and here's a

great comment by rich says people are

buying surround sound systems to go with

their new televisions they typically buy

at the holidays good point rich I also

say that a little strategy for after a

quarter for kind of jumping ahead a

little bit here sorry about my camera

I'm not sure what's going on there let

me switch to one that isn't so bugging

out right now but a good strategy for

after quarter four is that you can list

up accessories to items that people will

buy a lot of during quarter four so just

the thing that popped into my mind right


is are like GoPros and it's I think the

reason I think about that is because

every time I've got to go I've had two

GoPros in my life but every time I get a

GoPro I just buy like a ton of

accessories for them and waste a bunch

of money on these stupid accessories and

never use and there's plenty of items

out there like that where people will

buy it and they'll buy lots of

accessories for it as well

so if you're kind of thinking ahead what

am I gonna do after quarter four that's

something that you can do start start

listening some of those more accessory

items I got plenty more to go through

but before I do that I want to let you

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it but let's get back into the

demonstration so this is the next item

right here oh.just again I just want to

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the very last day okay so this is the

next item it is a pretend kitchen for

kids and these kids love these kinds of

things kids love playing pretend

playing growing up so these you see

things like these kitchens are very

popular in the past they were made of

wood and plastic now they're getting

really realistic so they do really

really well anything like this you see

this one has sold 13 times it's sold see

how many times this past weekend it's

sold at least once this past weekend a

couple of times right before Black

Friday as well I want to give a shout

out to rich says Amazon course is

amazing and a single-handedly enabled us

to do over 150 thousand dollars on

Amazon in the last 30 days so

congratulations on rich Cantera didn't

know you had gone up to that level

already so congratulations that's really

incredible let's see who else ocean

trick says I've seen some high selling

drop shippers put the sale image on

their pictures yeah for sure

that's the kitchen my wife has been

using yeah it's funny the kids love to

play make-believe like this and then

when we grow up we don't we don't

actually want to be in the kitchen and

cook and stuff not all of us some of you

guys I know love cooking not me though

anyway these do really really well and

it's and again a little bit more

expensive but people you know it's

Christmas you got a level up you got to

get your kids the best gift the biggest

gift so these would do well okay next

thing right here are sporting equipment

we kind of talked about this again this

is something special something somebody

might not normally buy themselves but

it's a special time of the year so

people are gonna do it and golf clubs a

whole set like this you see this one is

sold a bunch of times

this one has sold just a lot this

weekend just a lot so it's doing really

really well don't think I've to say too

much more about that bikes bikes are

really popular gifts during Christmas

maybe not so much where it's snowing

outside but if it's nice weather if you

live somewhere more in the south of the

United States where it's nicer weather

people bikes are really popular

Christmas gift we see that every single

and places like Walmart they know that

and they put these things on sale and

you can see yeah it sold only once this

weekend but you know that says something

it did go sorry let me show you this to

go down in price for Black Friday so

it's definitely something that would

sell well this happens to be a woman's

bike so it's not really a kid's bike but

nonetheless again you're justifying the

price of it because it's quarter for and

that's what you do you spend money

during quarter four during Christmas all

right along the same kind of line we

have a basketball hoop again just

reiterating sporting equipment does

really really well this one is even more

money two hundred thirty three dollars

and ninety five cents but again people

like to keep up with the Joneses right

what's what to say to all your neighbors

when they look outside and they see that

your kids got the best brand-new

basketball hoop in the driveway the best

new bike in the driveway and you know

it's not a cheap thing it's two hundred

and thirty three dollars and ninety five

cents that says something to your

neighbors and I know that this sounds

like really like I have like a negative

outlook on America but you I think some

of you a lot of you agree that this is

true this is why people buy these big

gifts especially ones they could put

outside I'm not always I mean kids do

love basketball people do love

basketball but it also says something

right and so that's why people as part

of the psychology behind why people buy

gifts like this and you see it has sold

in the past weekend several times this

past weekend and even though it didn't

really go down in price it went down by

a dollar in price and despite that

people are still buying it

it actually was cheaper about during the

summer but people are buying it now

because that's what people do do during

Christmas I threw this one in here

because as you see like this is nothing

special it's just a a tool of some kind

it's a some sort of repair I don't even

know what it is honestly some sort of

hammer punch brass set I don't know but

I just threw us in there to show you

that anything will sell during quarter

for people just buy more of what they

already buy things like tools

people buy all year long people love

buying tools as gifts for other people

so these will sell all year long and as

you see they did sell this past weekend

although not that much but you get the

idea next thing here are these

bookshelves I just want to throw in for

pretty much the same reason again this

is not something that you would think of

as a gift and maybe they're not buying

it as a gift but people will just buy

more during this time of year and then

there's something like this like this no

one would ever think of as a gift but

there are bunch of these sold this past

weekend and you know if you have a

college student who needs a printer or

you know you have a home office and your

spouse needs this like this is a good

gift to some get someone and this one is

sold a bunch of times as well I want to

give you one kind of bonus one real

quick that has nothing to do with drop

shipping but first let's go into the and

you'll see why in a second why I want to

show you this one but first let's go

into the comments again see use here

he says rich seriously are you bluffing

when rich said he does over one hundred

and fifty thousand dollars in sales and

rich says I am NOT one to bluff I've

actually had the pleasure to meet rich

in person so I can attest to the fact

that he is the real deal he's just not

one to boast he said some things to me

that I did kind of didn't believe and

then I met him in person I said wow like

user he talks the talk and walks a walk

he's he's a real deal no one likes to

cook paul's courses beyond comprehends

comprehensive so thank you rich okay

okay so i want to show you this last

product it's not a drop shipping product

but it's pretty cool I found this when I

was looking for drop shipping products

for anyone who does retail arbitrage

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it's selling for thirty dollars its

person is sold fourteen of them and you

can buy it on Walmart you shipping is

not available but you can buy it on

Walmart for ten bucks I mean that's

those are some big profits there so

pretty cool there's always a ton of

opportunities that they're also selling

on Amazon for $40 so if you do any

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shout out to some of my students who are

doing really well with the course the

eBay course so we have switch over here

we have Steven here as you can see he

just hit 10,000 dollars in sales for his

second eBay account we have Bobby here

saying he is doing over seven thousand

dollars in the past 30 days a huge jump

in sale so he's he's finally cracked the

code so to speak or getting the momentum

going and it's working for him so

congratulations Bobby once you see this

type of momentum going Bobby that's what

will keep you going it will keep you

going so just keep at it because you are

on the right track right now then we

have Garth who just hit thirty thousand

dollars in sales so a big shout out to

Garth and we have Seth here Seth is

absolutely crushing it we he has a

hundred and eighty thousand dollars in

sales in the last 31 days as you can see

he's done

over $10,000 in sales just on Black

Friday alone and we have here one of my

other students who just hit $50,000 in

the past 30 days still top rated seller

you can see his Black Friday sales

numbers right there are just incredible

so I did want to give aughtta credit to

those students for putting in the work

applying what I teach in the program and

running with it and having faith that it

does work and you know all these

students at some point the question I

remember talking to Seth about this

Seth kind of was like I'm not sure if I

should join the program not sure if I

should join him and finally he did and

look how well he's doing he says his

only regret is not getting started

sooner so again if you guys do you want

the bonus spank good course that will be

linked up down below zone ly few hours

left and all right guys so that's all I

have for you today I hope you found the

video useful it's always good to see

what other people are selling and what's

actually doing well on eBay so you can

sell similar items if you got some value

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